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  1. Not a bad day for the match, for February that is. Not a breath of wind, cloudy but dry and about 6° just now. Hopefully it stays that way all day. Hopefully this so-called "new manager bounce" thing works today but as we are QoS I won't be surprised if it doesn't. Safe journey ta all travelling down.
  2. O'Connor and Johnston on the same side of the park gives me the fear, Wullie could be busy helping both of them out. If Connelly is fit I'd have Wullie ar rb, Johnston and Paton in front of him. I'm sure O'Connor must have a good game in him, the trouble is, the position we're in we can't afford to wait and see if it happens.
  3. That reminds me, is the White Hart still open? World's End, The Victoria and the White Hart would be a tasty three to visit in that area.
  4. Also do they still do a bottle bar in the Arena now the bar in the Stand is open? On the subject of the Arena cafe, does anyone know if any interest has been shown in someone taking it over?
  5. I wouldn't risk Low on our crap artificial surface, and better resting Hamilton (J), Wighton and McKenna for more important games. That would be much appreciated.
  6. I doubt Adams or a lot of the other names being bandied about come cheap which is near the top of the list of requirements.
  7. Last I heard he was scouting for Sunderland, not sure if he still is though.
  8. We currently train in Hamilton so not as geographically handy in that sense although players from Dumfries area obviously have to travel there.
  9. Will Johnston's boy be staying on? If Wullie has the authority the first thing he should do is punt the two Motherwell loanees back to their club. Did Allan Johnstone actually see O'Connor play before he brought him in on loan, if he did then surely even he couldn't have thought that O'Connor would strengthen the defence.
  10. I think just about every Queens fan knew that once Morton equalised it was inevitable we were going to lose at least another goal, maybe just not as quickly as we did.
  11. Is Sean O'Connor still involved with our Youth Coaching set-up? Get him in to assist Wullie.
  12. I hope even our Board have noticed that Duffy, Hopkin and Grant have been failures around the bottom end of the Championship this season and steer well clear. Even WHEN we drop a division they're not the type I'd want. Gus got us relegated before so I doubt he'd be approached, or would even be interested come to that.
  13. We could have made a fortune if swear boxes had been put in the Stands and Terracing the past few months. David Robertson wouldn't be an inspiring appointment for me but at least you tend to get better press coverage with Ex-OF players as Manager's.
  14. It usually saves you a bit of money when the Magic goes out of a relationship just before Valentines Day, and you break up, this will cost money but it's better than staying with a partner longer than you should have.
  15. They said similar about Imrie at Morton. You're hatred of Gibson will make it all the sweeter if it happens. It's not as if we're derby rivals is it.
  16. I think I saw SD there yesrerday(might be wrong) and I wondered to myself if he had the paperwork for Johnston's severance deal in his briefcase.
  17. What's wrong with Lee Connelly? How long is he expected to be missing?
  18. You forgot Andy Murdoch, ( and tenuously, Aaron Airhead who was here at youth level). The "Derby that's no' a derby derby" sounds right.
  19. I don't want Johnston to stay but I'm at the stage now of thinking we're definitely going down so might as well stick with him til the end of this season then sort ourselves out for next season.
  20. Never a pen, just Oliver doing Oliver things. And Morton fans need to learn that if a keeper has the ball in his hands and it's still within the penalty area its not a foul even if the keeper's body is outside the box. Thank-you.
  21. I was hesitating about heading up if the weather was similar to Dumfries where its been pouring down all night and blowing a gale. Might still head up if it looks like it might be a wee bit calmer up there. Difficult to get motivated for Queens games now tbh where in the past I've had travelled through flood and blizzards to attend. It's maybe getting to easy to duck out with streams still available.
  22. John McGlynn may not be the wisest choice to recruit players considering he was complicit in Raith's recent notorious signing. Of course your suggestion could be a whoosh.
  23. Has McGlynn resigned yet? Has McGlynn apologised for his part in the transfer agreement yet? Has anyone involved in bringing this player to the Club stood down or apologised yet?
  24. Shambles, first we're told to cancel our DD or SO contributions to the Tanner Fund (which I just did today actually) and suggest ways of distributing the funds already paid, now it seems the Tanner Fund is carrying on and we're asked to continue making donations. I wonder if it's worth me bothering starting contributions again if there's so much uncertainty about its benefits or if the Club actually want the money. Are there any local players now or on the horizon that are deemed good enough for the Championship? If you're scouting around the SOSFL or Lowland League I would say no chance. Edit to add: As for the idea of training in Dumfries, if staying full time, I see no problem with having training here at least one day a week and the rest in Hamilton or wherever. I doubt it really matters anyway as our performances look like training sessions are spent playing snooker.
  25. We recruited better in last year's window than we have in this one going by the early showings of our new recruits. We did have a purple patch last season which put us up a few places but it didn't last too long and we slipped back down near the foot. Imrie seems to have taken a group of average players and instilled a bit of belief and fight into them. He also seems to be using the players in a formation that suits. Sadly we don't seem to have a motivational manager for our group of average players. All the talk of how we are scrapping for survival isn't getting transferred into the performances on the pitch as our meek surrender to Dunfermline shows. Tinkering, however slight, with starting line-ups almost every game doesn't help, neither does moving players around 2 or 3 positions during a game. I doubt if he knows his strongest team or formation anyway, every game seems like an experiment. The players don't escape criticism, too many stupid mistakes, silly fouls and misplaced passes, gifting chances to the opposition. As has been said we don't seem to do too bad at Cappielow, I hope this continues on Saturday, but the players and Management need to show they're up for any battle to try and get some wins on the board. Lose here and Johnston should be away.
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