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  1. Feeling slightly more confident after tonight’s respective results! Should be a decent game! Looking forward to it again now!!
  2. Hadn’t realised it was Dunfermline v Falkirk tonight, hope they kick lumps out each other and a resounding Pars victory
  3. Yeah have to agree now! Couldn’t have picked a worse set of results today either
  4. Agreed, I just posted the photo from SRE. As Robbo said don’t think the Mrs for next season have been done yet. Hopefully not this tho
  5. I did think we were better than we’ve been last night and hope with another week of training for maguire, macleer starting to look like the player I thought we were getting I think we’ll beat Inverness next Saturday, take a point at cappielow and then we can look forward to the quarter final.
  6. Can’t really see us adding to the coaching team while we have Lee, Tommy Tait, Davie White and Dave Timmins (as well as the Moff)doing the coaching.
  7. Fairly sure there was a guy a few years ago who used to post on here multiple times a day called Monster and his missus was a poster called Ayr Girl. They also fucked off in the huff for some reason too!
  8. The 3-1 game at home to Dundee back in August was on TV too
  9. The way the club is currently run I highly doubt that is the case
  10. I highly doubt it given the source. SRE is full of shite talking cretins
  11. And then JML should have tracked his man and cut out the cross. He was sleeping and badly at fault
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