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  1. The biggest points gap is 30 points achieved by Celtic in 2016/17 rather than 29 in 13/14 as the quiz says.
  2. Almost every game I've watched this season has been decided by a couple of points or less. Tbf Port could've won by a bit more today but for some horrible set shots at the end of the first half.
  3. First of all I think that's the most enjoyable City game I've watched this season. Plenty chances at both ends, it really could've been 4-3 either way. Russell Dingwall was superb I thought and Spark continues to put in great captain's performances. Results elsewhere went our way and all of a sudden we've got to be pretty happy with things which shows how quickly things can change given last Tuesday at half 8 we were starting to get a bit concerned.
  4. That'll be at least three games I can think of this season that have been played in stormy conditions if the forecast is accurate. I didn't see the game at the weekend but I thought McEwan was due a spell out the team and Dingwall finally looked useful playing off the striker against Brechin so would expect a similar team again. McEwan was my favourite player to watch last season and I thought performed really well in a variety of positions but unfortunately this year he's not replicated that at all for me.
  5. Jings and I thought Rodgers was the biggest slaverer we've seen in recent times. Gerrard keeps coming out with utter tripe.
  6. I missed the game yesterday but that's a very good result and we're back in a really strong position.
  7. Annan were pretty stodgy and hard to break down when we played them in December. Would bite a hand off for any sort of win.
  8. Got the job done which is the main thing but that was pretty painful at times. Hopefully a win will give us a bit of confidence which we really seemed to be lacking in that first half. Brechin looked genuinely decent early on, I've seen quite a few teams in this league look a good bit worse than that this season, so if they can replicate regularly then they might be fine.
  9. Just lucky we weren't 4-0 down after that terrible start.
  10. All change in the front three for us with O'Keefe, Hester and Brown in. Need a win tonight.
  11. Some pretty scrappy stuff on another windy day. Really hope we don't rue those missed chances by Smarticus and Peters. I noticed there are not many goals in the bottom two leagues so far. Presumably a lot of rustiness after a long break and minimal time to prepare for the restart.
  12. Fairly blatant incorrect disposal by Blicavs there cost Brisbane the game.
  13. Pretty shocked Tierney only has 17 caps given he debuted 5 years ago. Feels like he's bee ever-present other than a fairly brief spell of injuries and unnecessary call offs.
  14. Not sure about the back three but going forward I'm excited about that team. Some good bench options too.
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