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  1. Killie v Cowdenbeaths conquerors

    Yeah probably also a factor.
  2. Killie v Cowdenbeaths conquerors

    Only time you'll catch **** calling out Chelsea fans. Ban these pathetic, servile bigots @Div
  3. Killie v Cowdenbeaths conquerors

    It's sad (although very far from surprising) that Clarke is receiving this abuse in the first place. But well done to him for calling them out on it. Been following from afar the last few months but really think Scottish football is in a horrible place right now. No doubt down to the slightest glimmer of a title race between the bigots. The sooner the two of them f**k off into oblivion the better.
  4. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    Bringing in refs from elsewhere sounds like the worst idea ever.
  5. Oliver Burke

    Hooper was voted Scunthorpe's best ever player too in 2012 despite only playing there for two years, one of which was in the Championship.
  6. Rugby - Union And League

    Dupont was always gonna play and is a big upgrade on what they've had at 9 so far. Ntamack another good pick but otherwise surprised so many have kept their places.
  7. Oliver Burke

    60 goals in 160 games is not poor, which is the point I was picking up on.
  8. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    Do not lose please County.
  9. Oliver Burke

    Hooper was one off being the top scorer in his first season in the Championship and Transfermarkt tells me he has 60 in 160 games in that league.
  10. NY Times Dialect Quiz

    Fairly accurate although some worrying weegie areas and not sure where the Western Isles element is from.
  11. Rugby - Union And League

    Edinburgh and Glasgow are the only teams to lose to the Kings this season.
  12. Got the urge to watch highlights plus aftermath just now. Never thought the **** going bust could be topped as the best moment in the history of the universe but this did it in style.
  13. A-League 2018/19 & FFA Cup 2018

    Decent half between Melbourne City and Adelaide. Quite impressed by the A-League so far.
  14. Worst Town In Scotland

    Always thought Tarbrax was the worst looking little hick village in Scotland, but going by more recent posts in this thread, Rigside looks and sounds much worse.