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  1. I owe you a greenie, genuinely pished myself at that
  2. Sounds like one of these nights where if it can go wrong it will go wrong
  3. Im not there tonight but that picture is almost the same view from my ST seat, all this time Romeo and we've never met
  4. Surely a game like this can be pay at the gate? Im not taking my ticket as I originaly had to work till 7-00 but not anymore. However the hassle of contacting our bus ticket dude to ask for an extra ticket or get one direct from Celtic is a right pain in the baws, meaning i will just give it a miss. Its not going to be anywhere near a sell out so why not have a cash gate, itd encourage a few more last minute attendees and Morton would make a few extrs bob into the bargain, these cup games barely manage 20,000 yet a cssh gate would surely boost the gate. No doubt the police would object on some pishy excuse about safety or security
  5. I can see Amido Balde starting this one. Take from that what you will.
  6. "What's your favourite Beatles album then Alan?" "Probably The Best of The Beatles"
  7. They had an Aberdeen fan who used to do fanzine reviews, he went on to be the Sun's sarcastic TV critic, a certain Ally Ross. Not that I read The Sun
  8. But they did. If any The Rangers fans want to come round to mine and start some shit ive got a big fucking dug and a basebell bat behind the front door. Mone then
  9. Celtic's3-1 aggregate win over Liverpool in 2003 Or the 3-1 agg win v all conquering Leeds Utd in 1971
  10. Might get a crowd of around that if they put it on the season card or cap tickets at a tenner/give free kids with every adult etc, otherwise you will be looking at around 15k. Smack bang in the middle of a champions league campaign with those packages around £90 its obvious what people will keep their cash for, sadly in a recession this is a choice a lot of punters face meaning games like Morton in the league cup inevitably suffer, hopefuly a bit of commonsense with regards the costing of this game will be used.
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