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  1. Didn't postpone the warm down out of respect for the Queen, deserved everything they got tbh
  2. TripAdvisor comments, eh? Can't argue with facts right enough!
  3. Pubs and restaurants mainly. Especially pubs as it is primarily table service where you pay at the end here, and the wages for those who work there are pretty poor.
  4. Goodwin should put in an offer for Kevin van Veen which will save us 9-10 points a season
  5. Declan Gallagher really sticking it to his former employers here
  6. Really enjoying the Linda Linda's debut at the moment
  7. Aye, I reckon that's fair enough, but are we meaning more about 'established' in the sense of in Scotland? Ie Stewart certainly has the experience, but just not at this level per se. The problem is that it feels like a lot of the so-called experienced players we have taken on in recent seasons (Gallagher, even Maynard who apparently had 'pedigree') turned out to be utter shite.
  8. Would rather put the money for Ramsay and Ferguson to use and have a bit of ambition with signings than go down the loan route which won't do us any favours longterm. Highly unlikely that every player will be a success, but a chance to uncover some real talent and get a bit of solidity here.
  9. The fitting Czech example might be Příbram, which is the original Dukla Prague. Went from Dukla Prague to Dukla Příbram, renamed to Marila Příbram due to sponsorship and changed the club colours.
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