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  1. Hello ayr fans 👋 Saw this on Twitter. Here's what you could have won...
  2. Cheers, that's me just put someone on ignore for the first time. After putting in the username I had to click on "change ignore settings" and select "posts", but apart from that it was very easy to do.
  3. There you are. I've only been able to watch streams since xmas due to work but I've actually quite liked him tbh.
  4. Haven't ITV, Channel 4, Sky etc also sacked their usual programming though?
  5. I also think a lot of these c***s running the TV channels just live in their own world. BBC Television Centre is there in west London. They've all gone to private schools and Oxbridge with a bunch of minor royals and aristocrats. The same delusion that makes people value the Royal Family also validates their own existence in a less pronounced way. They probably just think this is appropriate.
  6. Aye and not just in the central areas like this video shows. I'm just back from a motorbike ride and saw two of these in South Norwood, a nice but rough, working class, largely Caribbean area right at the bottom of south London. Absolute weirdness.
  7. You've nailed the execution of that joke to be fair. Far better than my effort.
  8. That's him gone to bask in front of the great heat lamp in the sky.
  9. That's actually the second line of the song.
  10. Dobbie and Shields both squandering golden opportunities.
  11. I think someone said earlier that the correct stat is we haven't beaten them home or away since 1963, a stretch of 22 games.
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