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  1. “Complete” lol He hasn’t attending a days coaching course in his life and certainly doesn’t have any qualifications.
  2. He doesn't have any coaching badges, he's banned from even sitting them.
  3. From the outside looking in, looks like these two posts pretty much nail it.
  4. Lets be honest, we can speculate as much as we like on a new manager, but there are only two criteria the new appointment is required to meet; 1) will he keep Martindale as assistant? 2) will he let Martindale pick the team? Outside of that, nothing else is relevant as long as he has coaching badge,s that the club can use to fulfil its criteria, as DM is banned from even taking them.
  5. Since hearts pretty much control what cowdenbeath do these days, its looks like this was all agreed up front with Levein calling the shots. ie we can have todorov as long as carrick goes the other way. it did seem madness to have 4/5 strikers with the league already in the bag.
  6. Wow - that's even worse than i thought. He seems to always have been on the verge of the sack, then pull out a win from nowhere then revert to being crap again for 6-7 games, then the pattern repeats. One thing though, he cant complain about lack of support from the board, in this day and age, not many get the time and backing he's had. Ultimately though his future will be decided, not by what Dumbarton do, but how well st.mirren do between now and the end of the season. As we know Dumabrton will plod along as above.
  7. Looking from the outside in, Aitken's been on borrowed time for around a year at least now. He's been fortunate that teams around dumbarton have somehow conspired to do worse than he has, rather than him being any good as a manager. Hopkin got him out of jail last year and St Mirren were providing the safety net this year until the last couple of results. His win ration must be around the worst in the country for any manager still in a job, but it looks like the board at dumbarton are just blindly clingin on hoping st mirren can remain crap and they can stay in the division via the play offs. 3 wins from 23 matches this season takes some doing, along with cup defeats to league 1, league 2 and a junior sides makes for an unbelievably grim record.
  8. Amazed at this appointment. East Fife have always paid resonably well for a league 1/2 club. Im guessing the fact aitchison got sacked when they were 9th in league 1 gives an indication that the board at least, thought that they should be higher placed given the budget. The fact Naysmith gets a promotion to Queens whilst ending up the same position (and including a relegation) seems very strange to say the least. As others have said, no wins in 8 and 2 points from 21 - he hardly sounds like the type to end a losing run like Queens are on. Seems to be one of the guys that everyone has the perception of doing well, but under scrutiny his record is actually pretty crap. Bizarre.
  9. A diffcult one to judge. By and large most of the teams we've played have been pretty poor, and the standard is far lower than i'd imagined, the gulf between this league and the championship is huge. the fact brechin are in contention at the top tells its own story. that said you can only beat what's in front of you.
  10. From the rules on the scottish cup, i'm presuming all cups have similar rules; When a match which is postponed, drawn, or abandoned, is played or replayed, only those players who were eligible by means of their registration at the date fixed for originally playing the Round, may play. For the avoidance of doubt the operation of the Disciplinary Procedures has no impact on the application of this rule. "In the interests of sporting integrity and fairness to both sides, the game will be replayed," said SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster on Monday.
  11. No was arguing he wasnt a free agent and no one said we had to register a squad for the games - both points irrelevant. I'm pretty sure though, you have to be registered before the first tie, well thats how the SFA's articles read. Otherwise we've gained an advantage by having a player eligible to play who wouldnt have been in the original tie.
  12. Surely De Vita wasn't eligible to play having been signed after the date of the initial match?? We wouldn't make another eligibility bungle would we???
  13. Hopkin's about 48 - what do you suggest ? an 80 year old??? Maybe one of the McLeans? A very convenient rumour - i think it was Gnaw that started to spread it on here...(so its straight from the horses mouth then!)
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