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  1. That doesn’t really give us any info we didn’t already know tbh. We knew that fans in stadiums would be pushed back. We knew the Scottish Government would be offering financial support to football if fans in stadiums is pushed back too long.
  2. To be fair, we really shouldn’t look much into the first month of the season as well then if that season is anything to go by. As far as I remember, Gary Locke had a really good first month/6 weeks. Then we barely picked up a point between October and February. What I can say after watching all the highlights etc though is I can’t fucking wait til the first competitive game of the season even though, it’ll just be watching the screen of my Laptop. It’s been far too long and I can’t wait for the feeling after a win or even the dreaded feeling after watching the Rovers get horsed 3-0 down at Ayr.
  3. Tbf. They did announce they were releasing the majority of their players during furlough. They needed a whole new squad
  4. Slag the poster if you want. Leave Sir Bairdy out of it though please!
  5. 16 yr old Striker Luke Mahady signs for the Rovers on a 2 year Modern Apprenticship deal from Celtic
  6. I now feel sorry for Stenny and their fans for what they’re going to go through in the not so distant future tbh! [emoji17]
  7. I bought mines on the first day of renewal, yet still not had mines. Still 5 weeks away though
  8. So you’re moaning about something that may or may not happen in the future, before it even has a chance of happening? [emoji849][emoji23] That’s a new low, even for you. [emoji23]
  9. Fair enough. Why would any Rovers fan have a problem/obsession with QotS though? [emoji848] There hasn’t been any occasions that I can remember where there’s been any beef or that between us and them [emoji23]
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