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  1. Their team hasn't been playing too well recently, by Heart's fans' admission, but I would probably say a draw is the best we can hope for, although following QoS over the years has taught me to take nothing for granted. I would say that, even losing Laurel and Hardy during the transfer window, we have a stronger squad now with the inclusion of Millar and the return from injury of Burns, McKenna and possibly Mitchell. If Gav's injury keeps him out that will obviously be a serious negative.
  2. My point is quite simple really. When you go to a football match, the Club's supporters, the people who pay the money that you count, should know what the restrictions are instead of things changing from match to match. You raised the issue of metered turnstiles to identify the numbers in each part of the ground to comply with the Safety Certificate, yet it seems that the club sometimes flout this requirement to suit their needs. If people are in the habit of having the freedom of movement between the East Stand and covered terracing, especially in games not involving the "big" teams, and that option is suddenly denied them then they are right to question the policy and seek answers as to who is responsible, the Club, the police or the stewards. As other posters have said, including the Chairman recently in the newspapers, we need to encourage more people through (metered) turnstiles to support the team yet we are in danger of frustrating those who already do part with their hard earned cash.
  3. We dominated the first half but the usual problem of failing to take our chances when on top could have been our downfall. Also the Alloa keeper pulled of two or three great saves during that spell to keep his side in the game. The second half was more even and it was Zander's turn to pull off a couple of excellent stops to deny Alloa the opener. Once we freshened things up with a couple of substitutions we got back on top and the rest, as they say, is history. We're not going to dominate every game for 90 minutes and sometimes have to settle for scraping through, but if we score one goal more than the opposition in each game then that should be good enough, although maybe not good for the old ticker. The best team in the division at present, Hearts, only managed a one goal win over Livi so we shouldn't be too critical of our performance.
  4. We could be making a mountain out of a molehill with this complaint. Having said that, if metered turnstiles are required to determine the numbers in each section, as you say, how does that square with sometimes having no turnstiles open at the Portland end (especially when low crowds are expected) and terracing spectators being allowed to enter via the East Stand turnstiles and passing through onto the covered terracing. How are numbers recorded then, or is it just when it suits the Club that a blind eye is turned to this practice. Surely they have been breaching the safety requirements. Whilst I'm on the moan, I'm sure if the Chairman looked in Yellow Pages he could find an electrician to sort out the failed floodlights that have been broken for quite a few weeks now, maybe even more out than before. Maybe get "Ches" out of retirement.
  5. I was under the impression that he did have the job permanently. Probably too much being made of this issue in my opinion. We have a Sports Scientist guy (back yesterday I notice) and quite a few senior players capable of taking pre-match routines, and a gk coach, all of whom should be helping the Manager. I,m sure if it was a major problem to him he would have appointed someone.
  6. The absence of the Sports Scientist over the past couple of weeks is odd. I know we don't see all the work done behind the scenes but in my view he didn't seem to approach the job with the same enthusiasm as his predecessor, now at Ross County. The pre-match warm-up now seems to be taken by Captain Higgy and Burnsy. Good to see that goalie coach KA was back on duty yesterday. When Fowler was appointed as Manager he said he would take his time in appointing an Assistant to be sure of getting the right person in. He has certainly kept his word on that score, so If there is a problem it is mostly of his own making and not necessarily the Chairman's fault.
  7. Gordon Waddell does a piece in The Sunday Mail on the meaning of "perspective" about today's rangers v sellick game. He could also quite as easily have done the same with "irony" as his paper, along with most others in Scotland, have built this game up to be almost warfare. Indeed The Mail features a (mock-up) picture of the captains of both teams wearing American Grid-Iron type protective helmets. Ever since the draw for the Semi-finals was made, the Scottish media has hyped this game up well above it's standing in British never mind World Football, and stoked the fire of rivalry aimed at the lowest common section of both clubs' support, and not necessarily the minority. They have paraded more than a team of ex-players to talk about explosive meetings in the past, leaving aside that this arguably the first actual meeting of these clubs, shown pictures of player's punch-ups, a referee with a cut head from a thrown coin and inferred that the losers will be treated like lepers in society. Of course if, or more likely when, trouble does kick-off amongst the players, or specators, or on the streets, the media will be amongst the first to condemn the behaviour while bringing us a gallery of pictures to illustrate the mayhem, all the while conveniently forgetting that the were partly responsible for building up the tension in the first place. The Media, ex-players and managers constantly trot out that meetings of these Clubs is good for all of Scottish football without ever giving a reason why it is so vital. Certainly the back-lash that normally follows will show Scottish football in anything but good light.
  8. Probably for the same reason Falkirk fans were on the Queens V Hibs thread last week stirring with a big spoon. Childish but fun. Think we have got a better no.8 than you now anyway.
  9. Reflecting on the result, Cowdenbeath and the fans may be regretting the work done to get this game on, especially considering the sad events off-field during the past week. Very well done to them anyway. As for those moaning about the views and seating arrangements, as others have said, unless you are a first time attender you should know what the stadium and surface is like. I have been critical of it myself but maybe a sense of reality, or more likely because we came away with a good win, has softened my approach. As for the game itself, Queens took a long time to get into their stride and the first 40 mins were probably best looked at from restricted views. The first goal came at the ideal time,just before the break and we came out in determined mood after half-time. I doubt if any fans from either side will disagree that it was a justified result and long overdue against a team that has "owned" us in recent meetings. Well done to "Tan Man", an overwhelming MoM winner on the Travel Club buses, but solid performances also by McShane, Millar (getting better with every game), Kidd (2nd half anyway) and Paton. Gav looked a bit fed-up early on but his goal put a spark back in his game. Cowden's keeper had a couple of good saves, but the usually reliable Wedderburn failed to impress as he normally does. Nish had the expected impact that we know he is capable of (zilch), and Cowden's prima-donna No. 11, don't know his name, seemed to be looking for a foul or opponent's being booked every time they went near him. A good win in the end and back up to 4th so a good morale boost ahead of the visit of St. Johnstone.
  10. With the form of Hibs and Falkirk, and Raith to a lesser extent, improving over the past few weeks we can't afford to drop more points, especially to those teams at the lower end of the table. A few weeks ago any point won away from home would be ok but now it's getting more crucial to pick up wins if we are to avoid slipping further down the table. We know that Cowdenbeath can hurt us if we don't approach the game in the right manner so let's hope that the Manager sets the team up to give us the best chance of a win and the players go out to show that they really do want to play under Fowler. Hopefully we can still make the top four but it's getting harder and if we drop many more points we may have to accept that we are a good mid-table team at best.
  11. Sounds like it was a good team performance with some effort to take the game to Hearts rather than standing off them. Other managers should take note.
  12. ...or maybe he was just having a bad day with corner kicks, I don't know if he was deliberately aiming for the front post. I think we need more variety in dead ball situations, surely Danny's stature makes him less effective when attacking corners so he might be better taking them and Beany could maybe hit some in from the other side. I'm not saying McShane should stop taking corners or free kicks but just give us a bit of variation. After all look what happened with Holt's free-kick V rangers.
  13. Let's ignore all the bawheids having a go about the line-ups, etc, and say well done to all concerned in organising, participating and attending this match to raise funds to fight this horrendous disease. I hope that the fans who were present remembered that this event was about raising cash for MND and Fernando Ricksen's fight with it and did not hijack it to demonstrate about the Club's current off-field problems. Shame on anyone who did. Well done again to all concerned.
  14. I realise that of all the long term injured players, McKenna is probably the least likely to feature anytime soon, if at all this season. I was implying that we could do with a player in that position who has McKenna's physical presence and ball winning capabilities to break up opponent's attacks further up the park. Sorry if we have seen the last of him for Queens.
  15. Quite agree about Millar, his style looks a bit like his predecessor who had the no.8 shirt, can pick out good passes and gets forward if given time on the ball but not so good if closed down quickly. Maybe improve and add a bit of dig when (if) he gets fitter. Definitely missing a ball winner in the middle of the park at present which puts the defence under more pressure. Hopefully with the return of Burns, who's not afraid to get stuck in, we have that extra bit of dig but definitely missing someone like McKenna.
  16. Not for the first time, early chances squandered have come back to haunt us. We were also denied a stone-wall penalty, as deliberate a hand ball as you will ever see. If refs are to get a pay rise it should be taken off what is paid to their ineffective "Assistants". Agreed with our MoM award going to to Dowie. Danny was a constant thorn in Hibs' side in the first half but dropped too deep after the break until the dying stages. Having said that, the whole team's approach after the break seemed to be more hesitant, or perhaps it was because Hibernian were restricting us more. Overall probably a fair result but made the more difficult to accept with Falkirk's win at Hearts.
  17. It must have been some crush at yesterday's game, over 41,000 in attendance according to the graphic during the match report on BBC Scotland's Final Score programme.
  18. I doubt if any stick they get will be based on how they performed for us it will be the method in which they apparently engineered their release. I would say the opposite to you that Kerr, who I confess not to be a great fan of anyway, deserves more stick that Baird. At least Baird seems to have left on a reasonably amicable fashion, asking for his release when he realised he was not going to be guaranteed a starting place. Plus Kerr referred to JT (allegedly) as a "non-football person". Quite agree that those dishing out the stick should be able to take it as well without chucking the toys out of the pram.
  19. On the left is the Ladyboys Branch RRFC Supporters
  20. Probably says more about your team's performance that day than it does about him.
  21. I didn't pick anyone on the basis that I "heard they were good". All of my choices, except for the Hibs one was based on my opinion of what I had witnessed when their teams played Queens. No-one particularly stood out for me when we played Hibs but I have watched recordings of Hibs v other teams in this division and Malonga seemed, in my opinion, to be one of their better players in most of the games in which he played.
  22. To be honest the Hibs pick was probably the one I had most difficulty with, no-one really stood out in their games against us so I went with what I had seen of him in other games.
  23. Seriously? Did you see his "performance" against your team last week, and he was not much better against Cowden the week before. And I'm not just saying this because he has now jumped ship. I've never rated him that highly. More miss than hit. Hearts: Bauben rangers: Law Hibs: Malonga QotS: Durnan Falkirk: Loy Raith: Nade Dumbarton: Kane Cowdenbeath: Wedderburn Alloa: Cawley Livingston: White
  24. They could hardly be mistaken for identical twins to be fair.
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