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  1. Nah. One of the games he was caretaker for us was our 2-2 draw away to Dumbarton. Final game of the season a few year back where Lewis Vaughan scored from almost the half way line.
  2. If the club end up releasing Vaughan, the backlash would be unbelievable and they could see their average attendance more than half due to boycotts etc Have a word with yourself.
  3. Connolly has been decent but Zanatta has been brilliant since coming in this season. Better than the 2 players we lost in those positions imo. My guess is that you haven’t seen much of them yet though, as that’s the only way you could have formed your opinion.
  4. We also have plenty of players that can hurt them. We have goals right through this team.
  5. It is however very cowardly to come on to a football forum and hide behind an alias whilst slagging off someone on twitter when he could easily have replied direct to him on Twitter.
  6. The club should probably just fold altogether, shouldn’t they?
  7. There aren’t many teams in this league in a better state than we are. I’ll take my hat off to you though, this is a massive state to get yourself in over 1 freak result that won’t happen again for years [emoji23]
  8. Blaise Riley-Snow signs on at the Rovers after leaving CD Universidad Alicante in Spain on a short term deal( presumably until January).
  9. Yeah that’s Ross Matthews for you. When Rovers won promotion from League One( rightfully, may I add), he decided to tweet this photo As you can expect, it didn’t go down too well in Grangemouth
  10. Anyone else get the feeling we’re winning the league this year?
  11. More attacking nous than when? Last season when we were banging 5 goals in against half the league? We played well on Saturday. That would have almost certainly been a defeat in previous years as we don’t beat teams in this cup.
  12. Every single team will still make a few signings whether it be permanent or loan signings. Apart from losing Hendry, I’m happy with the rest of the summer business so far. Liam Dick will be able to fulfil the Kieran MacDonald role. I’m sure Aidan Connolly can turn up for 1 in every 7 games that Armstrong did. I reckon Keatings will be a quality signing for us. We’ll still have a few loan signings to come. And they’ll more than likely be a CM, a winger and a striker. There is no need to panic as there’s still almost 6 weeks til our first league game. So how anyone can suggest where each team will end up when the majority of the teams still have a third of potentially their starting lineup to fill, I’ll never know.
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