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  1. We should have got a right doing in the midweek game at NDP earlier this season, instead of a narrow defeat, luckily the Hamilton forwards seemed to have their shooting boots on the wrong feet. Forget the Diddy Cup Final the remaining league games are our real cup finals and we need to fight for every ball and get in opponents faces. Hamilton's tails will be up after their Saturday result so we'll need to be at them from the off. Approach with the same workrate and attitude as we did at Kilmarnock and we'll at least give ourselves a chance of getting something from the game. 

  2. 18 minutes ago, NFL12 said:

    If the pitch was on an accelerating spaceship and the observer was stationary would it appear to be getting wider. That’s the the real question Otis.

    Depends if its heading towards or away from you. 

    Anyway, just seen a still photo of the shot for Killie’s first goal, Queens defender actually ducks out of the way of the shot, pea heart defending. The Killie second goal isn't really a break away as such imo as some are saying. After Todd's "penalty" claim is turned down Killie do break upfield but Cochrane got possession back, instead of punting it to safety he plays a hospital pass to N'diti who was dispossessed leading to the goal. That's my recollection anyway. Overall a fair result I think. I was more pleased with the attitude and work rate of Queens compared to our last two games which softened the outcome a bit. We need to carry the same attitude into our last six games though. 

    At least our fans came away with something yesterday even if it was just free pies. Nice touch too that they were selling empire biscuits with the away teams badge on it. 

    Onward to the next challenge for QoS. 

  3. 11 hours ago, Manwithnoball said:

    To be fair Toddy has been posted missing for last 2 games.

    Aye, I thought Todd looked a bit jaded against Partick, got caught in possession a few times, so did Wullie tbf, and that was early in the game so can't blame the pitch for tired legs at that stage. On Saturday I think Raith's high tempo, pressing game didn't give him any time on the ball before he was closed down, and he probably was forced to play a bit  deeper, plus the midfield was by-passed a lot of the time. He did come more into it second half, as did the whole team, but I'm not convinced he's got the legs for 90 minutes in every game. 

  4. 34 minutes ago, Fide said:

    Do you reckon not having big Innes will hamper your goal scoring chances? 

    Given his goals return I would say no. It might actually make us play more football on the deck, if we can get hold of the ball that is, rather than lumping it forward for him to flick-on to usually no-one. His height might be missed at corners and set pieces both for and against us. 

  5. 1 hour ago, TERREGLES1919 said:

    Being massive outsiders and Gibson/Murray not wanting a defeat at their former club.

    Aye 'cos that's how football works. 

    We'll have to massively up our energy and performance levels from Saturday if we've to have the slightest chance of stopping Kilmarnock from getting 4 from 4 wins over us this season. Scoring opportunities will be scarce so we'll have to be clinical in front of goal and switched on defensively. We desperately need wins but any point gained against the title favourites would be great. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Slipmat said:

    Glad to hear Wullie criticising the long ball rubbish that we were treated to today in his post-match interview.  I think he's being a wee bit harsh on Josh Rae for the goal though.

    The sooner Connelly is back the better because we desperately need a finisher.  Cameron hasn't scored this year, Roy is too greedy and Junior just doesn't do goals.

    Gibson's the Manager, he was on the park, he could/should have stopped the long ball rubbish if he wasn't happy with it. I've not seen any replays but blaming Rae for the goal seems harsh to me too, two defenders hesitating in dealing with the ball coming in allowed the Raith player the chance to score. As for the overall display, Cameron looked like he was running through wet cement,  Roy and Paton were ineffective 'cos they weren't getting ball to feet, Gordon and Todd were empty jerseys, Johnston and O'Connor were as shaky as their early appearances for the club. It was so similar to an AJ Managerial masterclass that even the substitutes were not introduced early enough. 

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