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  1. If you actually bring 2000 viewers this time, we may think about it. You didn’t the time your referring to though. Also if we are generous enough to do that, how do you boys feel about paying all your creditors what they were also due back in the admin days?
  2. Are we allowed to use trialists in the Scottish championship these days? I know that the last time we were here, you weren’t. You were allowed to use them in League One and League Two but not the championship. Anyway, why are you even mentioning the possibility of Tait or Hendry at CB? [emoji23] We still have Bene, Mendy, Musonda I’m sure Aaron Arnott played a game or 2 at fullback as a trialist( could be wrong there though) as well. We’ve also played Dan Armstrong at Fullback as well in the past. Plus MacDonald should be back next week, with still 3 CH’s for the 2 positions, we’re not in desperate need to play either of our 2 best players out of position at CH.
  3. Can I also point out that the player in question, Nando Mendy also messaged another poster on here, congratulating him on something that he’s doing at the minute. Is that ok in your opinion? For the player to message someone else? Or is it only a fan messaging a player that’s weird? but not the player messaging a fan?
  4. You realise that you’re doing exactly what you’re stating is weird behaviour as well..? The only difference is that, other people that you don’t know, also see your messages You have came online to write messages to people that you don’t know..
  5. It may only be cancelled for a few days so could still be around then?
  6. You’re sitting third mate. That Joke would still belong to Dunfermline.
  7. Based on your showing against Hearts, I reckon there’s more chance of you falling further down the leagues than the mighty Raith. Couldn’t even finish us off in your own backyard. Can quite clearly see the Rage flowing through your keyboard though.
  8. Raith sign German Striker Lars Lakotsch on loan until the middle of January from Livingston.
  9. Did Armstrong not sign a 2 yr deal in the summer anyway or did I just dream that?
  10. Tell me about it, Saturday past would have been a great away day as well as this Saturday. Ffs, I don’t think any of us will ever take Alloa away for granted in future. [emoji17]
  11. Bene was a dead leg so can’t see that being much of an issue MacDonald confirmed on twitter this morning, that his hamstring was just mega tight, that he should be all good to go again. Ethan Ross left the ground on crutches and requires a scan now so that’ll be a bit longer term. No idea on Ugwu, starting to think he doesn’t exist. No idea on Vaughan either. That may have been just to protect him from the poor surface down in Dumfries.
  12. True. It’s almost making me want to forfeit the points to get rid tbh. ALMOST [emoji23]
  13. I have a feeling this account won’t be heard from again come 16:50 on Saturday afternoon.
  14. He turned an offer from the Pars down to join us. What a Lad!
  15. Won’t be long before you’re evicted through the trap door anyway
  16. Smith ain’t good enough? You basing that on the last 5 minutes that he’s played in 4 or 5 first team games at the age of 20?
  17. That doesn’t really give us any info we didn’t already know tbh. We knew that fans in stadiums would be pushed back. We knew the Scottish Government would be offering financial support to football if fans in stadiums is pushed back too long.
  18. To be fair, we really shouldn’t look much into the first month of the season as well then if that season is anything to go by. As far as I remember, Gary Locke had a really good first month/6 weeks. Then we barely picked up a point between October and February. What I can say after watching all the highlights etc though is I can’t fucking wait til the first competitive game of the season even though, it’ll just be watching the screen of my Laptop. It’s been far too long and I can’t wait for the feeling after a win or even the dreaded feeling after watching the Rovers get horsed 3-0 down at Ayr.
  19. Tbf. They did announce they were releasing the majority of their players during furlough. They needed a whole new squad
  20. Slag the poster if you want. Leave Sir Bairdy out of it though please!
  21. 16 yr old Striker Luke Mahady signs for the Rovers on a 2 year Modern Apprenticship deal from Celtic
  22. I now feel sorry for Stenny and their fans for what they’re going to go through in the not so distant future tbh! [emoji17]
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