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  1. My reckoning is a bigger win for Kelty than that against Brora.
  2. There must be a system in place to allow either a constitution of x teams/x+1 teams at all times in both Tier5 Leagues, particularly in the LL. This, to avoid situations arising where the (at this time) 2nd.-last teams cannot be sure of relegation/survival at Tier5 in the current season, depending on the SPFL playoffs. Rather, in a season when a team drops into the LL from the SPFL, without replacement, the x+1 team allowance is invoked and that creates an extra relegation position in the following season.
  3. Recall: No team is to be disadvantaged by the inclusion of the two Colts teams...
  4. Ummmmm. Forgive me if I missed summat, but surely the 21-22 LL would actually end up with 19 teams in it with 2x Colts, if Kelty fail to beat Brechin next week?
  5. I like this idea in every detail, excepting that I'd prefer to see at least two, if not three 'double promotions' to your 2022/23 First Division. The eleven newbies should at very least be considered to be Tier-7½.
  6. I'm very much against Colt/B-teams competing in 1st-team leagues. What if they were to play, but, non-competitively? i.e. no results for/vs. Colt/B-teams get included in the league table. I could just about live with that.
  7. While an interesting idea, I think this is going about things the wrong way. An alternative that guarantees no relegation from SPFL2 for several years would be very much easier to sell... A slow drip-feed expansion by two fresh teams per season over twelve seasons into the SPFL is what I'd suggest. It isn't diffiult to devise fair fixture programs for 12, 14 & 16-team divisions to give between 34 to 38 matches per season. I'd increment each division by a pair of teams sequentially in Championship - League 1 - League 2 order, repeating every three seasons and ending when all three divisions contain 18 teams. League prize funding would require just an extra ±5% each season for parity over the dozen expansion seasons. That should be eminently feasible, if not, much bettered. This plan ignores any possible interest the Premiership might have in expansion itself. It also ignores any Colts involvement, but I'd see such teams being limited to fifth tier and below.
  8. Team Bath disbanded ten-ish years ago, but Loughborough Uni. compete at Step 5
  9. Northern Counties East League wouldn't have them. They'd have to try for Northern League!
  10. When will we know who goes where in EoSFL?
  11. A rule book doesn't trump the law, regardless of any 'catch all' clause. Hearts will almost certainly be arguing there's a disconnect between the rule book and the law in their particular situation (as opposed to arguing the rule book wasn't properly followed). In what regards we can only guess. Nick de Marco QC recently wrote a piece in the Sports Law Bulletin about the implications of the failed South Shields appeal. His final concluding paragraph indicates areas where such disconnects may occur: "The case is not, however, a carte blanche to governing bodies in these uncertain times. The FA, and other regulators in sport, remain bound by ordinary public law and contractual principles. Irrational decisions will continue to be challenged; and procedural fairness must be achieved notwithstanding the unprecedented times in which we live. The ability to amend or vary rules due to COVID-19 must be exercised in accordance with the rules or articles of association of each relevant league. Where decisions are made collectively by votes of member clubs (as is the case in levels above those considered in this case) unfair prejudice and/or competition law principles may also come into play." The full article is at: https://www.sportslawbulletin.org/football-time-covid-19-lessons-be-learned-recent-decision-south-shields-fc-v-fa/ thanks to Paulh66 at Non League Matters for this.
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