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  1. Guess 3 can get tae… Wordle 336 4/6
  2. Puma collar this year? Are Man City going for the ‘we are going to nick your mobile outside the chippy look’ or Oasis tribute band?
  3. One of the most obvious glaring issues that everyone in charge of our team have accomplished is having no leaders in the team, so I’m hoping he changes that.
  4. Nice pattern, would look good as a @welshbairn house today. Wordle 327 4/6
  5. Another Instagram photo to look forward to.
  6. Really, she looks like she has just smacked up. Surely everyone must have her Deadpool, sadly looks absolutely gone to me.
  7. Thank you, it was buggering up my CDO (OCD in the correct alphabetical order)
  8. Your end column isn’t a straight line on my mobile which buggers it up though.
  9. My issue with Hughes as a manager with us at the end was all down to how he handled his want for a bigger job. Great player and had some amazing times as a manager, however he tinged it badly at the end. I have no issue with any manager wanting to improve and move on, his way was crass imo from the way he and his agent acted. There was nothing professional in the way it was paraded through the media from them and his inflated ego against our club. Now with, I think, three clubs relegated, I’m glad & I doubt that we will have to stomach his stubbornness again.
  10. Thought it was def a 4, really, ok I’ll take the 5, oh ffs… Wordle 323 6/6
  11. Thank him, it’s helped me pick the best American College for the summer.
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