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  1. Maybe its a cost thing. I've absolutely no idea who pays loanees wages, but if our own keeper is fit we could possibly put any money saved by letting Brynn go on other January targets. Brynn has been good for us on the whole but Id rather see our own keeper who I think is more than capable, getting in ahead of a loanee. Maybe Brynn has had some input on the decision to return, he's bound to do a bit of travelling to play here.
  2. Imrie as a player was the pantomime villain for a lot of opposition fans, but they would probably have been happy to have a cocky, committed midfielder like him in their team. I can't recall any specific incidents that would make Queens supporters hate him, it was just his general demeanor on the pitch that seemed to rile the opposition fans I think. He could be a bit of a wind-up merchant I suppose. If there's been any major off-field dramas that he's been involved in I can't recall any either. Hopefully he's matured a bit, he'll have to or he'll be up before the beaks on a regular basis.
  3. They've had three managers in less than two years I think, just shows you can't always guarantee a change of Manager will change your fortunes for the better. I'm wouldn't be totally against punting Johnston, I think he's pretty safe mind as long as we stay above ninth, but I doubt the list of realistic (outside) replacements will be exactly mouth watering. Gibson is the obvious choice if we promote from within but it would also be a bit of a gamble.
  4. I doubt he'll be overly upset at that, sure he said when he went to Ayr he was happily enough doing the coaching side of things. He'll probably re-surface as a coach or assistant somewhere.
  5. I think 19QOS19 may have meant last week instead of last season in his post which is basically what your echoing.
  6. The dread I have is that when more players become available again, Johnston will chop and change line-ups and formations again and we regress to our form of a month ago. You obviously need cover, but as long as the current limited squad play as they are, and in a system and style that they seem comfortable with, I wouldn't like to see change for the sake of it.
  7. I think the bloke that bangs your drum must have left at 1 - 0, didn't take long to shut him up. Anyway, well done to those who travelled, considering you made up about 150 of only a 990 odd attendance it makes poor reading from a Queens support point of view.
  8. Not precious, precious, just sitting back enjoying the meltdowns, and realistic enough to know we are not far from a similar situation.
  9. At least I expect Morton to put up a bit of a fight and look vaguely like footballers, neither of which your shower looked like yesterday. Take your humping with some dignity at least man, you're just making it even sweeter for us.
  10. Strange ... I like Ayr and the trips up. People have always been very nice. Yes, I've always found Ayr people very polite and obviously respectful of their betters. Oh, and according to Allan Johnston and the Dumfries Courier, its a derby.
  11. I think there's more chance of actually seeing Santa come down your chimney than Muirhead signing for Queens. Never say never though. IF he's moved back down here and gone back on the tools he might be looking to the future and going part-time. It's possible of course that his injury, whatever it is, prevents him from playing but isn't the type that stops him from doing certain types of work. I'm sure he won't be too hard pushed if gone back to his previous employer.
  12. Home win, possibly, comfortable home win, very unlikely.
  13. That must be about the first foul throw decision I've seen given for ages, I thought refs had forgotten to apply it. I always think these long throw experts must regularly commit foul throws, I'm sure most times they don't have both feet on the ground when they release the ball.
  14. That's the thing, losing a goal or goals after scoring has become almost inevitable, you get immune to it.
  15. Aye there was plenty time & space to get a cross in or pass to someone. Same at the very end, we get a corner but there's was no urgency to take it and try for the winner, the players seemed happy to settle for a draw.
  16. We'll lose this yet, why can't we keep possession for more than one pass.
  17. How many times do we give away possession from our free kicks and throw ins? Far too many is the answer.
  18. Not sure who's getting interviewed here, got the sound turned down, nice room but he might have moved the rubbish bin and hoover before filming. They're maybe hiding a damp patch.
  19. According to the commentator this is matchday 17, he's said it about a dozen times just in case we didn't believe it.
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