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  1. Have 2 buses nearly full plus some will go by car train etc. Been taking 150-250 to most games this season. Would hope a few more travel for our biggest game in many years
  2. Cheers for that 1320. Be good to go up but feel maybe a year early but as was said on Saturday nothing to lose and let's make a bloody good go at it. Easy 12 pts off Dundee next season and as Dick said on Off the Ball 4 home games with Dundee and piss United would cover the budget for the season. All the best to you lads next season and hope we see you there
  3. Both Supporters club buses . Have heard Golfie may be running one also Many thanks for boozer reccomendations. Will certainly need something by the time we get there
  4. We have 2 buses coming down on Saturday . Any good nearby boozer reccomendations please
  5. Dont fancy Alloa. Really narrow pitch seeing they brought touchline in for season. Wider the better to get Steevsie bombing up the wing. Feel it may be Falkirk as RC may have foot off the gas
  6. Quite a shocking statement to make. As if a professional would go out to deliberately injure another. What will your excuses be when you cock up the play offs again. Really looking forward to witnessing your trophy party on Saturday. ( oh wait a minute,not happening)
  7. Really looking forward to this one. 2 teams playing some good football at the moment and with us needing 1 point to almost guarantee the final play off should be a good one. Amazing progress under SP in 2 1/2 years and wherever it may end as a Mo fan of near 50 years what a ride it has been. On another point Get Well soon to Montrose Legend John Sheran after his heart attack yesterday
  8. Well done Arbroath. Wite to wire but just passed through on way back from Methill and place like a ghost town. Are you sure you won the league today?
  9. Cant see Rosco starting after 80 mins on Saturday. Can see 2 or 3 changes at most. Padge Martin and Liam or Webby to start imo
  10. Have really had a good laugh reading the anti football comments and as for watching Forfar to see entertaining football . My sides are said laughing at that one. SP set up a game plan that worked perfectly and Baird did more greeting than a card at Xmas.. Was heard to tell one of his teammates to go in studs first in 2nd half. Shocking behaviour
  11. Have heard some United fans have booked Busbys pre and post match as it does not usually open till evenings. Only a 5 min walk to ground from there
  12. Well played East Fife .Professional performance against a team who seemed to have 1 eye on Dundee United next week. Badly missing Bambi at the back and Winkwr and Padge should be nailed on for next week. .. Still could do with an out and out striker as Martin huffed and puffed today without getting anywhere
  13. Good 3 points but Edinburgh need to look at their catering. No mince pies left at ten to three?. Did get some more at half time but still shocking
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