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  1. The more leagues that follow suit, the more confident I am that we’ll do the same over here
  2. Was it a rovers fan that created that scheme? As barely any team seems to be using it
  3. A lot of people mentioning Kieran MacDonald as PotY. He has been a brilliant player for us this year but it’s not really a contest tbh. Would be quite funny to see Regan Hendry win the leagues PotY but not even get the Rovers PotY tbf 🤣 As Regan Hendry has been by far the best player in League One this year. Nobody even comes close tbh
  4. Looking forward to seeing how much Lyons goes for down south in the summer.
  5. Back up your post by showing us a Rovers home support of 700?
  6. That season, he didn’t do anything at all for us( before you say anything, he played a few month for us before leaving in January) before going on loan to Dumbarton so no idea why your bringing that post up? [emoji848]
  7. He was out injured for like 4-6 weeks and on his first game back, he came on as a sub and got booed on the park and then booed off at 90 minutes. I wasn’t his biggest fan but no player should ever be booed on the park. Hope he keeps fighting though and pulls through this and still finds a way to have some sort of career in football
  8. I’d fancy wee Lewis Vaughan against Wedderburn. Absolutely 0 speed with Nat.
  9. Kieran MacDonald Dylan Tait Regan Hendry Fernando Mendy Brad Spencer Jack Smith As far as I can tell from transfermarkt.. not the most reliable though.. that’s our lot for next year? I did originally think Armstrong and Miller were tied down for next year as well but it doesn’t look like it.
  10. Absolutely not as Bene would obviously be captain and he shouldn’t be near any sort of general knowledge quiz
  11. If a football game gets abandoned after the 75th minute mark then the score remains. Therefore with the football season being over 75% of the way through it then surely it would only be fair to call it(going by that logic anyway).
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