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  1. Pollok/Fauldhouse Draw Talbot Stoneywood/Beith Draw Broughty Hurlford Darvel Irvine Meadow Rob Roy/Neilston Draw
  2. Cambuslang Rangers would be interested. Please DM me and we can have a chat
  3. I honestly thought last nights meeting was a bit of a waste of time. Voting blind on a proposal that seemed clear to me that the management committee had already made their mind up on. The vote was then a bit of a shambles with no 'show of hands' rather a silence, suggesting to me that everyone in the meeting was either shell shocked at the lack of information, didn't really care, or were just plain bored. All the proposals brought forward will have no bearing on 90% of the clubs in our set up, however I think a meeting when they have more information would have been a better idea. As for the comment made, my club have penned a letter to be sent to the West Region regarding it.
  4. Cambuslang Rangers F.C. have placed Goalkeeper Ross Meldrum on the transfer list. Any offers are to be made to Club Secretary, David Ashcroft on 07805539263. Thanks
  5. You ‘heard’? please tell me your private investigator source considering the club announced it on their Facebook page.
  6. Early indications of weather suggests not many games will be played this weekend.
  7. PS4 Looking to get rid of PES 2020 Cheers
  8. Cambuslang Rangers v Renfrew
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