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  1. Sadly not true. Trillions of pounds forecast for investment in oil production globally up to 2050. Separately, this is a serious issue. Actual experts haven't worked out how to solve it. Nae c**t on here is going to know. Stop acting like you do.
  2. Ah, so you're... anti climate change then, are you? ... but foaming that the wrong sort of people are protesting it in the wrong sort of way... is that it?
  3. Good luck to them. It is going to be difficult to change a global socio-economic system built up and buttressed over hundreds of years, but good luck to them. It needs done. Not just happening in Scotland btw. All over the UK today and I saw them at a music festival in Germany last week.
  4. Agree with this. I guess some people are just easily led. The OP started out by saying Leighfield, Mercer and Oliver are decent. Then someone pointed out the "lack of gash" as a reason to be optimistic, and OP - rather than just accept that the second poster had a valid point about being optimistic - decided it was better to tear down a handful of young players in our squad. Understandable that the players look at this website even if they shouldn't. A lot of their careers and ability to perform is based on what people think of them. Of course they are going to look. Fair enough criticise players throughout the season if it's deserved but calling young players gash when they are actually doing alright, just for the sake of not being wrong on a football forum, is the definition of talking shite.
  5. A striker recently released by Carlisle United after loan spells at Kendal and Workington. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_Brown_(footballer)
  6. Official twitter says we will use a different starting 11 in each half. The second 11 for the latter part of the game will be 1. Trialist 22. D Irving 16. Trialist 15. Gourlay 12. Semple 17. Trialist 2. R Irving 19. Trialist 18. Murray 14. Hamilton 21. Trialist.
  7. Live blog of the East Fife friendly here from a local newspaper, who, unlike the official sources, don't need to call every trialist A Trialist. Michael Paton with an assist. Three trialists in the squad. I am assuming one is McRorie. Not sure who the other one is. Semple and Hamilton on the bench. For a still very incomplete squad, it's not a bad lineup. QoS - Trialist, Mercer, Holt, Brownlie, Kilday, Kidd, Trialist, Oliver, Trialist, Dobbie, Murray. Subs - Irving, E Gourlay, D Gourlay, Semple, Hamilton. https://www.fifetoday.co.uk/sport/football/east-fife-v-queen-of-the-south-updates-and-reaction-1-4957918
  8. Aye but on that basis it must have been a collaboration between the parents, Robert Murat, every paedophile in the area, etc, etc - as they were all suspected at some point. Bit of critical thinking please?
  9. Google would disagree https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=whelmed
  10. Always look forward to pre-season discussions about how to use the words under and overwhelming. Think it would help if FIFA could issue a clear definition of "whelming" tbh, but I guess that's just too obvious!!!1!
  11. UEFA piping chants of "Chelsea" through the intercom
  12. Azpilicueta rolls one along the ground from 30 yards, commentator makes out it's justified because "he did score his first goal against Arsenal a few years ago in a League Cup tie"
  13. This guy is chatting complete fucking shite. "Chelsea came in later than Arsenal." "He's never quite won them over at Stamford Bridge." "Well done mate we got the job done together." "Chelsea had a game in Boston last week, fulfilling their contractual duties" SHUT THE f**k UP MAN.
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