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  1. I think that’s a little harsh on Ashford, was really unlucky not to score with that header in the second half (great save from the accies keeper). He also works and works off the hall constantly closing players down.
  2. I thought Albinson should have done better for the second to be honest. Also needs to work on coming from cross balls.
  3. Looked like he went through the player to me but I’m at the opposite end of the ground
  4. Yeah I still think so. You never know they may need to come on and first team should come first imo. That said I thought you meant we’d be short on the bench tonight rather than just a swap in for Moff. I do think it’s worth having his experience on the bench while the squad is a little short of our final numbers.
  5. Surely the first team squad trumps the under 18s?
  6. Thought it was O’Connor and McKenzie who scored against St Mirren?? (According to match report anyway). For the record tho I think Moff being on the bench tonight would be a good thing.
  7. Yeah it looks pretty good to me. Hopefully a good positive performance and we try and take the game to Arbroath.
  8. Agreed, Mathie imo has a lot to answer for in this! Who actually signs all these players and how much input does the head coach actually have?? Ultimately Smith implemented this business model though and he’ll have to act quickly (again) if it’s not working!!
  9. 1. Dundee 2. Partick 3. ICT 4. Queens Park 5. Morton 6. Ayr 7. Raith 8. Arbroath 9. Hamilton 10. Cove
  10. If we offered him less than a grand a week then fair enough if he told us to f**k off.
  11. So that would be a ball park of around £2000 - £2500 a week?? That’s a lot of money given the current standard in the Scottish Championship!
  12. Pretty much this to be honest. Disappointing to lose our best three players from last season (in my opinion)in McInroy, Maxwell and Adeloye. We need to add some real quality to that squad now or we’ll be down the bottom with Hamilton I fear again. That said looking forward to what the new guys can do. There’s always one team in the league I find that does better than expected and one that does way worse than expected. Wild wild guess time for a bit of fun (full squads still to be decided blah blah blah) 1. Dundee 2. Thistle 3. Inverness 4. Queen Park 5. Raith 6. Ayr 7. Arbroath 8. Morton 9. Cove 10. Hamilton
  13. I’ve possibly missed it above but was anything said re trying to get Maxwell back for this season last night?
  14. What’s everyone’s thoughts on McAdams? With a few of the players signing longer contracts in the summer I wondered if he’d also be offered a longer deal. Perhaps he was and decided against it? Perhaps Bullen doesn’t fully rate him? Hoping he has a good season but overall he wasn’t quite as good as I thought he might of been when we signed him. Obviously still very young in terms of goalkeepers too.
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