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  1. One thing's for certain today, John Lambie's Doos will be on here blaming our defeat on the Scottish mentality. Oh wait.
  2. Terrible second half. Yes the wind was ridiculous but we were extremely sloppy playing out from the back, rushed at times and casual at others. Thought both centre halves were poor. We had some brilliant chances but still think a one goal margin is an accurate reflection, albeit it could've been much higher scoring in the first half alone. Frustrating but not disastrous. Eta. Between Osadolar last week and Hester this that's two open goals missed from a total of about 5 yards.
  3. Hester having one of those games. No reason we can't win this, caused them plenty of problems.
  4. We'll need to play better than against Brechin to take anything from this but we're definitely capable. Saturday looks windy and possibly wet.
  5. f**k the Storm.
  6. Better second half, the last 20 were like a training game and we could've scored a lot more. I thought Soapy and O'Keefe were superb with Dingwall, Cooper and Hester having really good second halves. 4 wins, 11 goals scored and 1 conceded against 3 teams from our own league and 1 from the league above. Can't ask for a much better start than that. Pre-game the mic kept cutting out so nearly every 2nd word was missed.
  7. Pre-game I needed it up full but it's louder now. Pixellot is really annoying me at times, early on particularly it seemed incapable of filming the leisure centre end properly so at least our attacks should be shown more clearly in the second half. I thought we really got on top for about 10-15 minutes after the goal but otherwise it's been fairly even. The pitch looks sodden in places which doesn't make things easy. McDonald is so composed on the ball yet most of his time in possession has ended with him lumping a long diagonal to no one or putting another defender under pressure with a casual pass. Some decent performances, Soapy and O'Keefe I think have been good, but we need to step it up second half.
  8. The commentary so far is reminding me of this-
  9. Richmond's pressure just seems to grind teams down. They regularly go in at half time in big games with a defecit to overturn but they know they'll have a strong second half and do the job. Hopefully we get a different winner next year as their dominance is getting boring.
  10. McEwan in for Mailer the only change. Big call but I think that midfield three of him, Soapy and Dingwall could be better for us than the Soapy, Reilly, Easton trio under Weir. Not as talented maybe but you know they're going to give it everything every week.
  11. Matty Aitken offered pretty much nothing when he was with us in the first half of last season so I was surprised to see him get another SPFL team let alone be talked up as a key player for a League 2 club as Telfer has done in recent weeks. He looked very dangerous in the clips shown though so fair play to him if he has turned it around.
  12. Weird not having to get up at stupid o'clock for this. Geelong well on top but it's still fairly close on the scoreboard.
  13. My mate saw Paul Scholes take over as Musselburgh Athletic manager on a save he did with Peebles.
  14. Aye I'd heard it wasn't difficult before I went but was still surprised how easy it was. Some views at the top though.
  15. Other than Conic Hill, the Devil's Staircase and the steep but short climb out of Kinlochleven it's not particularly hilly. I'd say take a backpack of roughly similar weight on your training walks to the weight you plan on carrying for the walk itself, that definitely helped prepare me. Balmaha to Rowardennan and the Devil's Staircase were the highlights for me, probably almost entirely down to the glorious weather we had for each.
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