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  1. Great result today, not been impressed with us in recent weeks but that's a big 3 points at a venue we've often struggled at. Anyone there?
  2. BBC gossip column so not the most reliable of sources maybe but apparently Nottingham Forest are looking at taking him on loan. Not sure he's ready for premier league football yet but would be quite a rarity for a just turned 17 year old Scottish player to be playing regularly at that sort of level.
  3. Not gonna pretend I know much about Ecuador but South American teams are rarely pushovers at World Cups, to finish 4th in qualifying is no mean feat. I think they might push Senegal for 2nd.
  4. Samoa have so many detestable players but I suppose England losing a World Cup semi final at home is always worth celebrating.
  5. Dumbo were clinical so fair play. Good support up too. Elgin have been poor for about 2 months but still 4th somehow.
  6. Not only does he look class but he's a lot of fun. Think we could see him in the full squad pretty quickly.
  7. A real game of two halves yesterday. Hester had their defence on toast the whole first half and it looked like a case of how many come full time. I should've known better as Elgin love to throw away comfortable leads and as soon as Bonnyrigg came flying out the traps in the second half we sat in and let them onto us. Fair play as we got the job done but I think better opposition might've taken at least a point from that situation. A new ground to visit and an interesting one at that so a good day overall.
  8. U16s came from behind to beat Wales 3-2 meaning they are 2/2 after beating Northern Ireland 3-1 on Sunday.
  9. There was one point where they started talking about Michael Beale and what a great job he is doing at QPR. Does anyone listening give a f**k, nope.
  10. There's been a new tournament hosted at Merchiston the last couple of years between some of the better Scottish private schools, club teams and a variety of English private schools. Both years Boroughmuir club team have been the best performing Scottish side, and although it's possible that a number of their players do attend private school, most will come from state schools. Ayr, Stirling County and Mackie in Stonehaven are also consistently producing good teams at the moment.
  11. I see Louis Tomlinson is from Doncaster. Worth a callup maybe? He has considerable experience with Doncaster reserves and has played in several charity matches. Would bring good publicity and increase shirt sales too. Kevin Keegan too perhaps? A bit past his best but surely Scotland can't turn down a striker of that quality, a two time Ballon d'Or winner at that.
  12. Edinburgh are arguably the most intriguing club in the SPFL at the moment given they are doing really well despite the off-field mess. £12 is a fair price for League 1 and I'd imagine possibly the cheapest in the league but it looks like the damage has maybe already been done with the stuff over the summer.
  13. Glad I'm not the only one that's noticed the increased use of "Ibricks" recently.
  14. A particularly good episode i thought. I was once at a Keith-Locos game and my pal (who has no affiliation to either side) went to give one of the Chuff Chuffs a high five and got pied. Also very proud that team's pitch doesn't have any poo on it.
  15. Not sure why Richard Gordon bothered asking Bonner if he'd seen much of Motherwell this season. "Eh, no I haven't. Just when they played Celtic." Depressingly predictable.
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