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  1. Not football but at London Lions v Bacasehir tonight, where I've learned that Hadi! means "Come on!" in Turkish. 200 visiting fans shouting haddy at their players. It's just like being at Palmerston.
  2. Today's wordle can f**k off. That's the type of shit you pull if you want people to stop playing your game.
  3. Great idea but couldn't think of six lewd words.
  4. Boggles the mind that anyone spends their days doing political tweets. What a shite existence.
  5. Wordle 215 5/6 That was fucking horrendous. Attempts 3 and 4 I guessed words I knew it couldn't be, just to figure out some additional letters. I came to this late and have only played 10. A humbling experience as almost everyone on here seems to be better than me.
  6. I don't know how you know what number it is or how you get the diagrams everyone is posting, but yeah got the one just released in 3 attempts.
  7. Sutton United v Colchester United tonight. The visitors 2-1 up at half time, against their respective positions in league 2 and against the run of play. Gander Green Lane is a delightful old school ground with big, wide banked terracing.
  8. An average of 1.36 PPG. We would have finished 7th in League One last season.
  9. This is the problem with having an institutional process whereby the directors consistently bail out the club for their own mistakes. The obvious decision of letting AJ go will cost them money personally. It's a clear conflict of interest.
  10. I just had a look back at the Board’s answers to written questions at the last AGM. I think it puts into context why the club is performing so poorly. The page with the questions and answers doesn't seem to be working but you can see an archive here: https://web.archive.org/web/20210422030325/http://qosfc.com/news-5367. As I go on to say below, the club lacks any clear objective, but it's useful first to say why that's the case. The Board were asked if they looked at any data to set objectives for where Queen of the South should be in the pyramid. The answer was no. They said they were aware that data analysis “is very much in trend at present”. This suggests two things: firstly, they are confusing business-oriented market research with player-based data analysis. Secondly, whatever they’re thinking of, they think it’s just “a trend”. I advise businesses and own my own small business. In the interests of fairness, I admit each of the directors has had a longer career and achieved more than I have to date. However, most people in business accept that it’s impossible to make informed business decisions without data behind them. If you’re a tradesman trying to go independent, you can sort of just set up and see if you get work. But if you’re Tesco deciding to build a new store, you’d think about (a) cost of investment, (b) return from existing store in the town, (c) competition from other stores in the town, (d) transport links, (e) predicted local population growth, (f) lifetime of the property, etc. I am not saying Queen of the South should be operating on the same level as Tesco, but I would at least expect our board to be using some sort of data to base their decisions on. Without data, you can’t set objectives, you can’t assess whether you’re under or over performing, you can’t know where to invest, etc. It leads to a rudderless ship. We can then see that rudderless ship in action. In the written questions linked above, the directors were asked specifically if there was a business plan and what it looked like – who authored it, what is its duration, when was it written, how many pages was it, who has access to it. The answer was simply “The plan for the club is to make the business financially self-sufficient by increasing non match day income, in particular, by developing the property assets owned by the club and increasing commercial activities.”. So – no business plan at all. The board were asked three times what the club’s objective was. They gave three different answers. They said (1) “The aim must be to play in the highest league possible” although no information on what league, and what position in the league, they assess that to be; (2) “The plan for the club is to make the business financially self-sufficient”; and (3) “The board’s ambition is very much to mount a promotion challenge every season”. I am confused how any decision gets made at board level if they aren't clear about what they are aiming for. I am also concerned about the board’s financial stewardship of the club. It’s true we have reported a profit in the last two financial years. However, going back to the Tesco example, it's no good returning a profit if you're doing it by selling off a few stores every year to finish in the black. Eventually, they’d have nothing left. Our situation appears similar. We’ve returned profit two years in a row, but only with the stadium falling apart, our performances steadily worsening, our squad becoming steadily weaker, and our fanbase collapsing. For me, that’s not successful financial stewardship. The final point I want to make also relates to finances. In the written questions, the board stated “The club sets a budget which aims to break even while assuming no cup progress or player sales. Inevitably, of course, the playing budget tends to increase during the season to cope with injuries or deficiencies in the squad”. I read this to mean the board sets a budget which it thinks will inevitably get broken. That seems a pointless task, but okay. They go on to say “If there was a cash deficit, then this would be funded by the Directors”. However, with a lack of clarity about objectives, it begs the question: are they funding that to the level which puts us in the highest league possible, or just puts us self-sufficient, or allows us to mount a promotion challenge every season. I say all the above as someone who has typically defended the board on this forum. I think a lot of people confuse the role of owner with the role of director. It is not the directors responsibility to put their own money into the club, and the fact they do is a great service to the club. Unfortunately, the performances both on and off the pitch mean questions have to be asked. There is clear room for improvement, and I think a good starting point would be to just look at a bit of market data and formulate a plan for what we're meant to be doing!
  11. Ignorance of the law isn't a defence. So it's no good claiming you didn't know what the speed limit was. However, where an offence requires certain knowledge or belief, then ignorance can be a defence. Alec Baldwin being unaware there was a bullet in his gun, for example. This is the definition of rape in England and Wales. I have put in bold the bit that might get Andrew off the hook:
  12. For those who use bikes for their mountainous activities, what models or specs would you recommend? I have a friend who runs a bike repair shop who is trying to find me a deal on a hybrid. I am looking at something with disc brakes front and back, fully carbon frame, top level Shimano gears etc. I don't know much about bikes, though, and am guided by him, but I wonder if that's looking too advanced. I would be using it for flattish trails down south, e.g. New Forest, King Alfred Way, and commuting around London, but would also love to take it up to Scotland to do some hills.
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