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  1. Very proud of the players for this season but that hurts a lot.
  2. McHale has been superb and McHardy coming up with another attacking header masterclass is extremely well timed. This game has been entertaining and it's very evenly poised.
  3. O'Keefe in for Sopel and MacEwan in for Mailer for us. I think the former is a good move but not sure about the latter, MacEwan has it in him but needs to step up. Tbf it looked like Mailer took a knock on Saturday so that could be a factor.
  4. I've caught the end of a few Swans games this season and they've been extremely tense. They're an exciting side. Melbourne have had a ludicrous start, it'll be interesting to see if they can keep it up all year.
  5. It feels weird to say in a game where were at least as impressive as our (quality) opponents but other than a highly promising start I thought we were poor. It's reassuring though that despite it being a mediocre performance we were still able to create plenty of really good chances and are ultimately right in the tie. All to play for on Tuesday. It'll be really tough but stranger things have happened in the last few weeks alone.
  6. I often wonder how Melbourne Victory feel about themselves after a defeat.
  7. Do play off games usually get a thread for each leg? As it's officially named the "League 1 play off" should I have started it in that forum? It's been a while since we were in the play offs so I can't remember. Regardless, I cannot wait.
  8. A superb ending to an utterly mad regular season. The players and staff have shown an incredible mentality to bounce back from that dreadful run of form a few weeks ago, enormous credit should go to all of them for that. I wasn't at all confident coming into this game, but we played without fear and I thought thoroughly merited that result. The whole team was excellent, I could write several paragraphs on them but I'll keep it brief for now. Every team has had a brutal schedule recently, but the fact we've put in most of our best performances of the season during it to turn things around when it would have been easy to crumble I think puts us in a really good position going into the play-offs. They must also have done a lot more travelling in this period than most other teams. It'll be nice to have a few days rest between games for a change, then onto the serious stuff.
  9. I'm not looking forward to this at all. It's bad enough playing the champions with our season in the balance but desperately looking out for another score makes it particularly stressful. I just hope we do it.
  10. Really enjoying this season so far. Most games I've watched have been really close, it's hard to predict a lot of them and it's so good seeing some big crowds in.
  11. Both teams would overtake the Binos on goals scored.
  12. Disappointing. I'm surprised Edinburgh have lost as many games as they have because from the games I've seen they've clearly been the second best team in the league. A huge night on Tuesday now.
  13. The huge games keep on coming. I'm getting exhausted watching them so can only imagine how the players are feeling. Keep the good form going please lads.
  14. Another really good performance. After two great goals I thought we looked a bit shaky in the second quarter of the game and was delighted to get in at 2-0. I thought we were really comfortable in the second half and probably should have scored more. I'd say most of the midfield and forward players played at least an 8/10. Mailer had his best game by a distance and Sopel is starting to look like a really promising player at 21. Huge two games left with almost no respite, mon the City!
  15. It's extremely difficult to predict how things will go at the moment. If we play half as well as Tuesday then I think we'll do fine.
  16. He's missed a fair chunk of this season through concussion so think that will be a big factor. He'll be 33 in July and has had a steady decline for the last few years so it's probably the right time. He'll be sorely missed around the club though I'm sure.
  17. Seymour's one of the all time greats at Glasgow. Hope he enjoys life after playing, he's certainly earned it.
  18. Agreed, really enjoyed the coverage both times once I got it working. I only missed the first goal last night so I was lucky.
  19. This season is really putting us (and many other teams too) through the wringer. Absolutely tremendous start to the game and from there we saw it out with ease. Stranraer had a good spell around the time of their goal but otherwise I thought we looked more likely to score throughout. Greg Fleming made an outstanding save from McHardy too, I can't think of many better I've seen at this level. The players and management deserve immense credit, I'm sure they read some pretty negative stuff after the Rovers game and they've done extremely well to get us back on track since then.
  20. Well done Saintees! Rangers
  21. The line dropout works well in rugby league because of how the rules surrounding it are set up. I think it could work in rugby when the ball is held up over the line but otherwise it doesn't seem to fit. The captain's challenge has added very little to the NRL IMO and I don't think rugby needs more excuses to slow play down and use the TMO more.
  22. Prior to Saturday I wouldn't have had much positive to say about him, not that he was bad, just didn't show an awful lot. We were 5-1 down on Saturday and looking like a complete shambles but I thought he settled us down a bit when he came on and looked pretty handy playing in central midfield despite those around him looking lost. I missed the game last night but that was his second start and given we got our first good result in a few games he might be in a position to play pretty regularly in the remaining games.
  23. I missed the game last night but that's a very decent result and it sounds like a good performance. I'm pleased David Wilson got a start, he's had to stay very patient over the last 18 months or so and all the travelling must be tiring when you're sitting on the bench each week. Well done to Queen's Park. The best team by a mile and I doubt we'll see you back down here anytime soon.
  24. The worst possible game to try and bounce back from Saturday, just putting in a decent performance would be a relative success.
  25. I'm certainly not expecting play offs now, but we're level on points with a team we've beaten twice this season with five games left. It's far from impossible.
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