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  1. Screams Bo'ness 2014 to me. Are there tickets left?
  2. A mate of mine played with him at RGU. I saw him playing against Aberdeen Uni once. He was good but didn't particularly stand out, even with Aberdeen down to 9 for the majority of the game. He certainly had license to roam though as mentioned, often carrying the ball large distances but rarely doing much with it.
  3. I remember saying about this time last year that I'd never hated a game of football more than that woeful play-off performance v Israel. Tonight came close to topping that. I'll be happier tomorrow hopefully.
  4. This sounds absolutely grim, but I suppose we should expect that, it's rarely easy supporting Scotland. As an aside, I'm not sure I can put up with listening to Liam McLeod commentate on Scotland anymore. Utterly brutal.
  5. I like that team, pretty much what I would've gone for. In aboot these whale slaughterers Scotland.
  6. A very good show this week, I don't often re-watch it but think this one merits it. Telfer describing the bus journey to Spain a real highlight.
  7. Listened on the radio at home, what a win. I was thinking at half time it was hard to see us turning it around as we rarely score two in a game let alone two in a half so it was fantastic to be proven wrong.. It sounded like everyone who struggled in the first half really stepped up in the second and it was great for McTominay to get the winner as he's had some tough times in a Scotland shirt. I've watched the highlights about 4 times already. Got tickets for the Denmark game next month, absolutely cannot wait. 'Mon Scotland
  8. For a couple of years I struggled to get excited about Scotland games but all I need to do now is watch Denis Law talking about playing for his country and that gets me up for it. Huge game. Gonna go 2-1, McGinn and Dykes
  9. Brilliant game between Watsonians and Boroughmuir, finishing 35-29. Some quality young players in that Boroughmuir side, none moreso than Rhys Tait who I'd expect to be involved with Glasgow soon if he keeps playing like that.
  10. Decent game and Penrith probably worthy winners, although not much went Souths way.
  11. 3 wins and a draw v Stirling last season was the reason we finished above them. They're very much a team in form whereas we're a bit up and down. Seeing Wilson and Draper for the first time shall be interesting although I don't have particularly high hopes for either. I've not seen much of us this season as I'm playing football most Saturdays so I'm looking forward to it.
  12. A reasonable return. Andersons pies are the best going.
  13. Nah the majority of the squad is north based these days. I'll try get there but a Monday makes it far less appealing.
  14. Mitchell starting at 12 tonight in the battle of the top two. I haven't seen Ayr in a while but they've come onto a game after a poor start so it should be a good game. Also at Melrose, Patrick Anderson on the wing is someone I'd like to see involved with the 7s squad when they get back up and running and Euan McLaren at tighthead is showing a lot of promise after bad injuries prevented him making an impact at Glasgow. For Ayr, I'm looking forward to seeing Finlay Callaghan come off the bench as he seems highly rated at Glasgow.
  15. Does Blair Yule play much these days? Whenever I've seen him, going back about 6 years, he's looked superb and perfectly capable of playing in midfield at this level or higher. I was surprised when he played right back against us in League 2.
  16. Tbf, when I saw Ayr in round 1 I thought Thornton and in particular Nairn were poor. Some of the guys stepping down from higher levels are excellent, but others look pretty mediocre. Mitchell looked absolutely superb for Hawick in the Premiership when he broke through as a 17 year old. If he keeps playing well he could still make it pro, but he turned down Super 6 contracts in the past to stay with Hawick so not sure rugby is a priority for him. Kaleem Barreto, who played a couple of games fo Glasgow a few years back, has been a real standout and I'd expect him to be back involved with one of the pro teams. Someone who I wasn't aware of until recently is Duncan Munn, an 18 year old centre signed up as an injury replacement by Bouroughmuir and he's played quite a few games now and looks really good.
  17. I love the constant momentum swings in this sport where each team takes it in turn to look like they'll score from every centre bounce. Halfway through the third term the Dogs looked like they'd pretty much done enough. Great to see Melbourne end such a long drought, definitely the best team this year. Next season looks pretty wide open at this point.
  18. Some finish Petracca.
  19. I saw a bit towards the end but it was pretty much over by then. I went to Boroughmuir-Melrose about 10 days ago, the first time I had seen the latter this season, and they were indeed pretty exciting, showing better offloading skills than any other team I've seen this season. I'm glad to hear Watsonians played some good rugby, they've been effective if uninspiring when I've seen them. The Knights look well set to win it at the moment but anything could happen in a one-off final. Although far from without its flaws, it is pretty clear that Super 6 is a higher standard than the Premiership was a few years back.
  20. It won't be big given recent form I'd predict. Horrible draw for us, I'd probably make Clydebank favourites.
  21. Without Hester I'm not sure who our attacking focal point is. Another tough game in what is proving to be a very unpredictable season so far. I'll say 2-2.
  22. This is exactly what I came on to post. I've never seen any fanbase care more about being disliked.
  23. An utterly pathetic club supported by even more pathetic individuals.
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