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  1. Don't think I'd want Stewart or Jones anywhere near the club personally.
  2. Was it too much to ask to not have to play Israel again? Fucks sake
  3. So do you believe we should be paying off a manager when matchday revenue is down 85%?
  4. Starting to get a wee bit sick of struggling against St Mirren
  5. The introduction of Wright absolutely changed the game, the pace and drive the boy has is something we really need to harness more when trying to take control of games. Glad to see his increased involvement as for a while he looked like he was completely out of favour with McInnes. We've really got a good thing going on with the likes of McCrorie and Ferguson in midfield, the influence of Ryan Hedges on games, and we're more of an exciting prospect than we've been for some time. I guess the question is if folk want to see Wright starting against Celtic in the cup or want that impact later off the bench if/when Celtic start to tire? Keep up the level of intensity that we did today and we've got a real chance.
  6. Will take the result but maybe not the second half...
  7. Working from home cruelly depriving me the ability to dish it out today
  8. Vladimír Coufal calling Lyndon Dykes a c**t was the absolute highlight of the game
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