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  1. Accies officially worse than Stenny?
  2. You are not at a dons game, you are on a forum crying about a goal after it has taken place.
  3. 1. I doubt it. If so, that's pretty tragic; regardless it looks like people are trying to complain about a goal to spare blushes of a team we should have humped and now make us look even worse. 2. It's onside.
  4. The fact we have folk trying to call the Stenny equaliser as offside it just underlines how much of a poor result this was.
  5. You wait 24 years for a game with Stenhousemuir...
  6. can we not compare cup results to the Holocaust? Cheers.
  7. Ayr are finishing outside the playoffs, aren't they?
  8. Aberdeen now shitting themselves as bookies shorten the odds on the likelihood of it happening? Okay.
  9. player called Away to fix mcdonalds fryers

    Heard it was a big tasty encounter before he had to leave for his work.