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  1. You know things can look bad and have a perfectly reasonable explanation, aye?
  2. You know why, seeing as you mentioned it a few posts ago.
  3. Timing of this does not look good. Though in fairness to him this is absolutely so he can get a transfer at the end of the season. Been a great player for us for several seasons and probably the time is right for him to seek new opportunities. Is my memory deceiving me, or was his debut at Tynecastle in the LC semi?
  4. Very into that prospect of 'attacking football' and 'goals' I've heard so much about
  5. Fair play to you for tolerating the Main Stand
  6. According to twitter that's 53% of Celtic's conceded goals coming from set pieces. Useless at defending them.
  7. Don't think I'd want Stewart or Jones anywhere near the club personally.
  8. Was it too much to ask to not have to play Israel again? Fucks sake
  9. So do you believe we should be paying off a manager when matchday revenue is down 85%?
  10. Starting to get a wee bit sick of struggling against St Mirren
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