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  1. A nice 3 & nice symmetry. Wordle 379 3/6
  2. The thing is we all know we are a loyal support and everybody will dip into their pockets if needed like the provisional liquidation time, few else have done what we have done under those circumstances. I just wish we could get the FSS numbers up to what Morton and St Mirren have accomplished as that can make a real difference and give us a bit of breathing space I guess around finances. It’s tight for everyone just now as well as the club so it’s a tough thing to achieve though.
  3. Absolutely, the point I’m making is I’m seeing comments across different platforms, because of season tickets sales, saying we now need to push the boat out. There is a long way to go before that can happen imo.
  4. Unless I picked it up wrong at one of the meetings we are tight on the cash front? Even with great season ticket sales I’m not sure that will be enough, I took it we really needed the FSS to increase dramatically.
  5. I’ve not had one I didn’t like yet, they are one of my favourites, however I’ve found particularly newbies to whisky really don’t like them when I’ve got them to taste one.
  6. Surprised that one hasn’t caused some fails this morning… Wordle 378 5/6
  7. Getting the starting letter helped. Wordle 375 3/6
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