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  1. Not doubting that, but wasn't our last defeat away to Motherwell at the end of November? All wins on the road since then, unless you count the league cup final.
  2. We're not at Pittodrie, so we'll win.
  3. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    The winner of the cup also gets to the Europa league - surely a big deal?
  4. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    They won the Welsh Cup for the first time last year - if they rate a Challenge Cup semi final as bigger than that it's hilarious.
  5. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    Hope County obliterate that Welsh mob.
  6. A Wednesday night game under the lights as Stevie G tries to improve on his dismal record against the Dons. Assume that Cosgrove and Lewis will still be out, so Stewart and Wilson to be up front? The Rangers will also be worried about attacking strength as Jermaine Defoe will be in the squad. Prediction: Ferguson screamer in the 90th minute, BawWatchin to claim this as proof that Aberdeen have no flair and can influence referees.
  7. Aberdeen v Queen of the South

    Must be a pretty hard time when the team you support rarely gets either imo
  8. Aberdeen v Queen of the South

    Dobbie's goal was a screamer, it was never a penalty, and we still did enough to be the better team over the piece. Good to see Devlin back too!
  9. They don't, because we haven't appealed the decision. You can't get a red card rescinded if you don't appeal it.
  10. Are you still upset that the big bad boys bullied Hibs last weekend?
  11. The annoying thing is that it's a bit like the boxing day Celtic game, in the sense I think we could have taken something from it. As Drew says, the first half we were too open and that meant we were set up badly for a second half where The Rangers could easily sit back and soak up some pressure rather than press themselves. Particularly after Morelos goes it becomes all Aberdeen on the front foot, but we could have done with fashioning at least a few more chances. McGregor made a couple of decent saves to deny us. Our corner kicks, particularly in the first half, were shocking.
  12. Utterly dreadful stream going around with some English lads who are 'commentating ' over the game. "Gary Mackay-Steven, who got knocked out at Hampden, almost knocks one out at Pittodrie".
  13. Might get close to it, 16 000 tickets sold as of last week apparently.
  14. Hoping for a good statement as well, though nothing's going to beat the magical levitating seats in the away end.
  15. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    You might get less of them if you stop seething about the result imo
  16. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Never mind, you might get a new manager bounce.
  17. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Hound out their manager but can't even influence a referee.
  18. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Thought that was a good game. Was fearing the worst after the penalty miss, particularly minus Lewis and Cosgrove, but Černý made a couple of good saves and we effectively weathered the twenty minutes or so where Hibs were on the front foot. Great chance for Wilson to wrap it up at the end but he must have missed by inches.
  19. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    If you think that was good you're going to absolutely love Tomáš Černý
  20. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Oh look we're 2-1 up