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  1. It depends on what edu team you play as they 50 or so players and i believe that they like to play there better players against the top teams in league but that's just word of mouth
  2. Yes they play Gretna at raydale in the regional challenge cup could easily be 15/20
  3. Crichton 3-1 vale edu 4-1 uppers Heston 1-3 lochar Newton 1-1 wigtown Good post again ckk keep them coming.
  4. Was the cup today good win against the best team in the league according to most people. Maybe Adie was holding them back?
  5. Lochar 3-2 Heston, Heston were 2 up good game could have went either way
  6. Yeah i remember it well had to leave my roll shop early to watch the game, was a terrible penalty
  7. Lochar inn is definitely full of talent, surprised there top of the league with the amount Friday clubbers in that team.
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