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  1. Crikey Frank, what's your beef with the 200 club???
  2. Mmm tricky one, if East Fife get press us from the word go they will win comfortably I think!
  3. Well said DJD, nothing to do with politics but two very successful women coming to Starks Park and giving the girls an inspirational talk, well done the Rovers.
  4. How far they can go in life? Pushing the country to the brink of ruin is some benchmark right enough. Anything that lot they spoke to last night achieve in life can only be an improvement. RSB you're a thick c**t
  5. Don't see why people would be cancelling anything, you support the Rovers there's going to be ups and downs, but this is a football forum and some fans are worried about what we have seen, I don't see a problem with negative or positive views on here as long as we get behind the team at the games (after the 90 minutes boo you're heart out if that is your want), but one thing is for sure JMc was not everyone's choice and this is his squad, he seen the defensive problems we had last season and at the moment I don't think he's addressed it by keeping the same centre half pairing that was brutal last year, he hasn't even experimented with other combinations, as I said on his baldy head be it, hope he proves me wrong, only time will tell.
  6. We have a squad of 19 with the only injured player being Rory Loy. Numbers isn't really the issue, just the shiteness. Probably just time to gel then, after the game on Saturday hopefully😁, I think like us until the first quarter of the season is over we'll have a better idea of what we can do.
  7. Really don't know what to expect from this, our defence is my worry we just can't stop conceding goals and can we score them at the other end?, who knows, Sons have not finished recruiting players yet and that can't help them, at the moment it's a lottery, hopefully an away win for the Rovers but I wouldn't be surprised at any result!!
  8. Tell the few neutrals to get glasses then, we were lucky not to lose 6 or 7, JMcG making things up again.
  9. Indeed it didn't, we are a bomb scare at the back, even more so than last season, the baldy messiah has failed to address our defensive frailties, it doesn't look good at the moment, tonight with our result and Cove's result in Inverness will tell us more!
  10. Signed up for the fund yesterday, it will be interesting to see how much we get, hopefully a bit of cash for another signing.
  11. Well done Sparky, on the challenge cup it's now a farce of a tournament and the quicker were out of it the better.
  12. Ooft, what a charlatan, in all his yellow boots time with us he crashed a free kick of the bar at East Fife and failed to beat a single man ever!
  13. Sorry, I thought they were LED!, oh well at least more of them are working!
  14. Frank, I think the lamps were what everyone would have used at the time of install, technology has moved on and LED lamps are now cheaper to install and much cheaper to run which will give savings when were using the floodlights, not a lot the club could have done different to be honest. Getting Hendry is a great bit of business!
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