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  1. They do the national anthem before all ice hockey games down here. I always stay sitting. f**k em
  2. The Chicxulub impact killed off two thirds of the world's plant and animal life, but this funeral is "the most important event the world has ever seen".
  3. His Imperial Vajesty or something like that...
  4. Apparently it's still allowed... https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/pet-stores-online-dealers-selling-13994677
  5. Yeah. I like a lot of Ricky Gervais' material both with and without Stephen Merchant. It's unfortunate that he seems to be such a gimp.
  6. She put the word f**k on there which gives them a (shit) excuse unfortunately. Someone also got arrested in Oxford when they read the proclamation for shouting "who elected him?".
  7. This post and one of @Monkey Tennis's above describe things perfectly. Thank f**k there's still P&B at a time like this.
  8. Some c**t has left a marmalade sandwich from the Angel of Death...
  9. Aye, they have saved it over for his first day as King to get some good PR in early doors. Such manipulative c***s.
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