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  1. Could be neither.
  2. Have watched most of it so far this weekend. Parra, Roosters and now Canberra all looked very strong, wouldn't be surprised if that's the top 3. Interested to see what happens with Penrith and Newcastle tomorrow, not convinced either is all that great but whoever goes 3/3 will get a huge boost from that.
  3. I didn't like the idea of crowd noise but thought it worked well other than the occasional random bits of cheering and applause where it sounded more like a crowd applauding a good golf shot.
  4. Great half, new 6 again rule really speeding the game up although the players look tired already. Parra have come flying out of the blocks.
  5. There are many odious characters in Scottish football but for me the most detestable of them all is Roger Mitchell.
  6. If it was a closed shop and only full time teams could compete in the "professional" leagues, what would happen if a club did as Airdrie did in 2016/17, decide to go full time, then go back to part time the next year? Would they be included for a year then punted straight back? Would full time teams such as Stirling Uni 1s and "Caledonian Braves" (10th and 8th in the Lowland League respectively) be included? Would Arbroath really be excluded despite being demonstrably better than around 1/3 of our full time teams, just because they can't afford to go full time? Reminds me of the SPL 10,000 seat stadium rule which is exactly the sort of thing we should be moving away from. I ask these questions rhetorically, because as usual with these sorts of suggestions I doubt the morons spouting them have actually thought them through.
  7. The same man who thought he was making a great point here. The guy's a fucking p***k and should be ignored at all costs.
  8. Really like the home kit. Bought the old one a couple of months back and not even got my hands on it yet let alone worn it but now tempted to buy this one.
  9. Aye he was superb that season. Time for him to move on but will be missed nonetheless.
  10. The mentions of Motherwell reminded me of one of my favourite ever own goals by Mark O'Brien. The state of the other goals they concede too
  11. What a shame we won't have "gogsy" gracing the League 2 forum next year.
  12. That song and video are utterly abysmal. James Grady is a vile wee ned too.
  13. They had a loan deal accepted for Vito Mannone from Arsenal and the story goes that he turned up, saw the facilities and jumped on a train back down to London.
  14. Other than maybe Dick Campbell I'd agree. Pretty rare in this day that a manager stays at a club 7 years. He'll be a loss to Scottish football and more importantly Saints, who might have a hard time replacing him.
  15. DTH is one of the greats for Glasgow during the pro era. It was time for him to leave but what a player in his prime.
  16. I remember thinking a team mate was wearing a City top to training when I was younger. As I grew up outside of Moray that seemed unlikely but from behind it looked identical to mine. I realised when I saw it from the front that it was in fact a Juventus shirt. Still coping ok with this whole situation but really missing going to the fitba on a Saturday now and cannot wait for the first game back at BB, whether it's July, November or this time next year.
  17. A bit off-topic but in 2003/04 the Spanish Champions League entrants were Real Madrid, Real Sociedad, Celta Vigo and Deportivo. Changed days.
  18. Mourinho got the best out of them for sure but Maicon, Lucio and Julio Cesar were the best players in their positions at the time.
  19. Huw Jones is also on a very large wage, would imagine similar to what Hogg was on.
  20. He was signed from Bordeaux, where he was playing pretty regularly, to be first choice 10. Edinburgh fans have been naming their all time XVs recently and most have Paterson at 10, even though he played most of his rugby elsewhere so when they were on the rise were probably desperate to finally sign a good one. Hickey had a decent pedigree but would've been well paid at Bordeaux so they obviously thought he was worth pushing the boat out to get. He's not justified that wage but he's been pretty good this season and if van der Walt hadn't improved dramitically last season Hickey would've been given more time to prove himself.
  21. Mata is apparently on £350k and I'm sure Hickey is their next highest paid on £300k. Hogg was on the latter at Glasgow by all accounts.
  22. Not complaining about the decision as I don't think any of them were ideal but a shame this team never got the chance to finish the season as I think, playing as we were, we would've had a good chance in the play offs had we got there. There are bigger things in life though and a first trip to Stranraer is now on the cards for whenever the new season starts.
  23. Portugal 2016 were the definition of average.
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