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  1. Excellent signing for you guys! Lacks the end product when he's attacking but an all round great defender and guy. He's pretty fast too
  2. *Copied from the duffle* - This Saturday we host Airdrie at the west end park in a league match. Who sit in third place, two points above us in the league with a record of two defeats, two draws and two victories. A win will move us above them so it's another big match for us. 9:30am kick off.
  3. The Supporters team have a friendly tomorrow at Westend Park vs St Mungo Shamrock SFC - 12PM KO. It's been great having the Alloa fans coming along to watch and it would be good to have you there again tomorrow
  4. Anywhere I can see highlights? I was there on Saturday but want to watch the keeper fail miserably again?
  5. Hoping alloa can pick up the 3 points here. I think a lot of criticism that's been aimed at the team the last few weeks is a bit harsh. We are only 4 weeks in with basically a brand new squad so it will take time... Give them it!
  6. Haha I can try, I sometimes watch other games that are going on before mine's start and the decisions the ref's are making are poor. Unfortunately we can't see everything though so we are bound to miss things that maybe parents or fans on the sidelines can see
  7. Of course you are allowed however spunking over a piece of skill that lost you possession is a bit far. Where did I mention fans celebrating like they had won the champions league? You should be beating teams like Alloa, even last season you should have beaten us comparing teams on the park but you didn't. Guys on facebook posting about ' getting justification for results against us last season' is extremely embarrassing when you consider the calibre of player. It's good to see fans having a 'warburton love in' but when the tables turn again and some results don't go your way you will all be greeting again and playing infront of 10,000 once again showing the fans ' do walking away'. I've supported Alloa for a long time and have always been there through the shite times and have never stopped attending because results weren't going our way but Rangers fans seem to think they should be pumping everyone they play which will probably be the case this season
  8. I don't hate rangers. I just think the way the fans are going on about beating a part time team a bit embarrassing is all. I for one wouldn't be celebrating like that if Alloa humped Montrose - it's expected when a team of Rangers's caliber plays a team of Alloa's no?
  9. As a referee I always try to play the advantage, especially when reffing youngsters games. The game gets it a bit hard for kids when there's constant stoppages. I had one boy screaming at me yesterday for playing the advantage instead of giving a foul, his team mate proceeded to glide past 3 players and lob the keeper - he went a bit quiet after that....
  10. The boy tried to do a rainbow flick, got it over the boy's head and lost possession - If I was a manager I would be pissed off he's tried it and failed thus giving away possession *( no matter what the score is). Rangers fans creaming their knickers over beating alloa really shows just how shite they were last season
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