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  1. Let's come up with some ways we could settle the leagues I am going for each team to nominate 1 player, put them in a wrestling ring and have a Royal Rumble match. Last 1 left in the ring wins the title. Nominations from each team please
  2. Can see SP making 2 or 3 changes for this one. If Tezza is fit can see him in for Winker as he played over 80 mins on Saturday. CJ for Rusty maybe and would love to see big Aiden get another start. As said in previous post think this will be a tight game and maybe 1 goal will settle it ( in our favour obviously)
  3. Would have been no segregation if a group from Airdrie had not stood in front of home supporters 1st game and threatened to stab them. All done in front of club SLO so action had to be taken . Inept stewarding doesnt help matters either
  4. My 1 was started yesterday .Enquiring about chances of game being on
  5. Given weather forecast and usual mudbath Stair Park can be what is the likelihood of this game going ahead as really looking forward to a 9 hour Tuesday night round trip
  6. What's the opinion of Stranraer fans down there.? Chances of game being on? As already said a lot more convenient allround to play on a Saturday than a long trek on a Tuesday night. Fingers crossed
  7. How does it go at this time of year. No Joel No Joel No Joel No Joel
  8. Well done Bonnyrigg. Thoroughly deserved win SP fucked up our team selection. Not one to criticise but we got what we deserved. Good luck in the next round lads. You did non league proud today
  9. That's the monthly food budget gone then 🤣
  10. Really looking forward to this one. Both teams on a good run at the moment and 1 which Montrose cant and wont take lightly. Was impressed by Rose 2nd half performance in last round and sure SP and his staff will have had them well watched in the run up. Tight 2-1 Montrose win
  11. ApologiesctMust apologise to Peterhead and their supporters for some idiot throwing a lighter at Greg Fleming. Not one of the regular fans but someone on the unofficial bus. We have banter with opponents keeper but would never/never resort to this. Apologises were made to Greg at end by the regular non plastic once a year supporters who were just out on the piss.
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