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  1. Don't forget it was during Davie Rae's tenure that the club almost died. The Cup Final year should have been a springboard to better things but it was badly mismanaged financially. We had the Save Our South campaign, collecting buckets and people writing off loans to keep us going. It's okay having a media friendly Chairman but he has to be able to run a financially stable business.
  2. I was wondering when you'd be along to put the Clubs positive spin on a dreadful performance, and you can't even do it on the relevant match thread. If you honestly think we were the slightest bit unlucky to lose as we did against Cove then I doubt you'll get much support on here. I didn't bother even watching the Kilmarnock game but midweek up at Hamilton was almost as bad as Tuesday nights and we only lost by a single goal then because the Hamilton forwards squandered several golden chances. Onto today, the only slight hope I have of Queens getting anything out of this game is that we very often follow a bad performance with a good one. It doesn't happen all the time but I'm hoping this is one of them.
  3. Falkirk are also looking for a manager and Rutkiewicz is an ex-player there and well thought of by their fans I believe. His name was mentioned even before he left Stirling. It could just be coincidence of course.
  4. Was managing Cumnock Juniors but I see they've got a new Manager so not sure if he's still involved there.
  5. ^^^ This from a "supporter" whose every post is riddled with negativity.
  6. I'm in no way defending Johnston but the players need to take a look at themselves too for Tuesday's performance. There was no urgency, poor passing, poor decision making, just a general lethargy about them. Even taking into account the team selection, weather conditions and tactics I think the least we should expect is that the players show a bit of professionalism, a bit of fight and desire. Hopefully we get a positive reaction this Saturday, if not it will be a clear indication that the players have downed tools under Johnston. I think if the Board are considering punting Johnston, and its a big IF, he'll get the next three games against the teams near us in the table, if we're still bottom after that then it should be his P45 in the post.
  7. Started to post something similar but that virtually nails it. I'm not too fussed about going out of the Cup, the money from the Hibs game would have been handy, plus a no bad day out, it's just the manner of how we were so easily outplayed in almost every department. The buck ultimately stops with the Manager but some of those players need to take a good long hard look at themselves and ask if they're really giving everything they can.
  8. Out thought, out fought, clueless and gutless, no desire, very short on ability and too lightweight, lucky the losing margin wasn't more. Blame the Manager but the players have to take the blame as well, they are not pro-active, they stand back waiting on things to happen instead of making things happen. Basic things like passing a ball ten yards seems to be beyond them, decision making is poor, rather than going towards the ball they wait and an opponent gets in first. I don't want to hear excuses about weather conditions, not when the opposition have handed you your arse on a plate. We'll done to Cove and the best of luck against Hibs, we would have been an embarrassment if we played them.
  9. ^^^Surely a whoosh. It's blawin' a gale and peeing down rain/sleet and it'll probably turn to snaw later. It'll be a farce if conditions stay like this and the game goes ahead.
  10. But they're probably the best we have to pick from in that position at the moment unless I'm overlooking someone. Cameron would be third choice in the list imo. East might be in with a shout but hasn't had the opportunity to show it up front this season, and Joseph is no more that a squad player. Bringing more strikers in on loan would probably only muddle Johnston's brain up even more.
  11. 15 minutes at least please, it would save me leaving the house.
  12. One start in how many games? Sounds like AJ's bit reluctant to me. And I do realise Roy was out injured but he's been on the bench so available for a few games now.
  13. Should Ally Roy not be considered for a starting place if Cameron is out, don't see why it necessarily has to be Junior who comes in.
  14. If Partick won the toss and opted to change ends we would have had the kick-off would we not? Partick kicked off the first half. I don't think you get the choice of ends AND choice of taking kick-off if you win the toss.
  15. Back to hoofball with Cameron up front then, just what's wanted on a blustery day. Definetely must be in the loan agreements that he and Johnston must play when available. Wullie back to midfield then?
  16. Even though Morton were poor on Wednesday night our performance was miles better than anything we've managed for a while, the slight fear I have is that, through the experience of following Queens over the years, we don't often string two good performances together. Will loan striker Innes Cameron return as the lone striker to lump the ball up to, or will Johnston have sussed that he has players who actually perform better passing the ball about on the deck. I won't even try and predict a result, with Queens you just never know.
  17. Yes, a vast improvement on most of our performances this season, maybe being restricted to a smaller squad because of injury/suspensions meant Johnston had less chance to tinker, and the players were allowed to express themselves. Even against a poor Morton side though I felt we were still fragile at the back. On two or three occasions in the first half Morton players were allowed to waltz past several defenders without much trouble, indeed the lead up to their disallowed "goal" could have been costly if the Morton player hadn't made sure the ball was gong in, it may have still been going in if he'd left it. If poor Morton players can do it then we need to be tighter against better teams.
  18. It looked to me like he had turned to run back to the half-way line to signal it was a goal, dropped his flag and when he picked it up again either changed his mind or saw the ref hadn't given it and gave a corner. Couldn't honestly say from where I was standing if it was in or not.
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