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  1. When will we know who goes where in EoSFL?
  2. A rule book doesn't trump the law, regardless of any 'catch all' clause. Hearts will almost certainly be arguing there's a disconnect between the rule book and the law in their particular situation (as opposed to arguing the rule book wasn't properly followed). In what regards we can only guess. Nick de Marco QC recently wrote a piece in the Sports Law Bulletin about the implications of the failed South Shields appeal. His final concluding paragraph indicates areas where such disconnects may occur: "The case is not, however, a carte blanche to governing bodies in these uncertain times. The FA, and other regulators in sport, remain bound by ordinary public law and contractual principles. Irrational decisions will continue to be challenged; and procedural fairness must be achieved notwithstanding the unprecedented times in which we live. The ability to amend or vary rules due to COVID-19 must be exercised in accordance with the rules or articles of association of each relevant league. Where decisions are made collectively by votes of member clubs (as is the case in levels above those considered in this case) unfair prejudice and/or competition law principles may also come into play." The full article is at: https://www.sportslawbulletin.org/football-time-covid-19-lessons-be-learned-recent-decision-south-shields-fc-v-fa/ thanks to Paulh66 at Non League Matters for this.
  3. It wasn't a 'relegation' as that requires the season being complete, not truncated' as has happened. Neither is it an 'expulsion', as that would require no longer being part of the SPFL organisation. The correct term for Hearts' fate should be 'demotion', which I've not yet seen written here.
  4. In among all the fairness drama, there was one 'f**k nobody over' reconstruction solution... 14-18-12 All perfectly do-able fixture wise.
  5. No... no I will not. I will continue to insert my t'uppennyworth in this forum with ideas as and when they arise, whether they're serious ones, or more lighthearted. I will not take umbrage at any anal-retentive/po-faced individual who puts me on 'ignore', which, of course, you are also free to do. Good day.
  6. If you follow hugely experienced Europe-wide groundhopper, Leo Hoenig, you'll know that he has a fairly accurate theory that team/match quality bears a strong positive corelation with average attendances, wherever you go.
  7. In England the 400th.-odd team would be playing in the 8th.-tier of their pyramid. Average attendances vary from 820 at Guernsey, 607 at Hastings, down to 54 at FC Romania.
  8. Actually, let's go for a 20-20 league, excluding the gruesome twosome from the tables... but, every team in the two divisions gets one home & one away match against an ugly sister each season to make a total of 40 matches. Old Firm thus get 40 matches and could have four games against each other thrown on at Xmas/Easter, say to make 44 matches.
  9. This is just a little musing upon the idea of restructuring... and while constructive criticism/debate is welcomed, let's please not have any flaming &/or ad hominem attacks, okay? Firstly. I know many folks carry an irrational dread of odd-numbered divisional memberships. To those persons, please forgive me for giving youse both barrels in the heid with this idea! As the title suggests, I see a 15-15-15 divisional restructure as a possibility. It won't allay the objections of those objectors to anything but the present 12-10-10-10 structure, but would possibly return a more interesting/entertaining season than the 14-14-14/16 ideas out there. I envisage 2-up/down + 1 play-off candidate at each end of all divisions, save the bottom of the third tier, which would be 1-up/down + 1 play-off candidate, although team#44 & team#45 would play-out for the right to reach the play-off vs. the loser of the HFL/LFL play-off. The season would consist of the usual double-round-robin(28-matches over 30 fixture dates) and then a three-way split: - 1st.-5th. places; 6th.-10th places &11th.-15th places (8-matches over 10 fixture dates) ~ providing motivation prizes/penalties in each of the three latter groupings. In the Top-groupings, the prizes on offer are going to be obvious = Champions, European places, promotions... Likewise, the Bottom-groupings playing against relegations. Both Top & bottom will provide three of four play-off candidates. The Middle-grouping will be playing for one extra play-off position, both up & downward! 6th.-place for promotion, 10th.-place against relegation. Note that in Teir One, 6th.-place would be playing to challenge for a European place. All play-offs would be of the formats A~10th. (H) vs. 13th.; B~11th. (H) vs. 12th.; C~3rd. (H) vs. 6th. & D~4th. (H) vs. 5th. in a single legged preliminary, followed respectively by loser A vs. loser B & winner C vs. winner D, again in single legged matches with higher placed team at home ~ to produce the final two play-off candidates. Play-off finals could be 2-legged home/away games or single-legged neutral venue ones. Apart from giving every team four match days off with a 36-game season spread over the 40 match days, are there any likes/hates out there &/or constructive critique?
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