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  1. We are mainly full time anyway apart from 3 or 4 players But yes, we’ll be fully full time next season. Dave McGurn’s already announced he’s leaving in the summer because of this. Kieran MacDonald will have a similar choice to make. I think there’s a couple others as well
  2. He’ll probably sign for Kelty Hearts. I’m sure he done really well for them when he was on loan.
  3. Nice try 🤣 You are sitting 3rd. 3 points behind second. With a game in hand. You’re hardly in free fall.
  4. Why would they focus on the initial incident? The notice of complaint is on what he’s allegedly said afterwords.
  5. Bambino, is that you? I have no idea why but despite him spending the last 4 years injured, it would hurt massively to see him go. The guy bleeds Rovers. And he’s the townie skelper so I’m all for offering him a lifetime contract tbh.
  6. Aye play it at Hampden and only current season ticket holders of both clubs get in
  7. Because he’s been absolutely awful for months as well.
  8. Whit?! He’s mentioned Jamie Barjonas, Scott Roberts and Jordan Thompson and you fancy sticking Ryan Hardie in that same category 🤣
  9. Musonda has never played RB for us before and you want us to drop a known RB who hasn’t really done anything wrong to play a CH/LB there instead? I’m glad McGlynn won’t see that as an option tbh
  10. I take it Spencer’s deleted whatever he put on? I couldn’t find anything on his Twitter.
  11. I remember that Did McManus not join us that summer as well anyway? [emoji23]
  12. Be careful what you wish for. They’ll try and send us McHattie as a goodwill gesture
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