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  1. It feels like we are merging with the Facebook group.
  2. Coincidently todays tweet from Royal Mile Whisky is about independents with a link to a number of bottles, if nothing else a read for you. Click
  3. 30 seconds today, if you get the first letter at the start it makes a huge difference. Wordle 529 3/6
  4. It’s the 4 show… Wordle 528 4/6
  5. I love a no letters in a first guess Wordle 526 4/6
  6. Wild Turkey 101 at 22 quid, great product at that price for a 50% proof, always does well in blind tastings. And Diplomatico Reserva at £36.50 is decent.
  7. Mic drop… Wordle 523 1/6 Knew it would be along those lines today.
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