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  1. Never seen one in the flesh until today when I happened to be walking up through the Meadows just as it was about to start. An utterly miserable experience. Half of the west coast must've been there, I heard very few east coast accents.
  2. Already got 6 locks signed up for next year. Unless he's going to play 6, don't understand it at all.
  3. Anyone able to recommend a pair of binoculars for circa £100? I know that is a low budget but I can't really justify spending more right now and according to the RSPB website there are plenty around that price range that are excellent value for money.
  4. I can post this rather blurry, zoomed in attempt of a photo at least.
  5. Saw a sea eagle on Friday. I've got a video of it flying overhead but it's too big to share on here unfortunately.
  6. Didn't realise Ullapool had a team at that level. Good for them, they've done pretty well. It can only be good for them to play at a (presumably) higher level on a regular basis.
  7. Don't listen to Sportsound often these days but he is easily the best thing about it.
  8. I was really keen for Elgin to sign Brown after he left Caley Thistle. Been impressed with Hamish Ritchie since his Keith days too. I believe he played for the same college team in the US as Lenny Wilson.
  9. An excellent end to the series. Two of the best vts in a while, particularly the Orkney one and Cillian Sheridan was a decent guest. A shame it has to finish now.
  10. BBC 3 in about 2009. I think it was the first time I saw Davide Santon and he looked like a future world beater.
  11. Thoroughly enjoyed seeing Tony on the telly, he's my favourite contributor to the podcast at the moment due to his relentless enthusiasm. His geography on the other hand, leaves a lot to be desired.
  12. From Gorgie Road, near the bridge that enters Saughton Park. Across the road from Luckies pub pretty much. Saw an otter in the same spot on Monday night too.
  13. Saw a kingfisher for the first time on the Water of Leith a few weeks ago. I felt particularly vindicated as I decided last minute to take a slightly longer route home via the river on the off chance I might see something interesting.
  14. I agree with your overall point, I went to school with guys who played for Hibs, Hearts and Aberdeen and when discussing the better players at that level they'd usually mention how quick and strong they were and that was about it. Like the above poster though Snodgrass actually struck me as quite slow, especially for a winger, but was good technically. It's interesting how these things pan out. I do think that a lot more emphasis is being placed on technique, probably gradually over the last 10 years or so. Although Hibs and Hearts seemed to go for a lot of physical specimens (only Jordan McGhee has really made any sort of career for himself from the two clubs) at my age group (1996), Dundee United had Ryan Gauld and John Souttar coming through and that felt like the start of what we're seeing more of now with Hickey, Gilmour, Ramsay etc.
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