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  1. Started playing after going two down. Thoroughly depressing
  2. Glad I was back for the triumphant return of Marley Watkins. Second half was good fun!
  3. Regret to inform you that I will be back in Aberdeen and at this game, so any hopes of a home win are significantly diminished.
  4. - Actually, quite a lot was said when he played for Clyde before, this is a case of completely selective memory. - You can't 'fund' a criminal trial, there can't be a 'retrial' since there was no criminal trial in the first place as the Crown did not pursue this. - Protest quite literally stopped DG from playing for Rovers, so there is nothing to suggest that something similar would not lead to similar results here. - Registering an account to run to the defence of a rapist says a lot about yourself, and a lot of how we as a society still have a long way to go.
  5. So if I'm reading this correctly, the team that are three whole points ahead of us have given their manager a contact extension, which is a slight on Aberdeen getting rid of a manager who clearly wasn't good enough?
  6. Is a short-term contract in such a volatile market what you are looking for at this time? I'm aware of another candidate M. McGhee Mark M may be in advanced stages
  7. Not surprised that the on-edge 'Sainthearted' has started stinking up another thread. Surely not long before full cranial detachment.
  8. Hopefully Cormack can make a few calls and deal with some of our problems ahead of this game
  9. Thought it was a correct penalty at the time but after reading this thread I hope it was a dive.
  10. If disputing that Aberdeen were clearly the better team is what it takes to console yourself from the thought of relegation, then St Johnstone are in deeper trouble than I initially reckoned.
  11. "inspirational skipper" Can RedTV just chill out for a minute
  12. Either someone thinks we've invented the half time draw as a ruse or someone's number didn't come up
  13. Being typecast into a specific field or role is often tricky and can make trying to get out and into a different field a bit of a nightmare. I think often in these cases the objective is to try and get to an interview in order to get across to the interviewer that you are looking for a new/different challenge outside of your comfort zone. I often advise people to write a mission statement of sorts at the top of their CV outlining a bit of their professional background and what exactly they are looking for - 3 sentences or so - and that immediately focuses the CV reader on that before going into your actual experience and education. So I wouldn't necessarily bend your CV too much, but accentuate the skills that would allow you to diversify and set out from the get-go what you are looking to achieve going forward. I work in recruitment (granted not in the UK) but if you're looking for someone to bounce ideas off or go through a CV feel free to message me and I'd be happy to help.
  14. Hoping the club show due diligence here and rigorously screen all candidates to make sure they're not Data Dave's pal
  15. The supporters who were calling for Lewis to be dropped in favour of Woods have been oddly quiet in the last week
  16. A lot of the discourse focusing on DG as someone who needs to earn a living also loses sight of victims of sexual violence also needing to live their lives. I saw a post from a woman on social media today who is herself a victim of rape and is a Rovers season ticket holder. Depressingly, we are in a society where we can assume a fair few women who go to games have also been subjected to some form of sexual violence. This leads to a situation where women who have often gone through traumatic experiences can't even go to the game without facing someone who is a known and (in Scottish football terms) high-profile rapist, and who has the blessing of the club to appear as a footballer as one of their representatives. The sort of message this sends to victims, that it's fine to commit such acts as long as you're a good footballer, is appalling - not before we even consider that DG is entirely unrepentant. As forkboy rightly notes, this is not something people have to face if DG is a delivery man, roofer, or whatever have you.
  17. Poor stuff. Not taking advantage of getting into good areas and some really suspect set pieces. Good to get a first look at Besuijen who had a few nice touches at least, and Jenks was reasonably sharp when he came on.
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