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  1. Why put yourself through that? The reward is a degree, which gets you absolutely nowhere nowadays. University isn't worthwhile.
  2. Your views on Politics are so simplistic. It's really amusing. Leave the independence chat to the big boys, Paulo. You're out your depth.
  3. I can do 58 press-ups in a minute.

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    2. Lyle Lanley

      Lyle Lanley

      Greggy's Gym Workout 2014?

    3. Richey Edwards

      Richey Edwards

      I can eat an orange in 40 seconds.

    4. SodjesSixteenIncher


      I could eat a peach for hours.

  4. University seems too confusing for my liking. That's why I'll probably opt for College instead.
  5. Liverpool were there for the beating. The way some Hearts fans go on about that game is embarrassing. It does, though, emphasize the stature of Heart of Midlothian football club. Big team right enough. You failed to defeat a poor Liverpool side, and subsequently were knocked out of the competition. It's not something Hearts fans should be proud about, but rather something to be disappointed about. Liverpool were camped in Hearts' half, and didn't step out of first gear. This applies for both legs. The euphoria from Hearts fans would be a bit more justified if Liverpool actually took the tie seriously.
  6. Starting a thread isn't exactly time consuming, my friend. Saint Mirren are going down, and you know it. Your lot contribute absolutely nothing to this league anyway, so it's fair to say that you won't be missed. Deal with it. If the unthinkable does happen, feel free to bump this thread, seeing as it irritates you so much - but i'm certain, that won't be happening. We all hate Saint Mirren.
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/scotland/23835617 Highlights from yesterdays game. How poor do Saint Mirren look though? You have to feel for their fans, as it's going to be a long season ahead.
  8. You should be very concerned. Despite Hearts' point deduction, the 1st division awaits the mighty Saint Mirren. Tough times ahead for Saint Mirren fans.
  9. What a despicable cretin you are, wunfellaff. Your comments are sickening. This thread doesn't make for a good read. A lot of ignorance and intolerance being displayed here.
  10. This post suggests that you are a EDL/SDL sympathizer.
  11. I've unfortunately encountered a few SDL members. Their choice of clothing was very poor. One of them was wearing a diadora tracksuit.
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