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  1. Watched Dinamo play Torpedo Belaz Zhodino on Friday and thought it was a poor game. Interesting to see how long the league lasts considering it appeared to be played in an empty stadium.
  2. Heh, just saw this now I doubt that would be free - it's about £250!
  3. Went out to the supermarket this afternoon. When you went in you had to be covering your nose and mouth, and there were plastic gloves to take so you don't touch anything. SNever seen anything like it. Of course, nothing was sold out because Czechs aren't all panic-buying c***s
  4. That's us now in quarantine, and you can only leave your house to pick up food/medicine and go to and from work (if you haven't already been told to work from home indefinitely). Should be until the 24th according to the Czech government.
  5. I'd rather be shut in the house and having to bevvy at home on an evening than potentially getting the virus because Boris Johnson's a c**t, that's for sure
  6. Second day into the Czech state of emergency so far. Supermarkets still well-stocked and there hasn't been the moronic panic buying you've seen in a lot of other places, but pubs and restaurants now have to shut at 8 every night and groups/events of more than 30 people are banned. Cinemas, theatre, museums and schools all shut. I've been on home office since Wednesday and have to do it until further notice. From Monday nobody is allowed in or out to the country either. Girlfriend is currently flying back to Brno from visiting England and she has to quarantine for 14 days now. Seems very extreme but if it stops it spreading to here it's the best in the long run.
  7. Not seeing a Braga-style comeback on the cards here.
  8. Hopefully three points going back up the road #CurtisMainia
  9. Will you start calling for the manager's head if we lose a goal or will you wait for full time for this one?
  10. The worst limerick I've ever seen
  11. Killie really are incapable of beating us at Rugby Park. How long has it been now?
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