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  1. Get Glass punted pronto and it's not too late to turn things around. Out of his depth.
  2. It's on Dave Cormack at this point. No indications that we will get anywhere under Glass except bottom 6.
  3. Entertaining game I thought. But when was the last time Dundee had a high-quality goalkeeper?
  4. The big question here is do we think that Glass will come good? I honestly don't mind the current squad on paper but the way the team goes about playing is utterly brutal at the moment. This was always going to be a season where there is a certain amount of recalibration but dropping out of the top six (which is, if yesterday is to go by, a real possibility) would be an unmitigated disaster.
  5. Great to see our fans take to the deathtrap pitch - risking their lives to do so - in solidarity with our players who had to endure this nightmare. A real spirit of Dunkirk event, as I'm sure all posters will agree.
  6. Young Daniel Fila, formerly of Zbrojovka Brno, looks a great signing for Boleslav. They'll do better this year, specially due to the investment in the playing squad recently. The idea that Jablonec, perhaps the most consistent team in the Czech top tier, aren't up to much is one that I can't really agree with. Not a particularly great team in Europe, but there's a reason they end up 3-5th every season on a limited budget. Celtic will be favourites, but the attacking football that Jablonec like to serve up could a bit of a shock; although the loss of Ivan Schranz to Slavia, who was unbelievable last season, is a huge blow. Looking forward to seeing how the Czech representatives get on.
  7. My friend is an Austria season ticket holder and Rapid allowed Sparta fans in for their tie.
  8. Vienna is two hours by train and I am fucking seething.
  9. Really hope we get past the Swedes as Vienna is two hours away and I have a pal who's a season ticket holder. Fingers crossed that I can somehow get to this game, considering we never seem to be drawn anywhere close.
  10. Davidson must be manager of the season. What an achievement. Enjoy your night Saintees
  11. Why does it have the name in English? Cause it's a shite template thing they've also farmed out to Austria and Italy, I believe. Sorry for not getting back to you, @Virtual Insanity - haven't been on P&B much the last wee while.
  12. You know things can look bad and have a perfectly reasonable explanation, aye?
  13. You know why, seeing as you mentioned it a few posts ago.
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