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  1. EOSL Programmes

    does anybody know which clubs in the EOSL produce programmes please?
  2. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    any news on when fixtures or the early season cup draw will be released?
  3. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    when are the EOS qualiying cup fixtires announced please?
  4. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    when are the fixtures released please? Are they released in one go or drip fed through the season?
  5. February fixtures

    when are they released please?
  6. Bonnyrigg Rose diections

    planning a trip up sometime but please can somebody advise me the best diections from Edinburgh Waverley to New Dundas Park by public transport then by foot? Also when do the February and March fixtures get released please?
  7. fixtures

    i thought the new fixtures were due to be released today?
  8. Preston Athletic 2015/16 programmes

    i am looking for the following Preston Athletic 2015/16 programmes from Pennypit Park if anybody can help me complete my set. Homes v Gala lge, Edinburgh Uni lge, Gretna cup, BSC Glasgow lge, Vale of Leithen lge, Selkirk lge, Spartans lge and Ormiston cup. if anybody can help please post below or email [email protected] to arrange a payment
  9. programmes

    does every club in the Lowland League produce a matchday programme and if so does anybody know what each club charges per isuue?
  10. New Preston manager

    what league are Preston playing in next season? Did they get relegated from Lowland League?
  11. Preston Athletic programmes

    Does anybody have any Preston Athletic home and away programmes from this season (all competitions) for sale please? My e- mail address is [email protected] if anybody can help
  12. programmes required

    ive e-mailed both clubs. No reply from Albion and EK havent any copies left.
  13. hi, I am looking for the following programmes to complete my current season Clyde collection: away v East Kilbride pre-season friendly 12th July 2014, away v Albion league two 18th October 2014. If anybody can help please could you email me at [email protected] many thanks
  14. I am a programme collector and wondered which League Two clubs DONT do matchday programmes. I know Queens Park only do them online but didnt know if there was any other club that no longer produce them on matchdays?
  15. Gary O Connor

    got both goals in a 2-2 draw