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  1. Somehow went in at half time in front despite being dominated. Looked done at 15-7, scored two brilliant tries to go back in front, conceded again and then showed great composure to steal it at the death. Great stuff.
  2. The best player in the world back playing in Scotland. There is a God after all.
  3. We were really getting a grip of the game before Hester's goal and at 2-0 it looked like we'd stroll it. As soon as we conceded the penalty (I'll need to see the foul again, looked soft at the time) however we stopped playing and I was relieved we got in to half time at 2-1. The injury to Darryl didn't help us, McEwan is really coming onto a game but he's not a right back. It was made even more bemusing by the fact that Wilson and McDonald were listed as subs, but neither appeared to be in kit. Should have really finished them off or at least seen the game out, how many fucking late goals are we gonna concede. Need to win tomorrow to get back on track.
  4. "COSGROVE...YAAAAASSS." Neutral as always from Wille Miller.
  5. Absolutely loved it last night and the show in general is great. Well done to all involved. Can't wait 'til February!
  6. Embra were shite but a win is not only a big result but immensely pleasing (obviously). Get it right up the Munster cheerleading commentary team. Probably the worst Munster team I've ever seen.
  7. Aye we've played well in all 3, I've no grumbles at all about the results. But winning and losing become habits and we need to get back to winning here if we want to go up this year.
  8. The reverse fixture was surely our worst performance of the season. We have performed well in the last 8 games but 3 without a win now so need to change that here.
  9. Huge well done to Soapy on 400 games. A rarity in the modern game and he has been brilliant for the vast majority. I'm sure there shall be many more. Now let's go and get the promotion he deserves as much as anyone.
  10. Aye Dingwall has been very good. I would struggle to name an 11 with them all in position. It would probably be 10 goalies and Ross McKinnon (2nd spell, he was much better in his 1st) who was hooked at half time on his 2nd debut with us 4-0 down at Dunfermline. He never played again.
  11. It does seem like a cheap and lazy option. It's also the latest example of the SRU appearing to treat Glasgow as less important than Edinburgh. Our forwards have performed pretty poorly since he came in, whether that is coincidence or not I couldn't say. In spite of all that, I think he's a reasonable coach and more than happy to get behind him. And well done to Rennie, hope he does well.
  12. Enjoyable night. What a lovely old ground Starks Park is. Probably my favourite of any I've been to (Borough Briggs aside of course) and imagine it's a great atmosphere when full. We had a great support for a Friday night too. Thought we played well in spells but poor in others. Rash tackle from Omar but a red card? Not for me. Anyway, great effort from the players, big cup next week and we've already dealt with Alloa this season so no reason we can't again. Then the real focus of the league.
  13. Embra rotated a fair bit (which is 100% the right call) but Agen seem to be resting most of their top players. Think Embra have enough experience to win it. Won't be easy for Glasgow at all, Sale have some very good players. Price is seemingly back and Jonny aside I think all the top players are available. Think McDonald (and maybe even Tagive) deserve to start given their form. Home advantage hopefully enough.
  14. Hate this cup but the fact it's a quarter final has swayed me towards going. Never been to Starks Park either. Best pub nearby?
  15. He's had plenty others over the years but these two stand out for me.
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