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  1. Never doubted you for a minute Pumphy.
  2. Easthouses will enhance this league, they might not get out of it, but a lot of us are in the same boat. I remember the times when EOS teams were brushed aside by the junior teams of old, but times have changed and this league is a shade better than the current EOS set up. I wouldn't say they are in a false position, they are there on merit, but there is a long way to go and many twists and turns. As for finance, well if you have nowt, you are in good company as most of the teams just manage to survive. I think there are 6 or 7 teams this season, that will be in with a shout of promotion.
  3. What are you on about ? Wrong thread I think.
  4. Do you man this weeks game as we are supposed to be playing them next week.
  5. If he can only get game time with a development squad then he is done. Surprised Tranent haven't signed him if that's the case.
  6. Why would you think that.? Im just assuming that the signing of Jinky would suggest he is away.
  7. When did Ian Black ever play fitba.????????? any way if he has signed with BR would he not be with the first team against Alloa and not the development squad.
  8. Can't speak regards Myles but absolute bollocks about Sam Young.
  9. What happened to Skillen, did he resign or was he replaced.?
  10. I agree wholeheartedly and am as guilty as the next man. I would like to apologise to all that I have offended and had a go at, in my time on [email protected], especially the Dunbar manager's past and present. I suppose you don't realise what offence it may cause some people, when we think we have the right to vent our frustrations just because we think we can say what we want on a forum like this. It will not happen again.
  11. There's only one person having a go. I would think the majority of Dunbar supporters are happy enough, but like any other team, would like to see us challenging, but NOT expecting promotion, if it happens ,great, if we can improve year on year, then we will get closer. We have great facilities and would love to be able to entertain the top teams, but we are a long way off that and at this moment the club has stabilised off the field and hopefully the new manager can take us that bit closer.
  12. What has Geoff got off with like.? You say he has a long way to go to match the previous manager, as far as the stats go, he has done just as well in 10 months, as we did under the years of the previous regime. We all know ,except you maybe, who brought the so called better players to the club and as for foundations laid, the club almost folded under the previous regime. When the club was at it's worst , some of the current committee offered to go back on, but despite the offer being accepted, it was made clear who didn't want their help and from there it got worse. You certainly seem to have a problem with the manager and his dad, what's his dad got to do with anything, as sunnydunny says ,the club is run by a committee and his dad is just a member and we should be grateful for what these guys have done. You say people were quick to judge the previous manager, I don't think as quick as you have done to Geoff. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and mine is to give the boy a chance, let's see where we are in a couple of seasons and if we haven't moved forward, then we can all have a moan together.
  13. Well done to Dunbar on a great result at Rosyth. Congratulations to Falkirk and very hard luck to Rosyth and Whitburn. I suppose we will say if only we had ..., well, that's the way it goes.