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  1. I will never miss an opportunity to have a pop at the so called upper classes but afternoon tea is just my small way of living the high life for a short while. "Hosting" is a bit of an exaggeration as well, the stuff's on the table and they can help themselves. I made the tea and opened the digestives, I'm not going to fuss after them.
  2. If they were that poor how could they afford to buy tea and not decent cups? And if your theory is correct just how much milk did they put in to counterbalance the heat from the tea. Sounds a bit too milky for my liking. I only like a small dash of milk.
  3. Ready Salted, cheese, salt n vinegar or french fries, anything else is totally OTT.
  4. If you really are his friend as you claim then maybe you shouldn't be too judgementle on how he makes his tea. Have you considered reporting his parents to the authorities? It's what a true friend would do.
  5. As I said, snobby b-stards. When having tea made by someone else and they put the milk in last I don't find any difference to the way it tastes so I will continue with my preference of milk in first when I make my own tea and to hell with what others think is right. Can anyone actually tell me why etiquette dictates that it should be tea before milk, or is it just another instance of the "upper class" trying to dictate how the commoners should behave? Milk first then tea could be my way of sticking two fingers up at the chinless wonders. Anyone who visits me for afternoon tea is free to make their own choice because the teapot and milk carton ( I could have said milk jug but lets be honest) are sitting on the table for them to pour as they prefer.
  6. Snobby b-stards and "Etiquette Tutors" who sneer at putting the milk in the cup before pouring the tea. That's how I do it, that's how I like it, get over it, it's only a f-ing cup of tea.
  7. Basic! Some of us are of mature years and appreciate a backrest on our seats. Also, from certain positions, a restricted view of one corner of the playing area owing to metal dividing railings midway along. Probably not a problem for smaller crowds like yesterday when you have more choice of where to sit. It is more preferable to sit in a side stand than behind one of the goals however. A drawback of not being in the North Stand is that when your team is playing poorly, like Queens first half yesterday, you can't watch the trains go by just for a bit of entertainment.
  8. Agreed that your defence coped easily with any aerial threat that Queens posed in the first half. Our best hope in that spell was going to be if we kept the ball on the deck away from the centre-backs, or from a free-kick like Conroy's. I thought we did offer more of a goal threat than you are suggesting in our best spell after the interval when your defence was under a fair bit of sustained pressure when we played the ball to feet with more urgency. A bit more composure and we could have broken the deadlock. And we did have a legitimate penalty claim turned down. Morton, rangers and St. Mirren have all capitalised on our weakness in recent weeks where players want too much time on the ball and are happy to pass it about without any great effect by playing against us at a high tempo and getting right in our faces before we settle on the ball. As for the goal we lost yesterday, disastrous defending allowing the Raith player a free header in acres of space. Daly had another similar chance later on but thankfully he headed it downwards and it finished over the bar. By the way I think Daly needs to remember that he is no longer a rangers player. He will have to have legitimate reasons for continually claiming for fouls and won't be awarded them automatically just because he makes a claim. I thought the substitutions by both teams livened the game up a bit and upped the tempo. Disappointing to lose out in the end to such a poor goal (from QoS defending point of view), I thought we did enough in the second half to warrant a draw, definitely not good enough over the piece to think could have won it.
  9. Yeh. Let herself go a bit since she got married. Still! wouldn't see her stuck if she asked nicely.
  10. Would have been surprised if we had gotten anything out of today's game. rangers are a different proposition this season under new management and with the players they brought in (or without the ones they got rid of). Still thought we would have made more of a contest of it though and disappointed at the number of times we gave away possession too cheaply with poor passing, etc. Several times we had throw-ins well into the rangers' half and a few seconds later the play is up near our penalty area. By the looks of things we will have to write off the games against rangers this season, much as we had to do against Hearts last season, and concentrate on getting good results against the other fancied top teams. It is only a slight consolation that we were down to 10 men when most of the goals were conceded and two of those were penalties. Small crumbs of comfort.
  11. Jeremy Vine on the quiz show Eggheads if the contest goes to "sudden death" and he says "the questions aren't multiple choice in this round". Surely its the answers that aren't multiple choice.
  12. People who park tight to your car in the next bay at supermarket car parks, or any big car park, when there are lines of other empty bays they could have parked in. Even worse when they get out and bang their door against your car.
  13. I'll tell you what gets on my wick, when people are speaking and put an 'r' in the middle or end of words when it shouldn't be there. People have started to talk about "drawrings" (drawings), or they "sawr" (saw) something, or the old favourite "lawrandorder" (law and order). Just a few examples of this rapidly increasing habit. I sometimes think friends and colleagues do it deliberately to wind me up, (which it obviously does), because the same people were not talking like this a year or so ago. Newsreaders, TV and radio presenters are the same. Go back a year or two and they are talking properly, now they are all adding the extra "r" into words and the public follow like sheep. PLEASE STOP IT NOW!
  14. I thought that Jamieson was still in control of the ball when Jacobs played it so wasn't too surprised when the referee disallowed the "goal". I'm not too sure if the ref actually saw what happened as he looked to have turned his back and maybe got a word in his ear from his assistant or maybe just took the easy option of accepting the defending team's version. Either way it looked to me like he got it right. Not too sure he made the right choice with Kidd's booking tho. Jumping in, straight leg, studs showing tackle looked a straight red to me at the time. Doesn't matter if it's one footed or two and doesn't matter if the Livi player overreacted or was genuinely injured, I think we got a break with that one. I would have been screaming for a red card if an opposition player put in a tackle like that on a Queens player. Double whammy for Livi as Kidd then went on to score the winning goal. Ouch! I don't think there can be any doubt that, over the piece, Queens deserved their win, but we really need to be taking more of the scoring chances that are created or we could easily get hit with a sucker punch. ETA: I can see it being a long, nerve-wracking season if we are going to sit back and defend one goal leads, especially against teams we should be looking to take more goals off.
  15. Agree with this to a certain extent, From what I saw of Livingston yesterday I think we could bring in a couple of "fringe" players from the start and still progress and maybe give another couple a decent run-out from the bench. I wouldn't want to see wholesale changes to yesterday's starting 11 as the new recruits are still very much trying to form a team understanding. I suppose it very much depends on how the management team view this game. Do they see it as an opportunity to try different things or go with what they think's best to give them a chance to progress.
  16. Obviously hoping for an away win here but certainly not a formality. Any points picked up away from home this season will be well earned and after their defeat at Raith, Livingston should be desperate to do well in their first home match. We look like we can pose a good threat in front of goal but we were also a bit fortunate not to concede another couple against Alloa so will need to be more alert here. I think I'll risk a punt at 2 - 1 to Queens.
  17. In the Daily Record today the details of the Sports Department's editorial meeting must have got mixed up with the headline writers as it declared "It's all about the Rangers". ETA: That could also be their advertising slogan.
  18. We should maybe keep a small place in our hearts for him, after all if he hadn't come upfield for Dundee in the Cup quarters in '08 then Ryan McCann probably wouldn't have scored his 84 yarder. If memory serves me well I think the ball came off him to set Ryan up. Wouldn't say he was a terrible keeper but has certainly played at a higher level than his ability would suggest.
  19. Not doubting that he was here before Gus, if memory serves me right he was out of contract when McPherson came in and was rumoured to be going to Morton but McPherson offered him a contract which is why I said he was re-signed by McPherson. I think he was Gus's first signing.
  20. Not really featured as much as expected or hoped for during the season, plagued by injury for a good part of it. Came more into things in the last third of the season but with McShane and Millar at the time more or less tying up the centre midfield positions McKenna was often used as a sub. A few sporadic starting appearances but on the whole a bit of a disjointed season for him. No problem with the commitment he showed when he did feature. Not sure of his future intentions but rumoured to be moving away, maybe abroad, because of personal commitments. I think it was Gus McPherson who re-signed him for Queens when he was on the brink of signing for Morton.
  21. Would Paul Burns not feature in your plans in one of the midfield positions? Has Paton's future been decided? Why not Hooper at right back and move Kidd forward? Yes we have a few positions to fill but some of the players needed to do that may be here already.
  22. There's a difference between being scared to go and choosing not to put yourself in what can be a very intimidating and hostile atmosphere. I have been to Queens' games at Ibrox this season without much problem personally but have seen and heard others experience of what the home fans can do. I will be there on Sunday but can understand why others have decided not to go. Not sure if you are being entirely serious with your thinking that the Police and especially the stewards will keep you safe. Try telling that to Queen's fans and fans of other visiting Clubs who have had food and drink thrown over them. The police probably won't intervene in any problem inside the ground unless requested by the stewards, and the stewards tend to do a Lord Nelson and turn a blind eye to the home fans' behaviour. Even if admission was free I'm sure a lot of people would still opt to spend their Sunday in more peaceful surroundings.
  23. People are allowed to have their own opinions aren't they, just like you. Can McShane still be classed as a youngster making his way in the game, he's into his twenties and does not appear to be improving. I think we have potentially better players than McShane out on loan and if Millar was fitter McShane would struggle to get in the side. A good squad player at best. It would be interesting to see the percentages of how many of his set play deliveries actually resulted in goals. His asset is his fitness and workrate which he needs to compensate for the shortage of ability. Yes he has a modicum of ability but is no way indispensable. Carmichael has performed well for most of the season, not just lately. How many MOM awards has McShane won compared to Carmichael this season. Certainly at away games I can't recall McShane getting one award on the travel buses whilst Carmichael has won several.
  24. I'm sure the rangers manager has watched plenty of the top clubs in the World defending corners, holding, blocking runs, arms all over the place to stop the opposition and he would probably praise their tenacity, but when Queens dare to do it to his side the toys get chucked oot the pram. As others have said, his side are hardly angels when defending corners.
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