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  1. Don't post on here very often these days but I remember your awful woman clearly and can say I am both delighted for you and unsurprised.
  2. You could check to make sure no facts sneak through...
  3. Can't get onto the shop to buy it. Been trying since 7 pm. Sounds as if that's for the best. Is there any radio coverage?
  4. Lockdown affecting some players more than others... 😂
  5. This thread is a car crash. None of us know what's happening or what should be happening. Give it a rest.
  6. Most NHS employees aren't heroes. They are averagey no marks enjoying their moment in the sun, often with little class, and using sunbathers as proxies for their pent up rage from that time a boy in S6 pumped them at a party and never text back.
  7. Love the kits, think they both look smart. Only point I'd question is the inclusion of the 2008 team on the inside. It's not like it's an anniversary or something, we're thirteen years on and a lot shitter, kinda feels like pointless "stuck in the past-ism" unless someone can explain why the 2020-21 season is an appropriate time for it?
  8. Good news for Dumfries born Dominic Matteo https://mobile.twitter.com/Dominicmatteo21/status/1253276338619912192
  9. Would be great if someone with the technological know how could capture some of the game on Saturday and pop it in YouTube. The only versions I can find right now all have honking music over the top.
  10. Michel Platini is a human. Humans eat food. Food turns into crumbs. Crumb sounds like cramb. Colin cramb.
  11. Are you on your own? I watched the 4.30 pm press conference and they said the 14 days is for entire households to self-isolate, 7 days for the person who had it and 7 days for the others. I don't really remember why but it made sense at the time. Maybe if you're a billy no mates it's just the first 7 you need?
  12. Anyone got Brentford tickets this season? Looks like the only game not sold out is v Charlton Athletic on 10 April but I can't see a link for general sale.
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