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  1. 1. Maybe they have signed an NDA, I really don't know, although I'm sure someone wrote about the experience couple of weeks ago?? 2. I think there has been quite a few points shared that would get alarm bells ringing eg they have control for a very small amount of cash. a)Have you heard any plan? b)What has happened to the forum? 3. Yep we have, I wouldn't say it's been cleared out yet though. 4. i've nothing to do with the bid, it's the last thing I would do with my cash unless necessary. I do have the hump though as I admire any fan that tries to help, volunteer or invest as it never seems to work out and I've seen too many good people leave and we can now add the CI to the list for now.
  2. So we have two different sets of Falkirk fans trying to do something positive for the club, but you are taking the side of someone from across the Atlantic with zero attachment?
  3. Great signing, quoted here that he would rather play in a higher league than be paid more in the 1st division, seems to have the best outlook to push himself on. Now just a new striker, goalkeeper and board please.
  4. I did not know that, I may have to get the train to work one day this week and mistakenly get on that train instead of Falkirk High from Glasgow.
  5. Wow, no teams lining him up as head coach, were we just the gullible ones. At least we didn’t give them a pay rise 🙄
  6. Or they don’t want their outcome changed/diluted? Unfortunately we may have to go further backwards before we move our club forward, I hope not, but it seems that way to me.
  7. We beat Atletico Madrid to the owners rights, we had this in 1888 and they weren't around until the early 1900's, always thought it would be a decent away strip and it has a collar! NB I hate pin stripes.
  8. I wouldn't take it for granted it wasn't his call though with something better lined up. Either way he should never have been signed in the first place.
  9. 😂 Yeah right, Bantabairn account number 2!
  10. It has been mistake after mistake, it never stops because they never learn.
  11. Let's time the announcement to overshadow awkward news though.
  12. You need to get on the Facebook page mate, Sol Campbell then Ray McKinnon, ooft!
  13. He was F'kn awesome in midfield for us, what can go wrong as a great ex player......oh wait!
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