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  1. Stenny/Fanbase have messed up quite clearly. Lack of communication. But if I were Stenny, I'd be absolutely fuming at our so called "Supporters Liaison Officer", who promoted the sale of the tickets last night, despite not having any confirmation for Stenny. The guy has had a nightmare the last couple of weeks.
  2. The jealousy is fantastic on P&B! From punters who haven't even seen him play an aw!
  3. Berwick fans would've lost their heads if Nick "Binos fan" Walsh was in charge! Colin Steven is the ref unfortunately, wee fanny that guy
  4. The club wasn't contacted about a discussion, Alloa set the price themselves.
  5. Surprise surprise, £16 :/ £8 for concessions too
  6. Just noticed Craig Johnstone, who was at East Fife last year, playing for yous.
  7. 2-1 Arbroath, Ginger striker who came on at half time
  8. 1-1, Gordon Smith for us first then a header by CB "Johnny" for yous
  9. Aye was gonna say he looked a bit foreign. No problem, 0-0 at HT
  10. No idea mate. Heard the name Ricky and Tony shouted a few times, and there's a fella with a beard and long hair up front for yous.
  11. David Crawford in goals for Arbroath tonight.
  12. Berwick massive club?! Since when hahahaha the levels of butthurt-ness on here from Berwick fans is ridiculous
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