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  1. Null and void can be the only outcome. Talbot have 12 games in hand over Clydebank and 9 over Buffs and we don't know when we'll resume football. Hope everyone and their families are well during this and hoping every club survives through this too
  2. Regarding your 2nd comment, I touched on this on the Youth forum (16 above being hard to retain). I think this becomes a difficult age to retain players simply due to today's lifestyle. Many jobs (if not most) are no longer a Mon-Fri 9-5 and work on rota basis or shifts which include weekends too unfortunately. Most boys will start an apprenticeship at 16 and means making games on a Saturday or Sunday then becomes difficult so they hardly get a run of games and end up just quitting altogether. I've heard before people saying "well why can't they work something out with their gaffer to get game days off?" Well, unfortunately, "buisness needs come first" to many bosses. When they reach 18 alot of boys would prefer to go out on a Friday and Saturday night rather than play a game of football on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon sadly. From my own experiences I've found this as I stopped playing football when I was 17 for an under 21s team because I started an apprenticeship and was required to work 3 Saturdays a month and every second Sunday. Many of my mates chucked it aswell because they preferred going out bevvying. Can it be fixed? I believe so. For me the way forward for youth football is Friday night football. If any development league was to be properly discussed then I think that would be the best way to go.
  3. Yeah of course it is. I assumed he'd taken it down himself, maybe had a drink in him and saw it the next morning and took it down. Comment was a bit off the mark
  4. allyg1977 post seems to have been taken down but the comment above we can still see it. If your reading this Ally can you come back on and explain that pish you spouted?
  5. Bellshill Athletic 0-4 Kirkintilloch Rob Roy
  6. Yeah I know the youth set up was there first. Was the ultimate goal for the juniors not to feed the youth players into the junior grade though?
  7. They have a great youth set up and their youth teams generally do really well
  8. Cheers! Aye hoping so! Good win for yous against st. Roch's
  9. Rossvale today. I'd say this would be our best chance of picking up some points and building up confidence. Won't be an easy game by any means but certainly not as difficult as we've came up against so far
  10. We're only 8 games into the league in September. Still plenty of football to be played and plenty of time to get a wee run going.
  11. Yeah but is the whole set up different? E.g different game days, is it a single division, exclusive to LL teams only meaning dual contracts don't need to be taken for players?
  12. Possibly a daft question here but what's the difference with the LL u20s league compared to the WoS u21s?
  13. You could be right, I had a spell with Harestanes u21s in that league a few years ago and at that time I'm sure there were a few different ones. There's a thread on the Youth forum about a decrease in u21s teams in general. I'm sure most of them will have floodlit parks nearby as I'm sure the majority, if not all, will train on them. Plus most councils are installing them
  14. Players can already sign dual contracts between the 1st team and u21s. A good few of these teams already play in the West of Scotland under 21s league anyway governed by the SYFA. However, I do agree this would be quite a good idea. On the flip side though, In the view of the SYFA, you'd be taking away alot of the cubs currently competing in that league which is arguably one of the most competitive in u21s football in Scotland. Perhaps clubs which don't have a youth setup could look to arrange some sort of partnership/pathway for the local independent clubs. E.g. Kilsyth Rangers and Kilsyth Athletic, Harmony Row with Renfrew (if Renfrew don't already have a youth setup), Wishaw WW with Wishaw Juniors. Some of these clubs may already have something like this in place though
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