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  1. I would assume the red card was given because both Ambrose's feet were off the ground when he dived in. The simplistic approach used by many referees is both feet off the ground = no control of the tackle = endangering the safety of an opponent, a red card offence. It's not always accurate and probably wasn't there, but it's a more likely basis than denying a clear goalscoring opportunity.
  2. In the EFL and National League that's the case, but you can drink pitch side up to National League North/South (comparable to SPFL Championship for attendances), and many clubs at that level have the bar inside the stadium, meaning you get a full selection of drinks and can lean on the pitch surround supping them during the match. It's honestly brilliant.
  3. This is not one bad season with a dodgy manager. We have been declining season on season for years now and not just on the pitch. I can't say how much it's down to Hewitson rather than other directors, members of staff, or major shareholders, but this is most certainly a result of institutional failure rather than just one manager getting it wrong on the pitch.
  4. People keep referring to money in the bank. The £1 million detailed in the accounts isn't necessarily in the bank now. Although sent to shareholders in Feb this year, the accounts in fact covered the financial year up to 31 May 2021. The £1 million was in the bank as of 31 May 2021 - i.e before the start of the season. The board were forecasting a six figure loss for this season so at least part of it will have been spent. The majority of it was covid grants paid up front and intended to cover losses due to covid. I suspect a large part of that £1 million will have been spent by now.
  5. The end of an era. We will not see Championship football again in Dumfries for a little while, and not at all without structural change at the club for which, at the moment, no-one appears to have any ideas.
  6. We gave George Galloway and his kids free entry to a game on the pretext he was going to sponsor us. He didn't sponsor us.
  7. It's always awkward when a commentator can't tell two black players apart, but it's especially cringey when his co-commentator is also black.
  8. As requested. Junior and Folarin coming on. Tbh hadn't noticed Paton was playing either. Sam Folarin, your time to shine...
  9. Aye, it's a new boy and he was alright last game, but obviously hasn't done his home work and is getting a bit carried away that they've let him hang out with some players.
  10. That to me is defo not a penalty. Putting your hands on an opponent is allowed, I think most people know that. If you watch the Partick player's feet, he just... goes down. His legs just straighten and he falls to the floor. I can't see how it's a pen but I appear to be in a minority of one.
  11. I thought Debayo looked solid tonight and the penalty was very soft. It looked like the Thistle player fell over and took Debayo down with him. I also thought Debayo looked solid on Saturday.
  12. Was just about to complain about the commentator acting like he's on the radio. We can all (except oldhat) see what's happening pal!
  13. From memory, that was the stated aim of the Queens Trust when it was started, and they held a fundraiser in the last 18 months or so with a view to buying more shares in the club. As the AGM answers state, though, any shares which have become available since then have been purchased by the directors.
  14. I submitted questions and was personally told the answers would be released last week. These things can take time, but I submitted my questions significantly in advance of the AGM to ensure a timely response would be possible, and not to provide any excuse for delay or avoidance.
  15. The strategic report accompanying the accounts just said that trading remains difficult due to covid and so their focus remained on breaking even and meeting budgets.
  16. On my phone so don't have exact figures, but there was something like 150-200k in the bank pre-covid, accumulated through cost cutting, only paying for a squad which would barely avoid relegation, and income from off-field activities such as the Arena in the old Tesco building. The rest since then is comprised of covid grants (which will be eaten into due to covid related losses in FY22, as intended) and money received due to the sell on clause when lyndon dykes was sold to Livi.
  17. The near £1m in the bank is a fact, revealed by the club’s accounts sent to shareholders last month. However, the board have said we will make a six figure loss in FY22, which may wipe out that buffer. The scale of that predicted loss is unclear, though. Shareholders were permitted to submit questions to the board which were supposed to have been answered publicly last week. Those answers may have clarified how much of that buffer will remain after FY22, but the board has thus far failed to publish any answers to the shareholder questions. The current board took over at a time when Queens were spending substantially more than we were earning. They successfully tightened the purse strings and have reported year-on-year increases in profit for several years. It's hard to know what's happening in the club when the board hasn't even answered its own shareholders' questions. In the absence of that clarity, however, the most logical conclusion is that they are "wartime leaders" who find themselves in peace time: we no longer need to cut costs and increase margins, but they don't appear willing to do anything else.
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