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  1. Gordon Strachan is currently on the payroll of 2 different clubs in the same league. So I can’t see them seeing an issue with a husband and wife at 2 different clubs a league apart.
  2. You’ve changed your tune All season, you’ve wanted us to play every single youth player I’ve the first teamers at some point this season. Now you’re slating some of them [emoji23]
  3. There is absolutely not a hope in hell that Dick Campbell applied for the Pars job when you appointed Grant and then Yogi and didn’t get interviewed. The only way that would happen is if he was offered the job on the spot.
  4. You wouldn’t consider an assistant manager as gaining managerial experience? Your last 2 managers are; Peter Grant( a man who’s greatest achievement was relegating Alloa Athletic) And Yogi( who’s last thing on his CV was relegating a team who one year before, finished comfortably in the playoffs 19 points ahead of fifth, against a team who then went more than a calendar year searching for their next win.) I reckon you should probably look into your own board and their decision making instead of ours tbh.
  5. Because calling McGurn “The Warlock” sounds a bit farfetched tbh.
  6. Have I missed something? Who have Hamilton signed? Who have Morton signed? What about Ayr? Partick? I know of 1 player they signed on a PCA from the league below. We’re hardly far behind the other teams in this league( that their seasons are over) in signing players.
  7. You think the new manager that comes in main objective, should be to consolidate us( a team that in the last 2 seasons, have finished 3rd(lost out on 2nd last game of the season) and 5th by 2 points) into a mid table championship side? When you change manager, the new managers task is to, always, better the previous manager.
  8. [emoji849] We have clearly been watching a different player. After his first couple of games, there was 0 evidence that he was an upgrade. In the 4-0 home defeat to Ayr, Liam Dick was subbed off at half time for his awful first half showing. On comes Sean Mackie. After the game, quite a few Rovers fans were questioning why we had signed him when he was clearly not an upgrade. So he certainly wasn’t an instant upgrade. He did get better and looked half decent in the last few games of the season, when it no longer mattered. In saying all this, he may well be a good signing in League One and I’m not convinced he’s a championship standard player.
  9. Mackie is of a similar standard to Liam Dick. I don’t want to see Dick here next season, so I’d be delighted if someone else signed Mackie up to stop us going for him as well.
  10. Yes No inside info, was just my opinion [emoji1419] I do think he’ll come back for Bene and Spencer with both being out of contract now and we won’t have a manager in place until a week on Monday at the earliest.
  11. He’ll not make that mistake again this time around. Bene won’t be here for the new manager anyway. He’ll be away to Falkirk.
  12. Yeah I read that article as well. Nothing about Rovers in it and it actually says that he’ll be kept on at Cowden for next season regardless of what happens with their playoffs. And the article was from yesterday I’m sure.
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