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  1. He had a great game and well deserved his goal, impressed with him so far.
  2. Brilliant to see Murray Johnstone with the late winner against Darvel haha. Coming back to bite them in the arse.
  3. For what it's worth I think you're a very good player from what I've seen of you kenny. No offence intended but a bit lighted n you'd be playing at a higher level. Good luck wherever you end up.
  4. Feel sorry for yourself and the rest of the players as Paddy was obviously important too you lot and for him to be treated like this must be a kick in the teeth for yous as well.
  5. A lot of people, including Darvel players, very unhappy about this decision.
  6. Irvine Vics have also been given 3 away fixtures in December and away to AWR on the 18th November. We will have also played AWR, Maybole & Ardeer twice before the turn of the year with still a number of clubs still to play at all. By the time 2018 comes we won't have played a home league game since 21st October which would be almost 3 months by then.
  7. Just seen that on Twitter. Hopefully get the game on this weekend!! Mon the Toria!
  8. Quite happy with that draw should we get through. That's if we ever get the game against Forth on.
  9. What's your problem with Craigmark? They're a team that's on a good run at the moment and nobody from the club is getting ahead of themselves or throwing it people's faces. Why not just allow them to enjoy their good run of form and see where it takes them? For me, I'm glad too see Craigmark being competitive again after so many years struggling and wondering wether the club would still be there the following year. Well done to all involved at Craigmark for the turnaround and the start to the season yous have had.
  10. Anyone know the chance of our game at Forth being on? Just know they were struggling earlier in the season to get matches on?
  11. Irvine Vics 6-3 Ardeer Thistle Maybole 0-4 Dalry AWR 6-3 Muirkirk
  12. So, if unrest from the players was one of the reasons for the sacking then why are 2 senior players meeting for "clear the air" talks with Jeffrey tonight? What they got to clear if the players were behind this decision?
  13. Personally, I think Meadow are just struggling to come to terms with the fact they aren't the best team in Irvine anymore. It's a real shame.
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