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  1. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Feel I aged five years watching that game.
  2. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    No business getting through that tie
  3. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    We are fucking dreadful.
  4. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Can someone explain Sam Cosgrove to me? Cheers.
  5. Is this the thread where both Hibs and Hearts fans conspire to make their entire city look like it's inhabited by mutants?
  6. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Will be entirely unsurprised if we lose this.
  7. Gigs

    Cheers! It's An Evening With show so they should be doing two sets, never seen them live before so hoping it's a cracker.
  8. Gigs

    Going to They Might be Giants next weekend in Hamburg, can't wait.
  9. It's a good strategy, and he arguably was unlucky this week. Not particularly sure why this post exists.
  10. Snowflake Big Brother

    For someone who goes on about 'snowflakes' he doesn't half cry a lot.
  11. There was a leak or something in the other stand so everyone got moved.