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  1. Kept bumping into folk in Leicester Square I knew from school and playing football. Some buzz as I hadn't seen some of them in years. The John McGinn song got louder every time it started up again. My voice has properly deserted me. Add me to the "quitting drinking list" too.
  2. It's rare to see teams playing with such fluidity in any game in a major tournament but it to back it up with another is very impressive. My main concern about Italy is that fast starters normally peak too soon and head out fairly early in major tournaments. They've looked quality though.
  3. Only saw the last 11 minutes but what a thriller between West Coast and Richmond.
  4. If Wales are relying on Bale all tournament then they're fucked. He's been absolute guff.
  5. He seems to have a decent knowledge of Scottish football too.
  6. Joel may have got his Turkey prediction a bit off but he knows a goalie when he sees one. Looking forward to watching Yann Sommer now. Sexy b*****d too.
  7. Latrell and Turbo (poor tackle for the try aside) are murdering them. I do think that Feldt penalty was a game changer though.
  8. Clarke has come out and said he's fine so that's somewhat reassuring. At the time though it did not look good, there are examples of athletes retiring after less serious looking incidents. My point was largely that football is way behind other sports in dealing with concussion, mainly because it's much less common than other sports. Well done for bringing him straight off.
  9. 1-0 is fairly uninspiring when playing against a mediocre team who had 10 men for the majority of the game. We created plenty of chances though despite rarely getting beyond second gear. I'm now at the stage where I don't think there's much between most of the possible options in just about every position. I'd find it extremely difficult to pick our best XI and that's before even taking the opposition into account. I trust Clarke to get it right though and whoever he selects I'll be happy with. The only thing I really took from this evening was the fact that Gilmour really does look worth the hype. I haven't seen much of him so far but in 20 minutes he did enough to convince me that he improves us immensely, regardless of the opposition. He moves the ball on so much quicker than most of our players and it's nearly always progressive. That was a nasty knock he took so I really hope he's all right. In other sports he could well be made to sit out for the next two games after a fall like that. Fortunately for Scotland, football has reacted very slowly to general concerns around concussion, which may be to the detriment of Gilmours long term health.
  10. Three of us booked in there too so cheers for suggesting that.
  11. I was listening to a couple of (largely awful) Scotland Euros playlists on spotify earlier and this came on. I presume it's a parody as it's so dreadful it's almost amusing.
  12. A good win and a proper confidence booster which has been a rarity this season. I missed the first 15 or so minutes but wasn't that impressed by Leinster, I think that's the poorest I've seen them in years. I feel for Connor Boyle who must be watching Darge play like this for Glasgow and thinking "that could've been me", instead he has to sit behind Watson, Ritchie and Crosbie at Edinburgh. Good on Darge though, he's finally getting his chance (despite being ready for years) and is certainly taking it. It definitely felt sad watching Niko in a Glasgow shirt for (presumably) the last time. My interest in rugby was fairly minimal between roughly 2012-16 but Glasgow were so entertaining that I kept an eye on them. He was as important a part of that as anyone, particularly in his scrum half days. Good luck to him with whatever he does.
  13. The Demons are seriously good.
  14. I remember as a 15 year old stumbling across this series and finding Roxburgh the most interesting character I'd listened to in Scottish football. The trick he's doing at 5.13 was new to me then and kept me busy for many an hour when I was younger. In the late 90s the German FA set up 121 regional centres to provide weekly coaching for 14,000 talented 11-17 year olds who weren't signed to professional youth teams. They were particularly focussed on more rural areas where quality players were more likely to go unnoticed by academy scouts. I think it was thought that 10 players from the 2014 World Cup winning squad would probably not have made it professionally if these hadn't been set up.
  15. Just finished it, this route looks radge compared to the much more rural ones through Norway and Wales. I did think most of the shorter routes would be far to hilly to be realistic.
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