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  1. What’s racist about it? Out of curiosity
  2. Whatever happens, I’ll be counting it as a massive win if we come out the other side with no more injuries, regardless of the score* * We’re getting pumped anyway [emoji42]
  3. Can’t see him going back to Dunfermline as he had a horrid time there and the fans didn’t rate him as far as I can remember. He won’t drop to Part-time with East Fife. Quite a few Falkirk fans have told him to sign an extension instead of signing for the Rovers and he’s been liking every one of those tweets. Even though, that isn’t really a good source, I can’t see him signing for us. Although he would make up for the loss of Jamie Gullan.
  4. Boyd had 4 goals in 10 appearances for East Fife this season. That’s a decent return. East Fife fans are gutted that he decided to leave as well. Worth looking at anyway.
  5. Shepherd has 5 goals in 20 games this season and Henderson has 2 goals in 11 games. Neither player has been prolific enough to warrant the step-up IMO
  6. I would’ve agreed with you up until that game yesterday but Jamie Watson was by far the worst player on that park yesterday. He has came in and done absolutely fine like you say but If Miller was on the right yesterday, we win that game though. So it’s absolutely vital we get him back soon I’d say.
  7. So he wants full time football at 29 year old. Staying up there would limit him to Ross County, ICT or Aberdeen. Not exactly a massive choice then.
  8. Can sign him on a PCA now though. Dangerous though. If we are still in this league next season, he’d be a fantastic signing. If we go up then he’ll be jumping up 2 leagues in one go
  9. Would he be able to make the step up? We’re desperate for a striker to come in and get us over the line.
  10. Think we’ll bring an attacking mid in to replace Gullan, as I can’t see him coming back after this weekend
  11. 0 chance of that happening. He’ll easily get picked up by another premiership club.
  12. There’s a very good reason why a number of people have went for that outcome, to be fair
  13. Partick Thistle are reportedly close to a deal for him I’m sure. I don’t think we’ll stand a chance of luring him to the third tier.
  14. Well after Gullan being recalled back to Hibs Saturday evening, he’s now back at the Rovers on loan for another week [emoji23]
  15. That same article has Munro and Baird extending as well
  16. He was frightening at this level 7/8 years ago when QotS were down here but was torture for Dundee United and apparently just as bad for Falkirk
  17. Jamie Gullan been recalled by Hibs after the game this weekend. Ross Munro been extended til the end of the season. John Baird here til the end of the season as well now
  18. Could have done with him for the away trip to Forfar though.. Will be a massive loss for that game
  19. He is. He started today’s match against Hearts. Absolutely no chance that he’s coming anywhere near us.
  20. Airdrie 2-1 Forfar Clyde 2-0 Stranraer Falkirk 3-1 Dumbarton Montrose 2-2 East Fife Raith 2-0 Peterhead
  21. Has he played for us? I know he played pre-season for us but can’t mind him playing any competitive stuff. ETA - I just remembered the Dundee game in the league cup. Never mind. Been trying my hardest to keep his performance in that game out of my memory tbh [emoji23]
  22. Fantasy land? We have 2 of them and there’s a high chance we could end up with Callachan back in less than a month..
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