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  1. Not complaining about the decision as I don't think any of them were ideal but a shame this team never got the chance to finish the season as I think, playing as we were, we would've had a good chance in the play offs had we got there. There are bigger things in life though and a first trip to Stranraer is now on the cards for whenever the new season starts.
  2. Portugal 2016 were the definition of average.
  3. All for a 42 team league. Unsure whether playing once or twice is best though.
  4. I think Canberra are possibly in the best shape of anyone this year. They were robbed in the Grand Final last year and unlike Melbourne and the Roosters their squad has got better not worse.
  5. You could argue we've peaked too early, 8 games to go (plus hopefully four play off games) so a lot can happen between now and then. However I'd like to think our current form is closer to our real ability than our form in late November/December and that should be enough to see us into the play offs in decent shape. If we can get there playing with confidence I see no reason we should fear anyone.
  6. Even when you're not there fitba fair puts you through the ringer. SIX WINS FROM SEVEN. 'MON THE CITY.
  7. He wasn't really getting much game time but you never know what sort of influence he had on the rest of the squad. Graham has looked solid when I've seen him.
  8. Another massive win. We are the form team and if we can win on Tuesday all of a sudden Cowden look very catchable which I didn't think would happen.
  9. Wtf is wrong with that bench?
  10. After the Binos drew last night we are in a very good position. 3 home games in a row and Smart and maybe Shane to return at the weekend, lots to be positive about.
  11. That was indeed a very good episode, enjoyed it immensely.
  12. Good to decision not to go. Oh well, 3 points!
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