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  1. You'll get arguments neeb. I only ever post honest assessments and I get attacked. And people do need to chill out.
  2. I corrected your spelling of occasionally for you, and cheers for the endorsement. Fact is since yesterday the Rovers fans have been exhibiting vast swathes of ire (seethe for the craic-less) at beating the hugest team in Fife. Which is just plain weird, you'd have thought they'd be happy, but there you go.
  3. Tipsy Cow in Kirkcaldy is decent. Must have been 200 Pars in there yesterday.
  4. I think we'll win this game. I'll be there as usual supporting the team through thick and thin. Hope QoS bring some supporters with them.
  5. I completely agree about having nice High Streets. Sells the town as the locals having a pride in the local area.
  6. I was referring to all neeb. It really rubbish patter.
  7. Being honest neeb. I was shocked. Used to be a lot more vibrant. Used to go to the swimming pool there on a Saturday, then progressed to Bently's and Jackie O's, back in the day.
  8. 'Seethe' what the f*ck is it with people reusing rank infantile descriptive patter in an attempt to scramble to the top of the w**k pile of Pile & Bovril users? Not an original craic amid you all. Even on the slightly autumnal Sunday afternoon you're all still displaying all the traits of a bunch of empty life's. Mind you I despaired at the state of the High Street of a once proud town, I can understand clinging to a football club overshadowed by an Ice Hockey team. Sad stuff. Keep smiling though.
  9. Thanks for the observation and opinion. You're invaluable mate.
  10. We won't be in the top 4, never believed since he said it. I'm just glad we're up in this league and not disgracing ourselves.
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