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  1. This thread got me into walking / hiking. Never had time for it when I was in my teens and twenties but I've done a couple Munros in the past few years. Was in Lanzarote two weekends back and did a 3.5 hour hike through the lava fields and up and around an ancient (2 million years +) volcano. Took me 5 hours because I stopped to take in the views and have snacks. Caldera Blanca is 600m high, 1.5 km across. The walls of the caldera catch the nutrients and vapour in the trade winds flying in off the Atlantic and channel them to the base. Grass and flowers grow along the channels and in a circular pool at the centre of the caldera, giving it the appearance from certain angles of an eye. From other angles, you can imagine it's the crater of a giant asteroid. Lanzarote is a windswept land 60 miles off the coast of Western Sahara. Not a lot grows here, but the ancient people would climb down into the volcano and use its shelter to grow cereals and vegetables. You can still see the remains of dry stone houses where they would sleep while watching over the crop. I'm not religious, but have discovered I get very hyped by the outdoors, and having never seen anything remotely similar to this, it was almost spiritual. Edit: sorry I don't know how to compress images on my phone so will post them in separate posts
  2. I am sure he did this a couple weeks ago, something about he's not injured but Bartley wants him to be fitter before he starts playing again, as he's been rushed back before when not injured but not fully fit and that just contributed to him picking up more injuries.
  3. I think I just accept a certain level of shitness as par for the course, but I do know what you're talking about. Four in the first three minutes of this half.
  4. First game in person in over a year and irrespective of the scoreline I have liked what I'm seeing. Players are battling for everything, clear desire to get it forward as quickly as possible, lots of crisp passing, and great interchanges across the park. There was a 5 minute period where we kept losing possession as Todd dropped deep next to Cochrane and the forward players were cut off, but once we got in a habit of passing quickly through the lines it's been all Queens. A couple good saves needed from Dabrowski mind, and I was worried going into HT without scoring as Airdrie will no doubt change things up at HT, so delighted we've put a couple in. We may even get a point here!
  5. I don't know that this is the case with Bartley. Looking at the way he's speaking, about getting players out on loan, changing the overall composition of the squad, assessing players' attitudes and releasing those who aren't ambitious enough, increasing fitness, instituting hydration tests, etc suggests his priority is creating institutional/cultural change rather than just trying to get a quick fix to earn a few points in the league. I'm not convinced the changes he is making could ever lead to the kind of "new manager bounce" we're accustomed to seeing. However, I do think they're more likely to lead to longer term rejuvenation than just coming in, tightening up the defense, making us hard to play against, and all those old cliches. After years of decline and apparent disinterest from the board, I'm excited by the "revolutionary" approach Marvin is taking. I'm also not surprised to see various of the non-conforming players' friends and relatives apparently coming on here to moan. I'm quite willing to accept that results won't immediately improve, given the scale and nature of the changes he's trying to make.
  6. Jean Charles de Menezes didn't even leap the turnstile. That was bullshit put out by the security services in the immediate aftermath, proven untrue by CCTV.
  7. See the Kelty thread, also Greenacres and dudleyghu in this thread. Usual suspects I suppose.
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