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  1. Whilst Mitchell is a good overlapping full-back whose dead ball deliveries and crosses have created plenty of goals, on the defending side of his game he can be a bit suspect.
  2. As I said that was some of the work INCLUDED in other work being done presumably for the safety certificate. There was also upgrading barriers, repairs to terracing, etc, so it was not just slapping on a lick of paint.
  3. At the same time as the artificial surface was being installed at Palmerston before last season there was also upgrading and maintenance work carried out at other parts of the stadium I presume to conform to the Council's requirements for a safety certificate being granted. This included bright paint to highlight steps, painted hatched markings to designate walk-ways and "no standing" areas and improved signage. This was certainly done at the Portland Terracing where I stand so presumably when the Terregles Street end is upgraded it will also have to conform to these safety requirements. Stranraer are not being singled out, the Council sets the standards which all clubs have to conform to.
  4. I also notice that Colin McMenamin who claimed that Scottish football was dead when he signed for Celtic Nation at the start of last season, has signed for Stenhousmuir as player/coach. Obviously the land of the dead must still have some appeal especially when Celtic Nation, the gravy train that some people couldn't wait to jump on, found itself short of steam in the race to the finish line, beaten by the Spennymoor Express.
  5. The way some posters are going on about this season's Championship being a once in a lifetime opportunity to cash in on the bigger crowds seems to suggest that they have already decided that the outcome of the league is a foregone conclusion and some of the clubs with bigger supports will only be with us for one season. If rangers enter administration they will suffer a points deduction which will seriously hinder their title aspirations and even if that scenario does not happen who's to say that they, or Hearts or Hibs are guaranteed to go up (or down). If one or two clubs outwith those three can mount a serious challenge, hopefully QoS will be one of them, then we may have further seasons to look forward to big crowds.
  6. If every club still in the Championship from last season adopts the Category A and B pricing system, it seems a bit unfair on the travelling fans of the 3 new clubs ( assuming they are classed as Category A opposition) that they will pay higher admission prices at almost every away game whilst home supporters of the other clubs will only have to pay Category A prices on 6 occasions. What if Hearts, Hibs and rangers decided to bump their home prices up when Queens were the visitors yet kept it down for other clubs' visits, would we think that fair. Attendances for the visits of these three teams will be significantly higher so income will obviously be increased in proportion. I think that season tickets should be set at a competitive rate to encourage a greater uptake with walk-up prices increased minimally, if at all, and be the same for all games. Add on the potential extra income from commercial sales, hospitality, TV, etc. and the club will still make money.
  7. Practicing my seething already at the 1 column inch of press coverage, buried in the middle of the piece, that the opposition will get in the match reports when we play any of these three teams. Anyway, welcome all to the Championship, don't forget to bring your wallets when you visit.
  8. Ex Hearts Manager Gary Locke supposed to be joining Johnston at Killie as No.2
  9. Sorry, I must have picked things up wrong but wasn't the one laid at the start of last season supposed to be the best available. Perhaps we can cut other teams and players , as well as some of our own supporters, a bit of slack for complaining that it was not the great surface that many claimed it was.
  10. As I read it, the Council want to build the temp swimming pool on Council property, i.e. Ice Bowl Car Park, which would obviously restrict the amount of parking available at the Ice Bowl. They have agreed with QoS to let those wishing to use the pool to have the use of the Arena car park with restricted parking when Qos have home games. This may however have changed since last week when our Chairman was in the papers explaining the situation. More to the point, and nothing to do with football, have any heads rolled in the Council for the continuing fiasco that is DG1? Has the Council tried to take action against the main contractors for compensation for their botched up work? Probably not, it'll be left to the local tax payers to cover for their incompetence (again)
  11. Agree totally with your 1st paragraph qos1990. Dowie was slagged early in the season for being picked as the manager's pet but he is a class defender. Yes he makes mistakes but don't they all. People rightly go on about Mitchell's deliveries, dead-ball kicks, etc, which is fair enough, but defensively he is a weak link. I know I may be in the minority but I can't see why people rate Kerr so highly. Yes he can pick out good passes and has experience but often wants too much time on the ball and gets caught in possession. I don't think he and McShane make a great midfield pairing, we need at least one player like McKenna in there to win the ball and these two don't do it for me. McShane does a lot of running without question but the game passes him by at times. Contrary to popular opinion perhaps, I don't think Derek Young should be written off so quickly as a squad player. He showed when he came on yesterday that he can still pick out passes, create chances and had a couple of half efforts at goal. Whether he would be happy with the travelling and limited appearances is another matter. If Zander is away back to St. Johnstone I wouldn't be too disappointed with Atkinson as 1st choice, he did all right when he stepped in during the season. Some of your other suggestions to come in are worth considering, but Cardle? Would we bring him in to teach Russell how to dive or someone to moan at the ref rather than get on with the game and throw a strop with his teammates, that's all I've seen him do in our meetings with Raith. The Manager has more time to bring in new players for what will be a testing season ahead and he will also have the benefit of taking on a full pre-season preparation, unlike last pre-season, so if things don't work out well he can have no excuses. The Chairman stated that we will not overstretch our budget and that will definitely influence what players we can attract.
  12. Quite agree with this. Danny was carrying an injury at the start of the season which probably prevented him from establishing himself in McIntyre's plans early on. He didn't do too well in his limited subs appearances but he probably deserved more game time to show what we all know he is capable of. After all the Gaffer has allowed other players the benefit of staying in the team, or at least in the squad, when they have not been performing too well (or to be more precise, 1 central midfield player who was given a contract extension mid-season when he was not playing at his best). I hope that Danny is offered a deal next season.
  13. At least we are in the position of having a chance of going out of this division at the top end, although it is a long shot. I don't think anyone has said we will def win the play-offs. I don't see the relevance of when we were last in the top division to the situation both clubs are in now.
  14. Our priority must be to try and get out of this division at the earliest opportunity. Agreed we are in a win - win situation financially at least if we are still in the Championship next season with the clubs that look to be coming into it, but how will it affect our chances of promotion or making the top half play-offs next season.? We could be financially well off but struggling mid - to - bottom end of the table, especially as is expected that these so called bigger teams will strengthen their squads if they are struggling, even if they don't have the cash to do it. Being in the play-offs this season, which is now pretty much guaranteed, is probably our best chance of making it into the top division 'cos it will be a damn sight harder probably for the next couple of seasons at least.
  15. Mr. McIntyre will deserve his share of the credit if we reach the play-offs or better, but anyone who thinks he has not made serious errors of judgement, especially in the early stages of the season, which has probably given us a harder run-in than needed, is deluding themselves. Of course no-one can say how we would have fared under another Manager but don't make out that all has been hunky-dory during this man's reign.
  16. Joint Managers, Rowe and Eadie must be up there, stranded at the bottom of the division and only saved from relegation by Hamilton being deducted 15 points. More recently, Gus "play for a draw" McPherson. The worst of it was that when relegation was confirmed and he was getting absolute pelters from the fans to "F**k Off" he had already decided to leave, so what a waste of seethe that was. Chisholm was ok, I saw my team play in a Scottish Cup Final and in Europe but he snuck off to the "big club" Dundee, wi' wee "Doddsy" and they promptly went into administration. How I laughed.
  17. I have never thought that, if we reached the play-offs, our season tickets would be valid but it would be nice to think that the Clubs involved would maybe set a slightly reduced admission fee as some did for League Cup games, etc, earlier this season, maybe increasing as you progressed through the rounds.
  18. Even at this late stage in the season there are still some who cannot see that this man's mismanagement has at times cost us points that would have made our end of season run-in more comfortable.
  19. Yes he has turned things around and deserves credit for that, but it is his own early season mismanagement that he is repairing. Why did it take him so long to realise that his tactics and formations weren't working. If we make the play-offs it will be well deserved but think how much easier it would have been if the Manager had not stubbornly stuck with his early season tactics.
  20. Congratulations to Raith Rovers. As usual you had to beat rangers and the referee. Hope you get proper recognition of your win in the papers and it's not all about what the other lot didn't do. Real Team 1 New Team 0. Enjoy the celebrations.
  21. Kerr was pretty poor last night, and that's being a bit kind to him. He gave away possession on numerous occasions, when he did pass to one of his teammates he often chose one who was marked by a couple of opponents rather than the simple pass to one who was free. He undoubtedly has ability but failed to show much last night. McIntyre's decision to substitute McShane may have been prompted by the fact that he took a hefty knock earlier and was limping a bit. Paton was unlucky to be hooked last night but he doesn't help himself by being over elaborate instead of more direct when he has a chance of getting a cross in or a shot at goal. What is the score with McKenna? He was supposed to be out for the rest of the season but was named as a sub.
  22. This exactly. Some people are salivating at the thought of playing rangers (and Hearts) next season and the money these ties will bring in. I have said before that promotion to the Premierleague would be more of an earner over the season with TV money and the possibility of more travelling fans from the other clubs, certainly the visit of Celtic, Hibs, Kilmarnock (if they survive), Aberdeen and Dundee Utd would boost the average. Fair enough some Premierleague clubs may not have a big travelling support but in most cases it would be bigger than the crowds that most of the current Championship sides bring. We are currently in the play-off position with a lot of work still to do to decide what division we will be in next season but any Queens fan worth their salt should be hoping that we can go all the way. If we don't make it, fair enough, as long as we give it our best shot, and I'll welcome rangers and Hearts, etc, and their fans' money to Palmerston but it can't be preferable to playing in the top division.
  23. I've never understood the thinking of Managers, players, etc, when they come out with the cliche "We're now at the most important time of the season and results are crucial", or some derivative of this, when we get to the final quarter as if all the bad decisions, mistakes and defeats from earlier in the season have no bearing on our final position. You get the same number of points for a win no matter what stage of the season it is.
  24. A bit weird and a bit clique-ish IMO. At times it can feel like you have logged into a private chatroom instead of a public forum. As for discussing hypothetical issues, fill your boots. If you are that interested in trying to establish a conclusion from a situation that can't be proved it is your time to waste as you wish. Of course the benefit from your point of view is that you can't be proved wrong. Hardly the basis for a meaningful discussion. The "retro" quizzes are good because they bring back memories of games and players, good and not so good, that many have forgotten. I have followed Queens for more than 50 years although my recall of a lot of events is very poor and I take my hat off to those who can remember players and events in such detail.
  25. Quite agree with you regarding McShane's performances in the last two games but will he "keep the jersey" if we are in the position of having a full compliment of central midfielders available? IMO he hasn't showed a decent enough level of consistency over the season to guarantee a start every week but he is liked by McIntyre and his recent upturn in form may have come just at the right time for him.
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