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  1. And how is that going for us? He’s not going to get fit without playing a single minute. [emoji848]
  2. Not confident about this at all. Twice in the last couple of weeks, I’ve bet against Alloa when they’re at home and twice they’ve mad me look daft. Against Hearts and then again yesterday. I’d take a draw tbh. Hopefully Ugwu gets some game time instead of Lokotsch later on as we’ve yet to see him.
  3. I think a fit Lewis Vaughan( whenever that may be) and a fit Gozie Ugwu might have something to say about that tbh.
  4. Myself and 2 other season ticket holders watched the game together having logged into just the one account. I’d imagine there’ll be quite a few others that were in the same boat as well.
  5. Our relegation year, a couple of years back, we won 2-0 down in Ayr first game of the season with Callachan and Matthews being the scorers that day. It could have been more convincing as well. That game made it look like Gary Locke may actually have known what he was doing. Oh how we were wrong!
  6. If you actually bring 2000 viewers this time, we may think about it. You didn’t the time your referring to though. Also if we are generous enough to do that, how do you boys feel about paying all your creditors what they were also due back in the admin days?
  7. Are we allowed to use trialists in the Scottish championship these days? I know that the last time we were here, you weren’t. You were allowed to use them in League One and League Two but not the championship. Anyway, why are you even mentioning the possibility of Tait or Hendry at CB? [emoji23] We still have Bene, Mendy, Musonda I’m sure Aaron Arnott played a game or 2 at fullback as a trialist( could be wrong there though) as well. We’ve also played Dan Armstrong at Fullback as well in the past. Plus MacDonald should be back next week, with still 3 CH’s for the 2 positions, we’re not in desperate need to play either of our 2 best players out of position at CH.
  8. Can I also point out that the player in question, Nando Mendy also messaged another poster on here, congratulating him on something that he’s doing at the minute. Is that ok in your opinion? For the player to message someone else? Or is it only a fan messaging a player that’s weird? but not the player messaging a fan?
  9. You realise that you’re doing exactly what you’re stating is weird behaviour as well..? The only difference is that, other people that you don’t know, also see your messages You have came online to write messages to people that you don’t know..
  10. It may only be cancelled for a few days so could still be around then?
  11. You’re sitting third mate. That Joke would still belong to Dunfermline.
  12. Based on your showing against Hearts, I reckon there’s more chance of you falling further down the leagues than the mighty Raith. Couldn’t even finish us off in your own backyard. Can quite clearly see the Rage flowing through your keyboard though.
  13. Raith sign German Striker Lars Lakotsch on loan until the middle of January from Livingston.
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