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  1. Not sure a Queens fan can be critical of clubs having poor fan bases considering the year on year decline in our core support. I doubt if many L1 clubs Treasurers will be exactly rubbing their hands at the prospect of the vast income from our massive travelling support either.
  2. You obviously don't stand near me. If calling a useless player a donkey is abuse then I'm guilty m'lud.
  3. Joseph didn't really feature enough for me to be too over-excited that he's away, he was an average squad player of which there are plenty foating about. It wasn't like he was played in every game he was available for yet continued to be utter dross unlike a certain striker. Joseph will soon have disappeared from memory, if only we could forget Cameron's "contributions" so quickly.
  4. Obviously need to try for better but at the risk of sounding like a broken record, budget will dictate the quality of signing we make, and we'll be about middle of the pecking order in the division.
  5. Connor Murray's been freed by Partick Thistle, a possible target for Queens or a no thanks?
  6. Food money, is that like Luncheon Vouchers? We'll really be up against it then as we don't even provide a pre-match meal now. Vouchers for McDonald's sounds like something our players would like.
  7. Harsh, I'm not saying he was good but I would say our failure to score goals and a powder puff midfield contributed more to our downfall.
  8. Aye agreed, if luck is the same as persisting with a bunch of strikers who can't score then we were unlucky. If we were unlucky it was a couple of key players picking up injuries but even that should not have impacted if the squad was better.
  9. I'm sure Wullie will know himself if he feels capable of playing in a lower division and managing too. Of course he could still register as a player even if he wasn't intending to be a regular starter.
  10. As poor as Roy is, and I know it's a very low bar, I would say he could have been our best striker with the benefit a good run of games. He's probably pissed off that a "striker" like Innes Cameron is an automatic pick over him ( and everyone else). Of course our preference for a big lump of a target man up front, however useless, probably limited Roy's chances too. Am I right in saying that, had Cameron finished last nights game, he would have played every minute of every game he was available for? What was his strike record or assist record?
  11. How many Club Chairpersons did you poll to come to the conclusion that most would pay the full commercial price for shirt sponsorship. Your last sentence sums the problem up, it's only become a problem because it's been a terrible season yet what he paid and what he gets out of it will be the same as a good season. Actually that's not quite right, there will be reduced media coverage, no live Friday night games on TV, etc, in League 1 so he's not getting the same exposure.
  12. I know there's a commercial aspect to replica shirts but I couldn't care less if we wore Rab C Nesbitt string vests as long as we won games. I don't remember any outcry when the Chairman's company(ies) were featured on electronic pitch side advertising during televised games from Palmerston, he's paid his money, he's entitled to the prize. He's got as much right to advertise his business as the next person. I'm sure if we'd been flying high and everything was rosy there wouldn't have been this outcry, it's a lot of fuss over nothing imo.
  13. What as, cook or waiter? I'm sure everything is In place in hospitality well in advance of the game. I don't think the Commercial Manager actually needs to be present for it to operate.
  14. How many coaches do you want? Wullie takes a bit of the pre-match warm up then Grant Murray takes over. We've got a goalie coach and it looks like Dan Armstrong takes the subs pre-match and at half time. Ideally we could also employ a (much needed) striker coach, and a defensive coach but I'd rather see money being spent on players rather than extra coaches, especially at this level. Someone doing a bit of coaching voluntarily would be ok, I believe Billy Dodds did that under Chisholm, but even he didn't actually go to many matches. One small thing that bugs me on match days and looks amateurish, is the subs having to clear up the pre-match warm-up equipment, cones, football, etc. Surely a couple of youth players or ball boys could be asked to do that at home games, and Kev the groundsman and his helper could do it at away games. He takes the strips and equipment to away games in the club van, what he does after it's all set up before kick-off I've no idea, he could maybe spare 10 minutes. It's little things like this that make the club look a bit tin pot to me.
  15. I'd go with Cowie Gibson, N'diti, Debayo, Cooper McKechnie, Gordon, Joseph, Todd Folarin, Shoe-inCameron Subs: Wullie's boy and another few reserve team players. I'm not too fussed if Pars win this actually.
  16. Never thought I'd say this but losing Max Johnston and Aiden Fitzpatrick for the run-in was a major blow. Having said that we created plenty of chances in the last few games but paid for it by persevering with inept strikers. How Cameron retains his place week after week is a mystery, if its in his loan agreement that he must play then whoever agreed that deal should be hounded, maybe it was AJ who already has been of course. Junior can be entertaining to watch but is another "striker" who struggles to strike. Managers seem to have the mindset that we need to play a big target man but I'd hazard a guess that playing the likes of Paton and Connelly as a front two would reap more goals but that would mean changing our whole approach. All academic now so we'll just have to wait and see what the close season brings in terms of Management and signings.
  17. Did someone not post that Johnston didn't even spend all his "meagre" budget? If that's true he couldn't have been to upset at how low it was or he would have used it all up.
  18. You may be right but the intent to gain an advantage and where the offence occurs surely has to be taken into context.
  19. I wasn't happy he did it either, giving them the advantage of a free-kick instead of a throw-in but I never thought for a second that it merited a booking.
  20. You want a player booked for that? Near the halfway line right on the wing, the ball was flying out over Gibsons head, he wasn't stopping it reaching an Ayr player or trying to gain an advantage. In fact you got the advantage of a free kick instead of a throw in if he'd let it go out. Only an over officious referee would have bothered with a booking there and he would have been wrong.
  21. The way our seasons gone I think a few go to McD's before games too. (I'm specifically looking at you Innes Cameron)
  22. Who tells the Manager he's playing shite, slack pass from Gibson for the ICT goal and he's been caught out a few times dithering about. Also, Innes Cameron, automatic pick, what is the story there?
  23. He's have to persuade some of them to re-sign first.
  24. Not intentional time wasting, we just happen to be too fucking slow doing things. Our keeper for example has shown little desire to release the ball quick to set up attacks.
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