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  1. I'd avoid the Gairloch Tourist Centre unless your fancying a grand day out in Wester Ross-shire. Mind you probs a better proposition given locos performance last saturday
  2. Exactly. In all seriousness any of those places would be automatic choices for WoSL. Was trying to be funny, obs died a death
  3. God help the other NCL clubs finances if Rhu, Dunoon and Helensburgh joined the league. bad enough the likes of Halkirk Thurso etc going to Fort William next season and then you add those three. I Ken the Highland fault passes nr Helensburgh and since the 90's the residents consider themselves part of Argyll but fairs fair!
  4. There's the odd one or two teams in the premiership division could quite easily make the step into the NCL if they fancied.
  5. Umbro, Adidas and Admiral kits from the late 70's were the best. None of this patterned spiro infused pish we get today.
  6. You've got to remember that the Scottish pyramid is still in its infancy. The English pyramid has been on the go since the late i0s early nineties and has constantly evolved and been tweaked over time. I suspect the same will happen with the Scottish version
  7. If I'm biased I would say the white away strip is the best simply because of the big diagonal nessie across the shirt. The black home strip is really neat and a close second though with the horizontal pin stripes and wee nessies. The blue third strip is also a close runner and of similar design to the black one. I've bought the white away shirt but due to demand it's on pre-order so could be anything from 2-god knows how many weeks. Defoe worth the wait though
  8. Sign of the times how amateur football has fallen over the years. I played in the Inverness and district amateur league back in the early 90s when there was about 40 teams playing. Rosshire had their own league with I think 13/15 clubs from Gairloch to Fortrose. Now we have a combined league of 26/27. I don't think it's competition from.other sports I think the issue is sufficient volunteers to run and admin these teams.
  9. OK so perhaps not as relevant but id like to add this little diity from my past. I have always been a Dundee Utd Fan despite living in the west coast in my younger years but I always remember being at the game for Celtic v Nottingham Forest in 1983/84 UEFA Cup at Celtic Park. What an atmosphere - Celtic came away from the first leg with a 0-0 draw and expectation in Glasgow was high. Must have been 66,000 at least in the ground and I was there in the away end. Remember the Tennants girls doing a trackside promo. To me the best memory was when Cloughie came on the pitch to acknowledge the Stadium crowd before KO. What a legend.
  10. 606 inverurie v fraserburgh (was a friday night game)
  11. Generally the league's will set guide prices and it's for the club's to decide on the final figures and concessions. Hence the slight disparity amongst clubs but to be honest it's not a lot to fork out even if you're paying full whack. Defo better value than some of the top tier prices for what you get for your money.
  12. Festive 510 at locos v lossiemouth yesterday.
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