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  1. Just another team that failed to beat us in this cup. Unbeaten in the cup since 2019. Wonder who’s going to face the wrath of the Rovers next. When is the draw anyway?
  2. This was already talked about. He’d had surgery to remove it and has been given the all clear.
  3. I feel that’s the only thing that today missed. I expect to see a bit more passion from the manager after a win tbh
  4. True. I’d actually quite like the national anthem played before every game. It’s a nice touch when the ice hockey plays the national anthem before every match. The national anthem isn’t God Save The Queen though. Our national anthem is Flower of Scotland which I doubt many on here would be against us playing before every match takes place. I think the majority of Rovers fans will acknowledge a minutes silence whether they like the Royal family or not. They will not tolerate god save the Queen though. That’s about 10 steps too far for the majority of people up here.
  5. I know the English leagues are expected to postpone their games next weekend as well so I’d expect us to follow suit.
  6. Well that’s not true. Thomson missed the first half of their first game against Ayr. Came on at half time, missed their second game against ICT due to injury i’m presuming as he wasn’t even on the bench when they couldn’t fill it. Then he played every minute in the rest of the games up until he left. He left as championship football was getting to be a bit harder to juggle with his family life. The point I was making though was the poster had asked if they were actually worse but Craigen, Nouble and Thomson were away. All 3 of them were integral to their success last season.
  7. You’ve answered your own question there if Arbroath are much worse by saying you’re aware that almost a third of the their starting 11 left recently [emoji23]
  8. Brown is vice captain. Got announced weeks ago. Therefore as Matthews is injured, the vice captain will wear the armband.
  9. Exactly. A manager will pick whoever they want as their captain. Just because Murray brought Brown in, doesn’t mean that he’s going to be Murray’s captain. Murray’s captain is Matthews hence why he picked Matthews.
  10. I’m not sure if you’re being serious or not. He announced Ross Matthews as his captain. Every manager decides who their captain is. Matthews isn’t captain because he’s a fan favourite. He’s the captain because Ian Murray selected him as his captain.
  11. Edited to add the Signing of 21 year old striker Connor McBride on a 1 year deal from Blackburn.
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