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  1. Fauldhouse v Blackridge in Dunedin Cup Final Fri,28th April.They are 4 miles apart on the west side of West Lothian and they are to play their final at Paties Rd 6.45 kick off !!!! Ye cudny make it up ffs
  2. At Lithgae,game is fckn howlin !!!
  3. Watched this today,Dundee Argyle will be away up the road gutted,they should have been 5 or 6 up in the first 25 minutes,better team by a distance.Canny see anyway the Harvester don't win comfortably.
  4. Even on a bad pitch you see something ,I saw nothing from either team on Saturday.
  5. Was at Craigshill-Southside mate [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  6. Terrible surface,absolute tattie ae a ball but very very poor quality,none of these two are winning the cup I'm afraid !!
  7. FT 1-1 Southside hit post last kick !!
  8. 1-1 42 mins Craigshill hit woodwork 3 times and 1 aff the line !!!
  9. Craigshill 1-0 8 mins Swan
  10. What's the story with ESV v Linlithgow ? Abandoned ?
  11. Big statement from Lithgae and Craigshill today !! 2 of Edinburgh's finest sent packing,thought they would have been tighter games.
  12. Congratulations mate,hope both are doing well
  13. On their fb page they've folded !!!
  14. Boy that scored the 3rd an 4th head an shoulders above anybody else oan the park,laddie is quality
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