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  1. It was completely done up a few years ago over quite a lengthy period. When I did it in May 2017 there was no accommodation there but thankfully a few portacabins including a pub and another where I got my first shower in 2 days (we camped).
  2. Ajer is the latest Scandinavian Celtic defender I fucking hate. Not been very impressed with Soro when I've seen him. Celtic moved the ball around better as the half wore on but Livi are always dangerous and could still win this I reckon. Get Pittman and Forrest running at that defence.
  3. And never played for Ospreys either.
  4. Good to have some news to post especially when it's so positive. A 3 year extension for Soapy, which (if my maths is correct) would take him into a 17th season in the first team. 4 times Supporters' Player of the Year, 4 times Players' Player of the Year, over 400 appearances, over 75 goals and supposedly resisted a few full time offers over the years. We will be lucky to have many players like him in the future. My favourite ever City player and if anyone deserves promotion it's him.
  5. Aye I remember Reynolds playing a friendly for Glasgow. I'm just racking my brain and remembering that backline and forgot how good it was with Hunter, Forbes, Nelson and Robbins etc. I'm dead against summer football but think it might work for part time rugby in Scotland. One of the issues with Super 6 last year was it started in November and finished in March so there were a lot of games in poor conditions which might be enjoyable for forwards but aren't necessarily for young outside backs or spectators. Playing more when the weather is good is surely a bit of a no brainer.
  6. Nah, Currie. It was a shame to see that Currie team of a couple of years ago ripped apart by Super 6. As well as current pros like Crosbie, Shiel, Gordon etc. I was really impressed by Joe Reynolds and Scott McGinley (I think, big bearded numher 8?). Seems like a really promising young side that did well last season though.
  7. Well that was actually a lot of fun. If it wasn't his first start I'm almost certain Ross Thompson wouldn't have got man of the match for that performance but in such a difficult position he did extremely well. He's always had a bit of potential and probably should've been given a shot about a year ago. McLean was never gonna get much ball but did well when he was involved. Smith was thrown in at the deep end out of position and all he did was get smashed out the way by Sau but he's another with a good future. I thought Huw Jones was really good, always looked dangerous when he got the ball.
  8. I listened to a podcast with Robertson where he said he was still living in Leeds while he played for Montrose. 14 hour round trip twice a week. I also heard Iain Vigurs talking about staying in digs as a 15 year old at Elgin while Robertson was manager. He caught the players sneaking out for a night out one time and fly-kicked Vigurs into a wall. Mentalist.
  9. I know this thread isn't normally used to praise anything regarding Sportsound and I realise positivity towards Craig Levein is even rarer, but I actually quite enjoy listening to him.
  10. These days at Elgin our games are postponed due to flooding (although it's 6 years since that last plagued us) and the pitch being too dry in August.
  11. Well that came out of the blue. A good player who I think should do fine in League 1. A good defender, though maybe slightly lacking in pace. He's very comfortable on the ball which is a positive but can be frustrating sometimes. As said above he often puts us under pressure with slack passes to goalie or defenders or thinks he's Xabi Alonso and attempts a 70 yard diagonal.
  12. We were using Pixellot but switched to manual control (I think at half time in a game) a while back. The camera struggles to film in the standside corners a wee bit at times but the coverage is otherwise fine I'd say after a few problems at the start. The commentators vary but they're normally very neutral at least. I don't live locally but looking at the forecast I think there's a decent chance it'll be off.
  13. Jings well there you go. I wonder if the rats of central eastern Scotland will be clever enough to limit their mischievousness to Saturday afternoons while the pest controllers are all off playing in the seaside leagues.
  14. Managed to shake off the hangover on January 1st and get up in the Lammermuirs. Saw a guy a cross country skiing.
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