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  1. Well deserved Arbroath win and it should have been more, McGlynns tactics for this game were woeful, teams that press us beat us, it's getting tight as feck from us down the way now
  2. Crikey, that must have been some pile of groceries
  3. An absolute doing last night, we have no answer to teams that press us and our defence can be a horror story, thought Davo was 5 yards behind the rest of the defence for the first goal playing them onside, Pars fully merited that win and it could have been more, Abrahams was shite all night and should have been hooked, we couldn't keep possession of the ball and lost it so many times to allow the Pars attacks, the highs and lows of football eh!! Thought the Pars TV stream was decent last night, commentators were pretty good and my stream only buffered once for a short time (unfortunately)
  4. Heard from a good source that were playing a 2-3-5 formation 😜, 5-6 to the good guys
  5. Embow, players and management only in the HoF, directors, fans and volunteers could have an award if the club wishes.
  6. I agree that our volunteers do a great job and we can't do without them, but to me the bottom line is that we are a football club and the success and failure is down to the players on the park, they are the ones over all the years of Raith Rovers that merit being in the hall of fame, they are the ones we recognise and support, I don't agree that others should be included, as I say just my opinion
  7. Raith TV do a fantastic job, first class coverage and interviews but the HoF should be for players and management only, anything else devalues it IMO
  8. Will the new Covid regulations put a stop to the black and white brigades bedsheet display, will they able to take their mum and dads down to help them with the display, who knows???
  9. Glad to say I don't know what I'm talking about!!, solid performance yesterday, three good goals and two crackers, don't think Dundee had the legs in midfield to press us, Kennedy was outstanding and great to see Vaughan get 90 minutes (as others have said I hope he stays major injury free, if anyone deserves it it's him), Abraham looke useful and holds the ball better than Duku, was also impressed by Dundee's Walcott, looks like they've got a good player.
  10. Feeling negative about this after the last two home games, we will persist with our passing it out from the back at all costs, our midfield will be non existent and the ball won't stick up front, Dundee will dominate the middle of the park and we will lose 4-0, Jeebus I'm away to rattle in a few beers!!
  11. Just had a look, bloody hell those Falkirk fans totally deluded, vaccinate players before everyone else!!, Partick fans saying there statement is a minter and Falkirk fans saying it's spot on, I wonder if they called the lower leagues would they take promotion or stick to there principles of last season of no promotion or relegation!!??
  12. Yeah, my take on it as well, didn't know if had been done yet though, cheers
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