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  1. Would not go that far but one thing this result does do (over a 3-0 or 4-0 victory) is really highlight how much this malaise has set in - turgid football with not enough creativity - and raise bigger alarm bells than before. With the greatest of respect to Dumbarton, if we can't be putting away a team sitting in the middle of League One how are we supposed to do so against Premiership teams we are supposedly better than? A real threat of not qualifying for Europe at this rate, and *should* be a strong signal that what we've been doing for the past weeks and months is not working. The problem is if such a warning will be listened to. A great initiative by the club regarding the Merkland today and it's been repaid by the same shite.
  2. Obvious choice but Adrian Durham getting rinsed by David Weatherston is a joy to behold.
  3. All jokes aside, please PM me at once to discuss this case. I'm a lawyer with Reds & Co and I have many legal achievements, including successfully defending Div from a poster attempting to sue P&B. Able to work pro bono on this.
  4. I hear those online lawyers mean business.
  5. Aye doesn't appear to be a link anywhere unfortunately.
  6. That move for the opening goal is lovely, and a good finish, but that Hearts defence looks terrible. A new backline needed, or are other parts of the squad more important for the rebuild?
  7. The hat still about? Dreadful forum. Bring back the old AFC Chat on the club website.
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