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  1. Watching the Mussy Nitten game. Just witnessed the lino give a goal that was 2 Yard in play. Renton the keeper missed the kick let it run through him and kept in in play by 2 yard . Unbelievable
  2. At the time of your post they were actually outside of the top 6 after a slow ish start. I’ll let you off now lol
  3. Conference A had Easthouses and Leith aswell. B has Tranent too not really looked at C
  4. Should be an easy win for Penicuik. Not on paper lol
  5. Might be easier telling people who you are or maybe the teams you’ve played for before?
  6. Easthouses Lily 0-3 Berwick Rangers. Good run out pretty much a full strength Berwick VI. 0-0 HT before the legs started to give a little in the second half.
  7. I agree however pitch is very poor
  8. Missed a good chance to go 1 up then at 2-0 down keeer made a great save. Sure the Highlights from cookie (like Musselburgh) only show 99% of there own footage [emoji1360][emoji23]
  9. 0-0 for a long time. Give Easthouses the credit they deserve. Two teams that really shouldn’t be in the same league if we’re being honest with going on money spent. Hard work but plenty teams will come worse off than 3-0 I’ll guarantee you that.
  10. Coldstream v Easthouses Lily off, park playable but referee has called it. Shocking. Away team already travelled
  11. Any pitches looking to be off already. Nightmare it’s only the first weekend in December [emoji849]
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