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  1. So let me get this right. Both Rovers Reds are clear Airdrie’s red is dodgy Handball at the end is a stonewaller And Airdrie were cheated out of that game? [emoji23] Also, the rule is in place that if he makes absolutely no attempt for the ball whatsoever, then it’s a red as it becomes malicious. That’s exactly what happened.
  2. Just 11 months ago, we hammered “the big boys” 3-0 with a far, far weaker team than we have now.
  3. Even Bene? I wouldn’t put him in the same category as Munro and MacDonald last night. Munro had a good game and MacDonald had a decent game despite being marked out the game. Bene on the other hand was the worst player on the pitch last night. Tried his absolute hardest to let Forfar through on goal many times. So yes, Tait was a much more deserved candidate than Bene for MotM
  4. Why would we go back to him when we’ve been stung once before by the snake?
  5. Graham Smith Reece Donaldson Ross Perry Fernandy Mendy Kevin McHattie Chris Johnston Jordan Thompson Darren Petrie Scott Roberts Rudi Skacel Craig Wighton. Manager: John Hughes Subs: Pavol Penksa Craig Wedderburn Fraser Mullen Liam Fox Bobby Barr Ryan Stevenson Gordon Smith
  6. You feel it should be celebrated? What, that people are becoming less racist?
  7. Of course. Considering he played a large part of his games outwide. He has to be a dead cert for LM surely. Up front will almost certainly be Tade and Baird in a 4-4-2 as well.
  8. You’re “rang”. You said there’s another ‘keeper’ that conceded a ratio of 1 in 9. He wasn’t a keeper.
  9. You’re “rang”. You said there’s another ‘keeper’ that conceded a ratio of 1 in 9. He wasn’t a keeper.
  10. McGurn has been a far better keeper for the Rovers than Cuthbert. Although Cuthbert was brilliant the season under McKinnon.
  11. That’s odd. It’s the last few years that has opened up the rest of the countries eyes towards him and shown them exactly what he’s like. Before that, everyone thought he was a fantastic manager.
  12. It’s not going unnoticed. He’s getting plenty of praise/credit from the fans every single week and I reckon. He’s be an outstanding find for us. He’s signed on for next season as well, isn’t he? He’s certainly up there as a contender for POTY(alongside Steven Anderson and Hendry) but if Hendry is back in 3 weeks and plays the rest of the season, then obviously i can’t see past him getting the clean sweep of the awards tbh.
  13. May be early November. Our ambitions are to win the league this season and if we are to achieve this then yes, it’s a must win game.
  14. Been injured most of the season. Although nothing has even been mentioned about him by the club in over a month now. Even when we got a run down of our injuries and their severity last week, he still wasn’t included.
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