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  1. Will Barcelona be contacting Morton now to find out how to beat Celtic at Porkheid?
  2. HT where the f**k are you....we need you to rescue this thread.
  3. I know he is....but then most are better posters than you.
  4. I was asked to return to P&B,apparently I was missed On my return I went into the OF section of the forum to look for an old aquaintance goes by the name of Henrik's Tongue,I thought I would find him with others of his ilk contemplating Celtic's boring meaningless season,I was wrong however...well,it has been a while since we crossed swords after all,I forgot about his obsession and jealousy with all things Rangers.When this memory came back to the forfront of my mind I looked in here for him....and Hey Presto,there he was right in the centre of the Rangers part of the forum...he used to be all green back in his Holy Toalie days,now only his eyes are green,green with envy at the sophistication of us in the Rangers family,HT wants in,he just can't bring himself to admit it yet.
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