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  1. PJ Morrison, Ross Doohan, Scott Fox, McAdams, Mark Ridgers, Kieran Wright. No idea if any of them are available mind, just possible options off the top of my head.
  2. Innes Cameron, Jack Hamilton, Scott Tiffoney or even Craig Moore? Does Andy Ryan deserve another crack at the championship, always rated him at Airdrie. Didn’t really work out for him at the Pars. Todorov at Cally out of contract too.
  3. Despite their performance against us at Dens I can see Dundee winning the play offs to be honest
  4. Absolutely this, especially going 1 down after 5 mins, thought we were fucked after that
  5. Surely he’ll go back to Thistle if he leaves Livi, 9 goals in 12 games or something like that for thistle? Surely due more of a chance with you guys next season?
  6. Geggan stayed injury free in his time there but didn’t play that much, was mainly on the bench
  7. Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s at a thistle next season but I’d be disappointed if he was after what he said when he left us.
  8. A brilliant day, I went totally in hope rather than expectation. Brilliant atmosphere the whole game. So many people missed out that day though scunnered from the week before at Alloa.
  9. How close was it in the end? I feel a bit bad that I voted twice for it now. Still I thought it was comfortably the best of the 3 and will probably buy it.
  10. I don’t know, was he not looking decent in training last week? Surely as our only real out and out striker he’s got to play? I really don’t know what else we can do up front? Moff with Walsh just off him?
  11. Thistle are on fire at the moment. I think they’ll end up winning the league by a good few points
  12. Same mate, I’m just disgusted by the whole thing.
  13. The players showed more heart and desire in the two games under Davie White and Tommy Tait for fucks sake. They clearly haven’t bought in to Hopkin’s style. Smith wasn’t scared to sack Kerr and hopefully won’t shy away from big decisions when necessary. He’s a fan though and absolutely no experience in running a football club. The whole club has been rotten to the core this season from the shite streams to the shite managers to the shite bag players. I’m so fucking pissed off with this club right now. All the hard work over the last 4-5 years looks fucked now! Let’s be honest we’ve only managed one full season in the championship before we’re back down again!
  14. Yep, fucking embarrassing. He has to take a large portion of the blame for the shambles of this season. Utter shite
  15. They ran Motherwell close last night in the cup. We’re clearly a worse team than them. We’ve no chance of straying in this league
  16. Correct he has to take a large portion of the blame. No experience of running a football club
  17. Every single one of them can get to f**k including that clown of a manager
  18. Yeah I think it’ll be that but I think we’ll see Moff in for Mckenzie
  19. I’d bite your hand off for any of their 3 forwards in rudden, Graham or tiffoney that’s for sure
  20. Yeah I noticed that, I can see them beating Falkirk to the title if they keep their form up. I can only see a league 1 team coming up in the play offs. Whoever finishes 9th (Us, Morton or Arbroath) are going down. If we stay up I think it’ll be a tougher league again next season.
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