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  1. 2 hours ago, Otis Blue said:

    Question for the Ton fans here ... Lewis Strapp's long throws are a real weapon and tough to defend.  But I just wonder if its all too predictable and should they mix it up a bit and go short now and again?  Hope to hell I haven't jinxed this.

    Was also going to ask if Morton have actually scored many goals when Strapp's long throws have been put down as assists. It's a useful tactic but gets a bit tedious if used every time. 

  2. 1 hour ago, 19QOS19 said:

    (Not watching today so not based on that) He's truly pish. Hopefully he scores another rocket. Other than that up at Raith he's contributed nothing.

    I thought Gordon put in a great shift, second half anyway. Winning tackles, spraying some good passes about and pushing forward to attack. Ok, maybe not the best opposition to judge him against but he did fine imo. He's better than Liddle anyway. As I say you've got to judge performances against the standard of opposition but I thought once we withstood a few early scares there were no passengers today. 

  3. When all this fuss eventually dies down and supporters views soften, as they already appear to be, when the fans who vowed to stay away start trickling back, when the management team and directors who organised this signing are either gone or staying on, just remember there will still be pictures of David Goodwillie wearing a Raith Rovers tracksuit. That stain on your club can never be washed out. 

  4. I don't think even an Allan Johnston team would sit back off the opposition so early after going in front. The space and time Cove have got at the back and down the wings, especially on Wullie's side, is scandalous. We need to up the pace and get in their faces more. 

  5. 2 hours ago, qos1990 said:

    Also I think the defence deserve a huge amount of credit for last two games. Yes last ten mins yesterday was backs to wall but we nullified the majority of ayrs threats. Personally think Max Johnston has been superb the last two games, what a shift the boy puts in, he’s came in for a lot of unjust criticism for me.

    And O'Connor seems to have sorted out which boot goes on which foot, and he's winning a lot of battles in the air too. 

  6. 20 minutes ago, madton said:

    Wouldn't say we are safe just yet, a win for you and we are 5 points off bottom.

    It's an absolute must not lose for us but of course we go into it wanting a win which will see us safe from automatic relegation at least.

    We weren't great 1st half yesterday, probably a consequence of Tuesdays game but looked much better 2nd half and really should have won it.

    Glad the players have a weeks recovery now as it's been mostly the same team for the last few games now.

    Hopefully a right hard game for Queens during the week too to help our cause. Guessing the last thing you want is this game on Tuesday.

    How was the performance yesterday? Better under Gibson or smash and grab type?




    Certainly not a smash and grab victory yesterday, on 1st half performance we were well worth the lead and could have added a couple more. Ayr came more into it after the break, we lost a couple of attacking wide players through injury in the second half which made us a bit more defensive but we still created a couple of other good scoring chances. Gibson just seems to have got the players playing with a bit of belief and desire and they look a happier bunch as well. The problem is the change could be a bit late to pull us clear of bottom 2 but at least now there is a glimmer of hope and the footballs a bit better to watch as well. 

  7. 2 minutes ago, Greenacres said:

    Cameron needs help up top if Connelly going to be out for a while do we try and add to the squad with the loan window closing on Monday night .


    I think we've enough cover up top, but don't know if the quality is good enough. Strikers/forwards probably need runs in games to show some form, haven't really seen enough of Folarin? to make a judgement, Paton and Roy would do a job beside Cameron, Junior looks to be last resort which is a pity but he is a frustrating player. 

  8. 7 hours ago, 19QOS19 said:



    I think Gibson knows that as well. Last week certainly, there wasn't much emphasis on Fitzpatrick having to defend. He had to a wee bit more today but from my dodgy stream he looked like he wasn't having to put a lot of defensive work in. It may well be a masterstroke from Gibson though as the last two games Fitzpatrick has looked like the player we thought we.were getting. I never thought I'd say this but I hope he isn't out too long with whatever injury he went off with.

    I never commented on it earlier but another clean sheet is an incredible achievement for our much maligned defence. Fair play to the boys at the back yet again who were pretty solid. O'Connor was written off early doors by a few of our support but he's been excellent the last two weeks.


    Think Fitzpatrick just had a touch of cramp or tight muscle, a couple of times I noticed he was bending his foot up to stretch the muscles. Agree about the defence today, and about O'Connor, looked a haddy in his first two games but has certainly improved. Hope I've not jinxed him.

    Edit to add: I meant to say about Fitzpatrick (not) winning tackles, I wasn't really talking about this in a defensive situation but more further up the park, closing an opposition defender or midfielder down and seriously trying to take the ball back off him rather than just dangle a foot out hoping the players leaves it to him. 

  9. A very welcome win obviously, first half especially we were by far the better team, every man working their socks off and putting Ayr under pressure with a goal to cap it off. I thought we started the second half a bit lethargicly and took a good ten minutes to get going again and that gave Ayr a bit of impetus, but once we did get going we had a couple of good chances to increase our lead. I have too say however there were times in that second half when it was like watching an AJ team sitting back trying to hold onto what they had. I thought when Paton went off we lost a bit of spark and bringing N'diti on instead of a straight switch for another attacker sort of emphasised that we were being more defensive. It's always squeaky bum time when we concede corners and we certainly conceded a few in the second half, but it looks like we've tightened up a bit defending them, today anyway. No real failures for us today, had Paton as my Queens MoM before he had to go off, Cameron is growing on me, Todd worked hard but I'm worried he hasn't the legs for 90 minutes of hard graft, Fitzpatrick looked good in flashes, scored the goal but still looks pea-hearted when tackles need to be made. A pity Dunfermline managed a point today but at least we've closed the gap on them and kept Ayr very much in the mix. 

  10. 22 hours ago, Dr Koop said:

    There's a very talented and accomplished assistant at Thistle who's well overdue a return to the big chair. Only thing to look out for is the glassy stare when he gets out of his depth - like the eight-year-old who says "I don't know" after you ask him why he's poured a bottle of Pepsi over your '65 Mustang.

    Strange (or maybe not) but I can't recall ever seeing Archibald' s name in any polls when there's a Managerial vacancy around this level. 

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