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  1. I remember watching a very young Harry Milne playing against Banks O' Dee in 2015 and thinking he'd go on to play at a much higher level. He was superb tonight. Scully and particularly Yule standouts from that game too. Cove have signed some big names in the last couple of years but when you include Masson, Megginson and McKenzie a large chunk of that team's been there since they were in the Highland League. Most of the rest have spent the majority of their careers in League 1 too.
  2. Hopefully the Binos re-sign Gary Thom so he can re-enact this moment on McGregor or someone.
  3. Egrets seem to be year-round residents in Aberlady. My auntie, a keen bird-watcher, lives there and is always mentioning them. I've seen them in North Berwick too.
  4. I notice that a lot too. He probably over then underachieved in his last few seasons to ensure they weren't finishing 3rd.
  5. Many thanks, I knew you'd have some good advice. I'll have a look at each. I initially planned on Aviemore but quite fancy Kingussie, could be persuaded otherwise though.
  6. Planning on walking from Blair Atholl to Kingussie via Glen Tilt and Glen Feshie in April/May. What hill(s) would people recommend if I have half a day or so to kill along the way?
  7. Likewise, not as if most of the foreigners that come and play here are much good anyway. 4 Scots in the starting lineup, for example, really shouldn't be too much to ask.
  8. One of my favourite ever football games that. Can't wait for this, nothing to fear.
  9. First time I've seen MacGregor in a while and even out of position he looks a cut above everyone else. Been impressed with Shane too.
  10. Lovely stuff. He's seems pretty sharp considering.
  11. I think we've definitely made a lot of progress in producing better technical players in the last 5+ years. We're still behind most other countries but at all levels of the game I think we've improved. I've started playing amateur football for the first time in a while and most teams play out from the back these days, it's less about playing percentages and winning 50/50s. As a child I played mostly in the Edinburgh League 1st Division and would consider myself one of the more skilful players in that league. Until this season I coached a 2010s team over the last few years and they played in the 4th Division, there were quite a few players who are technically better than I was at that age. They're made to play out from the back throughout primary school, and the majority (not all, granted) of coaches buy into that. Some part-time football can still be a bit attritional, but certainly in recent seasons there have been more and more teams trying to play good football. 5 or 6 years I'd say Elgin stood out as one of the few teams in League 2 who played out from the back and kept the ball on the ground. Now it's fairly common and limited cloggers that used to be ten-a-penny are becoming relatively rare.
  12. I'm absolutely exhausted after that. Got in at about 1am but took hours to get to sleep due to the adrenaline running through me. It's been a while since I was at a packed Hampden and what a game to return for. Those last few minutes after Adams scored were some of the most enjoyable moments I've had as a football fan. We'd played so well I honestly thought we were gonna score one or two more. All 11 starters were brilliant, and none of the subs put a foot wrong. It seems unfair to pick anyone out but Adams was utterly sensational. As others have said, he consistently won battles where he was second favourite, against really good, physical defenders, then managed to hold it and link up with team mates. That goal will go down as one of my all time favourites, it reminded me of McFadden v Ukraine, a late sealer in an outstanding team performance where I had full confidence he'd finish it. I could easily go through every player but need to get to bed. A quick word for Souttar though, who seemed to clear everything when we were under pressure mid way through the second half. Hopefully he's over the horrendous injuries and can fulfill some of the potential he showed at such a young age. 25 is fairly young for a centre-half, Hendry and Hanley are evidence of that. I'm still not sure how good we actually are, we have had some poor performances in recent times. We've steadily improved under Clarke though, are building real depth in almost every position and regular sellouts at Hampden are going to give us a huge boost. I fucking love this team and can't wait to see where they go from here.
  13. Huge game today, really need a victory to get us out of this slump. Hopefully Hester is properly fit and can find some form. Mon the City!
  14. Aye turns out that train isn't even worth rushing for so a change of plan. Cheers.
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