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  1. I couldn't be fucked with American TV. When we were in Cuba it had USTV and it went - show starts, break after opening credits, break half way through, end credits right into new episode with no ads. Repeat. It's good going from one episode right into the next one but 2 lots of adverts in a 20 minute show is ridiculous. You'll often get more than that on "basic cable". Ads between shows, after opening credits, a couple times during the show, then one right at the end. That's for a "30" minute programme. It's abysmal.
  2. The ads on American tv are terrible. It's basically an ad after every scene. When you're watching it on Netflix or BBC you can spot the moments where an ad would normally go. Just a reminder how ordinary Americans get fucked in the arse in every way possible, including having so many ads their TV is impossible to watch, and still happily wave their flags and shout "Greatest country in the world".
  3. We share the same Netflix account. This was in her "Watch again" list: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10006006/
  4. I don't get the reference, but in guessing you're commenting on the tone in my post that I sort of know what I'm talking about. I'm definitely not a huge hip hop fan, reggae is more my thing, but I would say hip hop has been around for 30+ years and - as with anything - if you get enough people involved, there will be a few genius creative people who put all their energy into it and create something that's quite difficult to emulate by the rest of the pack, and deserves respect for the hard work and thought that's gone into it. Maybe v few people on here have any appreciation for hip hop in that way, but just because you don't know what makes it special doesn't mean it isn't. I'm definitely not middle aged. I think there was a survey on here that showed the vast majority of posters are in their 20s, that includes me. As to your reference to "this kind of music", see above.
  5. It's a fucking great album. So many different lyrical styles exemplified across the songs. The punchlines and wordplay are brilliant. It's far, far better than anything he's put out for about 10 years. The featured artists on the first two tracks are weak, but I reckon that's the point - he immediately outplays them at their own game, and the later songs are more traditional Eminem. The lyric about Manchester is two bars out of about 1600 bars. Can't believe anyone really gives a shit. There's an entire song dedicated to a young boy killing his step dad, and two verses humanising the Las Vegas hotel shooter, among other things and no-one cares about that.
  6. His mum is dictating how he looks. She's throwing his gender into question. She's pimping him out for likes and modelling contracts. At best, this boy will turn into a PUA when he's older.
  7. Got the job and a 33% uplift in salary. RTBC thread for this pish, I know.
  8. Any experienced w****r knows to use the disabled toilet for cleanliness, space, privacy, and easy access to paper towels for cleanup. I don't understand people who have never had a w****r at work. Give it a try.
  9. "...using an N-word... " Is there more than one I've to worry about???
  10. Had an interview yesterday and thought it went well. This morning got an email from the recruiter saying she had "exciting news" for me, and a voicemail saying she has "some good news", and she'd call me back after her meeting ends at 11. The meeting apparently still hasn't ended and like a wee lassie I've sent screenshots of the email to all my friends and family. Gonna look a right tit if the "exciting news" is something about a new online portal or whatever....
  11. I had an interview today at a major US professional services firm, and the attractive Caribbean woman interviewing called me "cute" during it. 😂 Definitely not my worst interview experience tbqhwy.
  12. Trans issues... Check. Mental health....check. Single mother crying....check. Remarkable she hasn't thrown racism in there as well.
  13. Faissal El Bakhtaoui isn't getting a call up for Morocco.
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