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  1. Don’t understand why people get so offended about other teams budgets. End of the day is it not a good thing that teams are getting a financial backing and attracting a higher caliber of player. Surely it will attract more punters through the gate? Also having a new team possibly challenging at the top won’t be a bad thing either. Talbot have been fairly dominant over the last decade so if there’s a couple more teams challenging it should make it a more exciting league for everyone
  2. I asked a question n the guy was decent enough to respond to it and you completely disregard his answer and make out as if his opinion didn’t matter. Its got nothing to do with backing your own fans. You were out of order. Anyways this is a transfer thread so if your not happy with what i said private message me
  3. I’m interested in whats he’s done. So rap it and give the guy a break. He’s only giving his opinion on a question i asked
  4. No idea not seen him play. Thats why i’m asking 🤷‍♂️
  5. Any Greenock supporters got any info on this guy? Is he a decent signing?
  6. Renfrew bet us last season mate [emoji85]
  7. Cracking work rate and good in the air. Should get a club no bother
  8. That slope makes a massive difference to a game on a day like yesterday. Theres no surprise most of the chances created and scored were down the slope. Definitely a smash n grab result for kilbirnie yesterday but have seen us been the better team in games n get nothing from them.
  9. How weird would it be pishing with a set of goalie gloves on [emoji23][emoji23]
  10. Could do a lot worse than give it too tommy and digger
  11. You are 1 sad individual. U seriously must have no pals and come onhere and spout p**h just to get a reaction so u have some1 to talk to. Either that or your boyfriend dosn't let u speak in the house so u come on here to make a bit of noise. Either way grow up n gives piece.
  12. A see bugsys on the transfer list. What happened there?
  13. Is kinney not playing with u's this year?
  14. good news for us. Offered a lot more for last season after he had a full pre-season under his belt.
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