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  1. Getting away from yesterday, It's clear we need a few in January and with money likely to be tight ?
  2. Not confident of getting out of this league as champions , actually not sure of getting out at all.
  3. Arbroath have still to get past the Ayrshire mob. Wouldn't be surprised if they get bodied.
  4. Never forget the memories from Brockville, the atmosphere and noise as you approached the stadium was magnificent, but the future is inevitably at Falkirk Stadium, or shall be when a 4th stand is built. Forgot to add the atmosphere at Linlithgow brought some of the old feelings back, just being able to walk ten yards to speak with someone I hadn't seen in year's usually I'd have to wave....
  5. Yep he certainly did, player's that should be able to get Falkirk out this league easily. Non trying money grabbing tossers with a few absolute useless p***ks also.
  6. McKinnon not the square root of all the trouble's. This team ??
  7. After interviews Lex Miller would appoint himself.
  8. Was at Camelon v Linlithgow today, decent game of football.
  9. I went to see them last week at Penicuick and seriously thought they would struggle to win a game in the EOS league never mind league 2 they really were terrible. 3 shots 0 on target today according to BBC.
  10. Expected that result, anything else would have been embarrassing.
  11. Holy shit that's some read on a Saturday morning. Car design and Football ? £150.000 for the Manager of F.F.C. Back to Bed it is.
  12. Well that's a massive surprise... Not. It has been a fiasco from the word go.
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