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  1. Obviously don't think I'm good enough to blog about this stuff, but thought I would start a wee thread for anyone interested in Czech football, in particular the domestic league. I'll also be writing a wee bit about the fortunes of the Czech national side. Gives me something to do and might also give some folk an idea of the level of the game in far-flung central Europe. Many of my posts will be about Zbrojovka Brno, my local club playing in the Synot Liga, the top level of Czech football. Saturday night sees an interesting game against the hated Sparta Prague, and I'll definitely be trying to cover that. I'd also recommend @Synotliga_EN on twitter which does English-language updates of games. ---- Due to the international break, which was fruitful for the Czech national side with wins over Turkey and Kazakhstan, there was no top league football this weekend. I therefore took the opportunity to travel across the city to take in SK Líšeň against Prostějov in the Moravian-Silesian Football League, the third tier of Czech football alongside the Bohemian Football League. At the end of the season, one team from each gets promoted to the II Liga, the equivalent of the Championship over here. The start of the day saw Líšeň, who by some distance are the "second team" in Brno behind Zbrojovka, lying third-bottom of the league with 7 points from 10 matches, facing a strong Prostějov side, featuring several players with higher level experience, second on goal difference. A half-decent crowd of around 400 saw the encounter. Unfortunately for the home team, they were thoroughly outclassed by a strong visiting side who never looked like giving up their lead, which came on the 9th minute as a nice through-ball resulted in a neat top-corner finish for Lukáš Zelenka, who gave Líšeň problems all afternoon. A defensive error gave Zelenka his second around the 20th minute mark, where a nothing ball was failed to be taken care of by a haphazard-looking defence, allowing the dynamic midfielder to slip in and poke the ball past Bureš into the net. The only significant chance by Líšeň arrived on the half-hour mark, a quickly taken throw was then drilled into the box by David Krška, yet from only a few yards out Jan Sedlák's shot was high and a yard wide of the goal. The chance to seal the encounter, and Zelenka's hat-trick, came minutes later, but the one-on-one was dealt with well by Bureš, forcing an early shot which went wide of the keeper's right hand post. After several reasonably-priced pints provided by the pitchside bar, the second half was a relatively meaningless affair, with the home team coming into the match a lot further, without creating any clear-cut chances and any real threat of scoring. Prostějov, perhaps sensing this, took their feet off the gas and endeavoured to keep as much possession as possible. Their third, perhaps undeserved given the nature of the half, goal, arrived in the 92nd minute. Líšeň, who after for the last ten minutes bizarrely chose to open themselves up to get a goal (why they din't attempt this earlier is a puzzler) failed to deal with a quick break from the visitors on the right flank, leading to a cross which the unmarked Karel Kroupa calmly lifted over the keeper. 3-0 will of course be disappointing to the home team, but perhaps not as much as the manner in which the team played. This being my first time watching Líšeň this season, I can't comment on if this is how the side have been playing in general, but eight losses from eleven is poor form. They will no doubt hope to get something out of Saturday's game away to FC Hlučín, currently 6th of 16 in the table. Highlights of the match are available on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05zc_nmbD48#t=350 Hopefully things can turn around this year for struggling Líšeň, who maintain a nice ground in a leafy part of Brno and are very much a club grounded in the community. A lot of work is necessary if they are to repeat their claim to fame, a memorable run in the Czech Cup 2007-2008 where their defeat of Slavia Prague 4-3 is still one of the greatest upsets in Czech football of the last few decades. If I have time before Saturday, I'll post a preview to the Zbrojovka-Sparta game, as well as other games to look out for in the Synot Liga. If there are any questions I'll try my best to answer them, hope you enjoyed reading and would appreciate comments. Cheers!
  2. Taking over a year and not even getting past #20 is utterly shitebag behaviour.
  3. Christmas parties

    The Christmas markets take up half the city centre here so everything's spread out quite nicely. Was pretty busy on Saturday night but that was due to the bands playing, regardless I'll happiyl bear the crowds on company time!
  4. Great example of why we need better education on mental health issues.
  5. Christmas parties

    Got mine coming up this Thursday - closing the office for most of the day and we're doing the Christmas markets before the meal/booze-up.
  6. Ready/Microwave Meals

    Microwave meals don't really exist that much in the Czech Republic (this also applies to meal deal sandwiches and wraps etc). Never really ate many of them but would be handy to have decent ones over here once in while*. *that aren't 'pork with cabbage' or goulash
  7. Heads Gone (The 8MileBU Awards)

    English fitba is shite.
  8. Paisley Buddies v Dandy Dons

    Sound, at least ours show up.
  9. Paisley Buddies v Dandy Dons

    If they were glory hunters why would they turn up in their hundreds to a relatively banal league fixture?
  10. Aberdeen v Livi

    Also some amount of seethe on here, makes it all the better. Had no idea we were playing St Johnstone again.
  11. Heads Gone (The 8MileBU Awards)

    If we get to place bets, please make sure Deefiant isn't the escrow. Thank you.
  12. Standard of officiating

    Andrew Dallas is so bad that the Czech press have come out with this article (he's refereeing Slavia Prague in Europe this week) Slavia already Know the Official -  Fans Complain he is Terrible and the Absolute Worst Referee
  13. Dundee vs. Sevco - 9/12/18

    They not three points ahead?
  14. Our strikers are mince and a goalscorer in as a matter of some urgency in January.
  15. What Are You Listening To?

    Can't get enough of Josh White at the moment
  16. Worst poster in P&B history 2018

    Spoken like a true #zeropointer imo
  17. and if you hadn't all walked away your old team would still exist.
  18. Which sevco player is getting sent off this week?
  19. 2020 Group Draw

    Russia are so much better than Kazakhstan that there's zero chance that they would rig a match, particularly considering the goodwill received by the Russian FA after hosting the world cup. Also the relationship between Kazakhstan and Russia is particularly stable and that is not going to be jeopardised by threats being made about a football match.