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  1. Good to see the amount of coaching on the sideline yesterday from both MR and KM, it definitely helps having someone there that knows what they are doing this time.
  2. Good news, that actually gave me the fear he was playing today.
  3. Never thought I would enjoy a Livingston supporter contributing to our thread.
  4. I'm just confused that people type a space then put a comma after a word!
  5. I'm sure you'll be back where you belong soon enough
  6. I just posted and then deleted a post from the FFC website as it was a very small version of yours, which wasn't as good! Most of what I've read today in the negative is out there if you just search, eg Holt (who I'm not trying to back up here by the way!) "to reintroduce a youth and talent development pipeline, to develop our off-field infrastructure and ultimately to support our management team"
  7. Eh? And you would get more if you go and ask or email them, they have put themselves more out there than I have seen so far. It's the usual moans from people who never go to Q&A's, forums or whatever as they are too busy, but want someone else to ask the question for them every time. Take time off here and go and speak to people you might find it more useful.
  8. I've not seen anyone try and defend, what I've seen is Shadwell try and give sensible replies to people who seem to be moaning about things that are rumours or want something to happen via a forum. You are absolutely clueless if you think you are going to get an answer on here to them though.
  9. There is obviously a reason Holts still here, but I doubt you are going to get an answer to someones employment, so I wouldn't hold your breath.
  10. I wasn't at it either, but if i was getting my knickers in a twist as much as you two I would be going to the club, emailing them or asking to speak to them on the phone. I'm sure they'll do you the privilege you are craving.
  11. Did they not phone Roman or Julio directly, better tell your pals on this new board this isn't acceptable please or I won't give money to FSS.
  12. How do you know Holt will claim that and how do you know Holt played a part in Rennie being recruited? After all your conjecture on the Rawlings and what they were going to do, think I’ll disregard this one also and let the people just in the door the time to make the decision when to punt or not (regardless of my feelings) as I’m sure they’ll see what is actually going on and communicate it when they can.
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