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  1. I would expect Minutes of the meeting to be available to shareholders in due course.
  2. I dont know, do you or any of the posters on this subject, but do you actually think he was clueless on this until the player's contract was signed and announced?
  3. McGlynn has been a very good appointment for Raith Rovers and its probably natural that a section of their support will back him because of that, but I just wonder if you'd been down in the relegation area and had an Allan Johnston type record of results, if the support for him would have been so forgiving.
  4. He's the Manager, he would have been consulted, he didn't try and block the move though or threaten to resign if it went ahead. He was complicit even if he was not the main instigator.
  5. Sounds like McGlynn is getting it fairly easy even though he must have been involved in the decision to sign that player. Can it be that Raith supporters are so fickle that they seem to overlook his part in this tawdry episode just because he's been a reasonably successful manager for them.
  6. I suppose you've got to at least look like you're willing to put a bit of effort in.
  7. Aye, you've already got one game under your belt since this fiasco kicked off with apparently a lot less animosity than would have been expected (looking from the outside anyway) so the players may be happy to get a bit normality back into the build up.
  8. I'm sure the idea of us going to plastic was sold to the fans as being a good money earner. The man-in-the-know at Palmerston has since stated it is not such a money earner at all. This was about the time Heston Rovers gave up hiring the pitch and questions were asked if it seriously impacted our income. The indoor pitches at The Arena are better money earners but closing down during Covid restrictions obviously severely hit that.
  9. Weather's the same down here in Dumfries. This wind and watching us trying to play on a claggy sandpit isn't exactly enticing me out of my armchair but I'll probably be there if its on.
  10. It was more to emphasise how Queens appear to have become more amateurish in their approach to full time professional football.
  11. I'll hold off buying my ticket then. I think the supporters bus(es) will be away by now.
  12. I think Middlesborough are using a bit of psychology sending young players to Queens. From the comfort of 1st class training facilities, kit laundry done for you, meals prepared for you after training, club transport to games, a meal before games, playing on good surfaces every week compared to life at Queens in the lower reaches of the Scottish Championship. Take your own car/car share to training and the majority of games, do your own training kit laundry, no after training meals or supply your own, no pre-match meal, or very rarely, and playing on a terrible artificial surface. From top professional standards to the vary basics of professional football, it's like a culture shock to make them realise what their future could hold if they don't buckle down and work hard.
  13. You should maybe be a bit more uncomfortable with the energy companies sitting on billions of pounds of profit to share among their already rich shareholders, and the exorbitant salaries paid to the energy company bosses, ( and the CEO's of other big businesses) ,while those less fortunate struggle to pay bills. If Queens have received Government Grants that presumes it has to be paid back at some time.
  14. Imo yes. He's got some ability but doesn't show it/look interested often enough which frustrates fans. I wasn't surprised Norwich let him go and wasn't too happy when he rocked back up here after he was pretty meh in his first spell. He's not had much game time this spell tbf, picked up an injury and has mostly been benched since recovery, but very much a squad player now rather than a probable starter. He did get the odd goal when he was here before but I would say " frustrating" sums him up.
  15. I draw comparison with the generous annual donations by The Barflies which the Club accept irrespective of the state of the Clubs finances. I'm aware that the Barflies donations are given towards Youth Development, but I don't see the problem in accepting the Tanner Club's money towards the playing budget in a similar way. If I've picked it up correctly, I'm astounded that the club (or Johnston) say they can't identify a player to spend the money on. I've generally been fairly supportive of the Chairman/Board but the way they treat supporters who want to help the club is getting beyond a joke. I'm sure any other Club would bite your hand off for any supporter donations.
  16. Certainly seems a strange one to me. On the subject of the Tanner Fund, if its been stopped/suspended what's the situation with donations? Do I stop my Standing Order? Is it still being taken? I've not had any word from the organisers as far as I'm aware. I'm not on Facebook/Twitter or whatever so no good to me if information is only on there. I've only seen it mentioned on here.
  17. I would like to think the Club Captain conveyed the thoughts of the squad to the Manager, either good or bad. I'm sure the players families will also have made their feelings known to the players. I'm sure there are subtle ways to make him feel unwanted.
  18. I was just thinking that inviting George Galloway to attend a Queens game during lock down turns out not to be nowhere near the stupidest thing a club can do. I've often wondered if the fall-out from that would have been as bad if it hadn't been Galloway. It seems to me it was more about who it was rather than what was done.
  19. N'diti, Debayo or O'Connor are all capable of doing daft things defensively, like needless tackles, conceding stupid penalties, but if they're our only options until McKay returns I'd rather go with N'diti, who was actually signed as a CH was he not.
  20. I think it's a no - no at the club to criticise the pitch. It's a hollow excuse anyway when the opposition seem to master it better. I recall games at Firhill when you shared with the Rugby lot, it was reasonably flat to start but like a sandpit which cut up badly during the game. Is it just as bad or worse now? To be honest some of our lot could play on a bowling green surface and still struggle to control and pass the ball.
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