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  1. Neil Anderson usually takes the photographs. Would be good to have a video man so we could cover our games though
  2. Pre season seems to have gone well. The real work starts tomorrow, as GallowHill already mentioned, with the threat of relegation not there this season it gives our young squad the chance to develop together without added pressure of facing a relegation battle. That being said, we have had some great results in pre season and we've upset the odds alot in recent years at times so I have a feeling we may do better than predicted. As always though mon the Roy [emoji837][emoji835]
  3. We've been drawn away against Dundonald Bluebell in the Soccershop Challenge Cup with dates TBC.
  4. Absolutely and they are entitled to ask questions. But there's a difference between asking questions and writing stuff in which people are claiming is the truth when they don't actually know.
  5. A load of nonsense on here. They have earmarked the ground but no building has ever started. This kind of is what puts me off P&B. Too many people who don't know what they're talking about with certain subjects like to write up nonsense. Guys from places like south Ayrshire who have never been to Kirky since Adamslie closing telling folk what's happening within the town in regards to the club. This isn't a direct dig at you btw, please don't take it that way
  6. The word is that work will begin next month. The flattening of the ground and its come from someone pretty reliable. Yeah it's very frustrating
  7. Most of the stand at Duncansfield is closed with only the middle section being in use so I'd suspect they'd close that off so people aren't all trying to cram in. But yeah it's a more spacious ground so would be easier
  8. Are you meaning the space from the turnstiles to the terraces being tighter that would make Guy's Meadow harder than Duncansfield?
  9. Stuart McDonald I need to give him his due, is very responsive on any issue presented to him. I've contacted him with housing issues and he offered to help me out and he responded to my email regarding the new park too. Jo Swinson took a week to reply (I understand they are busy people) but basically told me the club and supporters would just need to wait until the issues were sorted out. Nothing we didn't know anyway. Amy Callaghan was quick and seemed enthusiastic about getting it sorted out which was great to see as she'd only taken Jo Swinsons seat a matter of weeks when she got back to me. Aye it would have been Huntershill I believe
  10. When you say "nothing has been achieved since the sale of Adamslie" do you mean in terms of the new ground or success on the park?
  11. If you had taken the time to actually bother reading what I had said then you'd have saw I'm not just blaming the council. What I said was that the committee at the time made mistakes and went about it completely the wrong way. Nobody is disputing that fact like I've already said. What I'm angry at the council for is the events in March 2018 when the council did a U-turn on the club. EDC were supposed to be supporting it, said they couldn't find the funding and put the land up for a bid. As for the councilors being in school at the time, most of them involved are older than me and I had left school by the time of the sale. Bit of advice, read comments properly and know the ins and outs before weighing in on a discussion
  12. The plot of land Partick Thistle chose was the original site KRR looked at to build the new ground all those years ago when the idea of building a new ground first came about. Which was the early 00s. They were refused it though as it had something to do with either it being on the flood plains or another reason similar to that. I can't recall any work taking place at that area of land so that could be a possibility as to why the Thistle thing went very quiet all of a sudden.
  13. [emoji1318][emoji1318] What this guy said. I think moving into the West of Scotland league was a catalyst in moving this on as that is essentially bringing a senior team back into the town. The good thing is that with it being built from scratch the club and builders can plan it (I know plans are already there) so it can comply with licensing standards
  14. We've signed Robert Griffiths who played for East Stirlingshire last season. 21 years old and is a defender. Also signed Ciaran McPherson who played for Pollok u21s last season and was voted player of the year for them too. This coming seasons will be tough for us and we seem to have a very young squad but hopefully we can keep a good section of the young players for a few seasons, let them gel and go on and do well for the club
  15. No. Everyone accepts the way it was handled was wrong. No one is disputing that fact. However, it was looking like we were finally moving forward with this and everything looked to be in place and then all of a sudden the goal posts were moved. Anyway I've heard from a reliable source some good news about it. Keep your attention on the club in September [emoji6]
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