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  1. I’d bite your hand off for any of their 3 forwards in rudden, Graham or tiffoney that’s for sure
  2. Yeah I noticed that, I can see them beating Falkirk to the title if they keep their form up. I can only see a league 1 team coming up in the play offs. Whoever finishes 9th (Us, Morton or Arbroath) are going down. If we stay up I think it’ll be a tougher league again next season.
  3. It’s irrelevant what he’s inherited, he knew what he was coming in to and his first job is to keep us in this league. If he doesn’t he’ll have failed and it’ll take a lot to get fans back onside. We can however win next week. This league is mental and I can see a pressure off Alloa beating Morton in that fixture. If we lose next week then I think we’re perhaps done but again who knows what will happen in this league. So far though I’ve not been impressed with Hopkins style of play (apart from Dundee away which was the best performance of the season by some distance)
  4. Like the look of that, I think chalmers will start on the left in place of Miller though. I’d also play PJ in goals (not really sure what I’d be basing that on other than he has a bit more first team experience from other loan spells)
  5. So we’ve effectively lost Smith, Sinisalo, Zanatta, Todd and potentially McCowan in little over a week. Still shitfest a 1-0 v Pars playing 5/3/2 and draw 0-0 in Arbroath playing 5/4/1 and jobs a good un 👀🙄
  6. Agreed, it’s along the same lines when players are part time that they’ve moved on due to “work commitments”
  7. No idea how we’ll line up, best we can hope for is a 1-0 smash and grab. I’d go something like this given the injuries to McCowan and Todd sinisalso Houston Baird muirhead nbada Reading Miller Walsh murdoch Moff Wright or McKenzie 5/3/2 with the full backs pushing up to 3/5/2
  8. McCowan to Dundee United? Is that the rumour? Hadn’t heard that but couldn’t grudge the boy that move. Disappointing to lose another academy graduate for nothing (if true)!
  9. Smith appointed Hopkin after gushing about the quality of applicant, he also said I’m sure in one of his first interviews that he wanted Ayr to be a premier league team in about 5 years (I think). So he will take a portion of the blame if we get relegated and it’ll be interesting to see what his plan is to how we attain that vision.
  10. An absolutely disgusting performance. Truly pathetic
  11. I’ll be generally quite gutted if we lose McCowan for nothing. I could see McCall offering him good money to move to Thistle but I’m hoping he decides to stay with Ayr for at least another year.
  12. I’d go 442 for this Sinisalo Houston Baird Nbada Reading McCowan Muirhead Murdoch Walsh Moff McKenzie
  13. Raith beating Morton now which is also good
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