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  1. I may have missed or forgotten this but in the players section Spark is listed as club captain which I'm happy with, good luck to him. Also the league cup draw did not excite me. Arbroath for the 3rd year running, Stirling Albion for the 3rd time in 5 years and Ross County for the 2nd time in 3 years. At least we haven't played Montrose in a couple of years and if it's away (and fans are allowed) I would probably head to that as it's been a while and it's always a good trip. I got the impression from reading comments of fans of other teams that I am far from the only one finding this competition repetitive.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000lpv7/the-australian-dream A worthwhile watch about Australian Rules footballer Adam Goodes and his experiences with racism as an Indigenous man.
  3. A talented player but as mentioned above he likes a card of either colour. He can play as a winger, central midfielder or even up front with someone who will put in a shift but he's definitely best as an attacking midfielder. I would've had liked to have kept him but was hardly gutted when he left. I thought he'd end up at another League 2 (at a push League 1) club so to see him sign for a full time Championship team is a shock, he wasn't in our best XI towards the end of last season. Good luck to him anyway.
  4. Shankland doesn't have a top flight goal to his name yet, let's keep it realistic please.
  5. Ross Stewart and Lyndon Dykes up front together for Scotland please.
  6. You mean the Freemantle and Geelong game? Aye I caught the last 3 quarters. Obviously the conditions were atrocious and neither team seemed to handle them well.
  7. Brilliant stuff.
  8. The first thing I checked was when we played Stranraer away as it's the one ground I've not been to and am dead keen to go. Obviously I highly doubt away fans will be allowed in for the opening game but playing there again in April could well be doable.
  9. I don't really disagree with anything you say but the question was about our promotion chances next season. McHardy/Bronsky looks to be our first choice partnership and although I think both are good players, the last time this was the case our defence was pretty shaky. Sopel might make a good player but from what I've seen I think it would be fair to say he'll be a downgrade on Mackay, who although inconsistent was capable of brilliant performances. I've not really followed who other clubs are signing and I'm aware finances are tight everywhere, but Queen's Park for example who were in similar form to ourselves prior to the league shutting down now have a defence that wouldn't look out of place in the Championship. There have been other impressive signings around the league, and while I hope continuity works for us, it would be hard to say we're likely to be promoted when right now we do look weaker than last year. The league doesn't kick off for nearly 3 months so I'm not at all worried but if we're aiming for promotion then a loan signing in each of those positions would be very useful but as I said I won't expect both.
  10. We've retained the vast majority of the squad from last year which is good. We still possibly need a winger and a centre-half but I wouldn't expect both right now. I do worry that Shane might be too big a loss but otherwise I think we're in great shape.
  11. This game is so bad that it's really fun.
  12. Well there you go, pretty much there now. Great news.
  13. I remember this too so sounds like he was.
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