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  1. 606 inverurie v fraserburgh (was a friday night game)
  2. Generally the league's will set guide prices and it's for the club's to decide on the final figures and concessions. Hence the slight disparity amongst clubs but to be honest it's not a lot to fork out even if you're paying full whack. Defo better value than some of the top tier prices for what you get for your money.
  3. Festive 510 at locos v lossiemouth yesterday.
  4. Health and safety police gone daft. Mind when Forres played Rangers a few years back in the cup? Initially Forres were allowed 1400 only if everyone stood side by side on the railings then the hse police relented to allow folk in between taking it to 2700. Yet the banking can cater for 6000 comfortably.
  5. Hi Burnie, 330 at Loco's v Wick, including committees and guests.
  6. Friday night out afterwards under the bright lights of edinburgh????
  7. Inverurie Loco’s v Forres Mec 266 at the turnstiles plus about another 20 or so Committees and guests
  8. What about the Rossshire amateur teams who play in the summer Inverness Amateur League? Surely one or two might fancy a crack at winter league footy? Im thinking Avoch, Culbokie, Contin etc...
  9. I can see how the perception of the SHFL being protectionist is made out to be but the SHFL is in favour of the pyramid but one of the biggest stumbling blocks to the integration of the SJFA North, the NCL and the SJFA tayside clubs is the requirement for floodlights due to the number of league fixtures, as well as local association cup ties that are played mid week. A lot of the NCL and SJFA North clubs are unable/unwilling to spend the money on floodlights or the additional costs of travel to the highlands and beyond on a regular basis. While there is a gulf in standards with the exception of one or two North clubs and some of the Tayside teams (who in fairness should be part of the Highland League pyramid judging by how Rugby organizes itself) teams will eventually find their level within the system so the current gulf in standards can be accounted for.
  10. No they haven't. This is utter nonsense and should be treated as such.
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