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  1. O'Connor and Johnston on the same side of the park gives me the fear, Wullie could be busy helping both of them out. If Connelly is fit I'd have Wullie ar rb, Johnston and Paton in front of him. I'm sure O'Connor must have a good game in him, the trouble is, the position we're in we can't afford to wait and see if it happens. 

  2. 6 hours ago, 19QOS19 said:

    See above for a fair description of the clientele. If like me you're a snob by wanting to avoid an establishment where you're concerned you may get stabbed or robbed I wouldn't bother. Otherwise, give it a stab...

    That reminds me, is the White Hart still open? World's End, The Victoria and the White Hart would be a tasty three to visit in that area. 

  3. 26 minutes ago, Jan Vojáček said:

    Apologies if he's been suggested, but Peter Murphy could be a cracking appointment for you guys. He's flown under the radar a fair bit, but he's done a terrific job at Annan for a good few years now. Think he lives/lived around Carlisle so it could work geographically too.

    We currently train in Hamilton so not as geographically handy in that sense although players from Dumfries area obviously have to travel there. 

  4. 1 minute ago, D'Jaffo said:

    I reckon it’ll be Gibson until the summer at least. If go down then I could see them just sticking with him as they won’t be favourites for League 1 and might give him a year to bed in properly.

    If they do happen to hire someone before the summer then it’ll be someone like McIntyre or Duffy.

    I’m hoping that the Cinch Gods see fit to make Hopkin rock up down there.

    I hope even our Board have noticed that Duffy, Hopkin and Grant have been failures around the bottom end of the Championship this season and steer well clear. Even WHEN we drop a division they're not the type I'd want. Gus got us relegated before so I doubt he'd be approached, or would even be interested come to that. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, Riviera711 said:

    We'd need to install a bigger swear box at the training ground. A shipping container should do it.

    We could have made a fortune if swear boxes had been put in the Stands and Terracing the past few months. 

    David Robertson wouldn't be an inspiring appointment for me but at least you tend to get better press coverage with Ex-OF players as Manager's. 

  6. 5 minutes ago, 19QOS19 said:

    And they're still absolutely garbage. Two utterly shite sides on display here. Morton are Evens which is tempting as we'll almost certainly gift them a goal. We look as threatening as a wounded butterfly.

    I'm guessing Morton should have had a penalty? The stream I'm watching missed it but there seemed to be a big claim. If it was Oliver involved I'm happy to say it was a dive without having seen the video mind you.

    Never a pen, just Oliver doing Oliver things. 

    And Morton fans need to learn that if a keeper has the ball in his hands and it's still within the penalty area its not a foul even if the keeper's body is outside the box. Thank-you. 

  7. I was hesitating about heading up if the weather was similar to Dumfries where its been pouring down all night and blowing a gale. Might still head up if it looks like it might be a wee bit calmer up there. Difficult to get motivated for Queens games now tbh where in the past I've had travelled through flood and blizzards to attend. It's maybe getting to easy to duck out with streams still  available. 

  8. 17 minutes ago, Terry_Tibbs said:

    With close to a million in the bank (depreciating by the hour) it would be indefensible to have AJ in charge next season.

    If he's available in the summer, i'd like to see John Mcglynn rebuild at Palmerston.

    John McGlynn may not be the wisest choice to recruit players considering he was complicit in Raith's recent notorious signing. 

    Of course your suggestion could be a whoosh. 

  9. Shambles, first we're told to cancel our DD or SO contributions to the Tanner Fund (which I just did today actually) and suggest ways of distributing the funds already paid, now it seems the Tanner Fund is carrying on and we're asked to  continue making donations.  I wonder if it's worth me bothering starting contributions again if there's so much uncertainty about its benefits or if the Club actually want the money. 

    Are there any local players now or on the horizon that are deemed good enough for the Championship?  If you're scouting around the SOSFL or Lowland League I would say no chance. 

    Edit to add: As for the idea of training in Dumfries, if staying full time, I see no problem with having training here at least one day a week and the rest in Hamilton or wherever. I doubt it really matters anyway as our performances look like training sessions are spent playing snooker. 

  10. 47 minutes ago, Rudolph Hucker said:

    Can't be arsed checking, but was it not around this point last season that Queens suddenly hit a purple patch of form and zipped up the league from bottom two to safety, leaving us well behind?  

    If it was, kindly postpone the start of this year's fightback for at least one more game, thanks in advance.  👍

    We recruited better in last year's window than we have in this one going by the early showings of our new recruits. We did have a purple patch last season which put us up a few places but it didn't last too long and we slipped back down near the foot. 

    Imrie seems to have taken a group of average players and instilled a bit of belief and fight into them. He also seems to be using the players in a  formation that suits. Sadly we don't seem to have a motivational manager for our group of average players. All the talk of how we are scrapping for survival isn't getting transferred into the performances on the pitch as our meek surrender to  Dunfermline shows. Tinkering, however slight, with starting line-ups almost every  game doesn't help, neither does moving players around 2 or 3 positions during a game. I doubt if he knows his strongest team or formation anyway, every game seems like an experiment. The players don't escape criticism, too many stupid mistakes, silly fouls and misplaced passes, gifting chances to the opposition. As has been said we don't seem to do too  bad at Cappielow, I hope this continues on Saturday, but the players and Management need to show they're up for any battle to try and get some wins on the board. Lose here and Johnston should be away. 

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