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  1. That’s a bit harsh 😉 Unfortunately I couldn’t make it
  2. He used to play for our academy but moved when the family moved away from Ayr a few years ago due to his dad’s work.
  3. Will we sign another right back when Ferguson, Geggan and potentially Muirhead can play there? Not so sure myself although I do agree we need a new first choice right back
  4. 1. Dundee United 2. Dundee 3. Cally 4. Thistle 5. Pars 6. Morton 7. Ayr 8. Queens 9. Alloa 10. Arbroath
  5. Players player of the year for Walsall this year. Sure he’ll have plenty of offers. Loved his passion when we was captain and would love to see him in an Ayr shirt again (although I think Smith was the best right back we’ve had in a very long time!)
  6. Season 2000-2001 we finished second behind Livi I think
  7. Shows what I know!! Hadn’t realised his age, assumed he was 20/21 has he’d been playing for Scotland under 21s earlier this season. Hadn’t realised he’d also played for Raith etc! Doh
  8. This. But he’s probably get a substantial pay rise and with Andy Robertson’s experience of playing there and then getting his big move to a Hull he maybe see this as another stepping stone in his career and moving in the same direction. He’s still only 20/21 and has only really played competitive football for the last 2 seasons. An excellent player, wish he was staying with us but the reality when for us is it’s extremely hard to hang on to good players of that quality
  9. To be fair I have no idea how that compares to others in the championship it was just what I was told our wage bill is this season.
  10. I’m led to believe that our playing budget was £500,000 or thereabouts this season
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