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  1. Give them those wee sweetie cigarettes with the red tip that parents used to buy for their kids (they were called weans back then).
  2. Permission to borrow white flag by courtesy of James Fowler.
  3. I'm struggling to put the words in that last sentence in the correct order, or is that what it's meant to say. Any prizes for whoever gets it right?
  4. Just an excuse to have a good w**k if you ask me. I always try to put my underpants on before my trousers. Any time I have done it the wrong way round in the past bad things have happened to me. But it does make me feel like Superman.
  5. My username is not smart or anarchic but is self explanatory because I come fae the 'briggs. Boring I know and I wouldn't have a clue about putting on an avatar.
  6. A couple of earlier posts have reminded me that I should add Mr. Bean to my list of PTTGOYN. Just can't stand that character. I liked Rowan Atkinson in Blackadder but I don't find Mr Bean funny at all.
  7. I'm trying not to think too much about this match just now but have a feeling that the bus trip up to Ibrox will be the best part of the day, even if the bus breaks down. Sincerely hope that Queens don't sit back and try to hit on the break and they put in a performance with a formation that at least suggests they would like to take something from the game.
  8. Obviously you'll know the form of your team better than I do but I must say I've been impressed with Morton in our games so far this season. They play with a bit of pace, don't give the opposition much time on the ball and back each other up when defending and look to have a good work ethic. They maybe rely a bit too much on the route 1 approach but they can also be a handful when playing it on the deck.A bit too early to be talking about relegation and surely finishing above the relegation play-off spot would be acceptable for a club that has just come up.
  9. My sister-in law said one of her pet hates was her sat-nav which she had returned to the shop because she had to keep switching it off. The shop assistant managed to keep a straight face when my sis-in-law asked what's the point of having the machine when it frequently instructed her to turn off at the next junction.
  10. And their Chairman has also stated that any new Manager can be assured that the club will never sell their best players to rival clubs.
  11. Mr Fowler in the papers this morning talking about a backs to the wall performance in the 2nd half, as he has done after other games. When will he say it was a self-imposed backs to the wall performance. We took the game to Morton in the 1st half and restricted their chances, why not try and keep doing that for the rest of the game, at least until nearer the end when there is not so much time to hang on. He can of course claim on this occasion that the tactic worked given that we won but sooner or later that tactic will come back and bite you on the bum. Luckily for us Morton were not too sharp in front of goal. Good to see quite a sizeable turnout of Morton fans considering the number of fans (from both sides) who were unhappy at the change of date.
  12. The Granny's Soup brand was actually founded by childless spinster Ivy Titeone, who, when faced with possible prosecution for misleading advertising, had to change her christian name to Granny. The globally successful Heinz food brand was named after the musician who played with The Tornadoes on their 60's hit Telstar. Dumfries born actor, John Laurie, probably best known for playing Private Fraser in Dads Army, is believed to have coined his catchphrase "We're doomed ah tell ye, doomed" after following Queen of the South FC during the Willie Harkness era.
  13. Wouldn't have been surprised if the ref had given Morton a penalty in the 1st half although the boy made the most of going down so maybe didn't help himself. 2nd half shout looked good as well from my stance at the opposite end. We should have had one for handball however. Jacobs' booking was a joke, he won the ball fair and square and Morton nearly scored from the free-kick. Kidd's (I think) booking soon after in front of the dug-outs was also harsh as it looked like the Morton guy ran into him and then went down. Millar's booking was well deserved. Queens started well, good movement, fairly accurate passing, confident and not afraid to have a pop at goals. The lead was well deserved. 2nd half however and it was back to the same old failings. Half-hearted tackling, aimless punts upfield, sloppy passing and indecision. I always get the impression that other teams are physically stronger than us, even our big players seem to be easily brushed off the ball by players they should be able to handle. Other teams seem to have an instinctive awareness of where their teammates are for passes but we always look to struggle to find a teammate. How long does the excuse of having to rebuild the team and players getting to know each other have to last before it becomes just that, an excuse for poor performances.
  14. Nessies skelton should not be confused with the bone structure of TV presenter Helen Skeleton.
  15. I'm no expert but won't that ruin it or at least greatly devalue the price you can get for it. I always thought a spoon over a naked flame was the right way to heat "gear" up.
  16. I followed a car into town last night on the A701. 2 mini roundabouts, 3 big roundabouts and 2 junctions and the driver never used the indicators once before I turned off. Then I parked in Morrisons, there were 4 empty spaces on one side of my car, 1 empty space on the other side then another car parked which had about 6 empty spaces beyond it. Up drives this car, not the same one that I followed, and it pulls into the 1 empty space between me and the other car. The passenger got out, hitting my car with her door then catching my wing mirror with her arm as she walked away. Meanwhile the driver, not a slim man, struggled to get out of his side of the car banging his door into the car parked at that side. What goes through these peoples head when they are picking a parking space? Morons.
  17. Skinny wi droopy tits, greasy unkempt hair, pale complexion, no many of her own teeth and probably wears the same scanties for a week and does anything you want (except kissing). Might not sound too great but at 15 quid for 30 minutes it's not too bad value (if you can ignore the needle marks on her arms), Haven't seen her for a while to be honest, I don't get up to Dundee as often since they got promoted. Also prefer women who swallow rather than spit. ETA: Not too bothered about women's legs to be honest except when its cold and they keep your ears warm.
  18. Motorists who don't bother to, or don't know how to signal on roundabouts.
  19. The late actress Molly Sugden, a rather straight-laced lady who played Mrs Slocombe in the sit-com Are You Being Served, received a 50 pounds bonus payment every time she talked about her pussy. Although frequently referred to in the show, viewers never actually got to see Mrs Slocombe's pussy.
  20. Bones in supposedly filleted fish. Puts me right off. Also being given chicken wings to eat, mostly skin and bone, you need at least 20 to make a decent meal wi' a big pile of chips on the side.
  21. He has had a couple of shaky performances recently at right back, poor defending, slack passes giving possession away, dodgy pass backs, etc. Just doesn't seem to fill the supporters with confidence. Maybe better in the middle of defence but being used on the right when we play as a three man defence.
  22. I had 2 x Type 3's this morning, one sinking and one floating, what's that all about? Should I seek medical (or psychiatric) advice. Getting rid of floaters can be a b*****d.
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