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  1. Glad I was back for the triumphant return of Marley Watkins. Second half was good fun!
  2. Regret to inform you that I will be back in Aberdeen and at this game, so any hopes of a home win are significantly diminished.
  3. - Actually, quite a lot was said when he played for Clyde before, this is a case of completely selective memory. - You can't 'fund' a criminal trial, there can't be a 'retrial' since there was no criminal trial in the first place as the Crown did not pursue this. - Protest quite literally stopped DG from playing for Rovers, so there is nothing to suggest that something similar would not lead to similar results here. - Registering an account to run to the defence of a rapist says a lot about yourself, and a lot of how we as a society still have a long way to go.
  4. So if I'm reading this correctly, the team that are three whole points ahead of us have given their manager a contact extension, which is a slight on Aberdeen getting rid of a manager who clearly wasn't good enough?
  5. Is a short-term contract in such a volatile market what you are looking for at this time? I'm aware of another candidate M. McGhee Mark M may be in advanced stages
  6. Not surprised that the on-edge 'Sainthearted' has started stinking up another thread. Surely not long before full cranial detachment.
  7. Hopefully Cormack can make a few calls and deal with some of our problems ahead of this game
  8. Thought it was a correct penalty at the time but after reading this thread I hope it was a dive.
  9. If disputing that Aberdeen were clearly the better team is what it takes to console yourself from the thought of relegation, then St Johnstone are in deeper trouble than I initially reckoned.
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