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  1. On 17/01/2022 at 13:18, Kunter said:

    Be doing well to put even a scratch on 700k for 2 or 3 players s from now till April. 

    Is that not a pre-tax amount? I've no idea what the nett amount will be, and it's probably not all ring fenced for players anyway. Even if half of that is available it's still be a handsome amount to have. I would even use some of it to try and entice Lee Connelly to extend his contract. 

  2. 27 minutes ago, qos1990 said:

    Still not understanding fae the Briggs blaming the keeper

     I've watched it back a couple of times there and was being a bit harsh on Rae. I thought at the time he could have done a bit of sweeper/keeper and come and blootered the ball away, maybe even had a chance to collect it or punch it away as Ridger's  kick-out lands more or less at the edge of the area, but he's back-peddling  and leaves his defenders to (not) deal with it. Obviously I'm in a minority of one with my original view. 

  3. 4 hours ago, sidofthesouth said:

    Did u catch many of Gavins games in his 5-year spell with us?

    Yes, probably all of them, and your point is.?  I'm not that short sighted to think that a player who was prolific for us a decade ago will still give the same goal return. He's hardly been prolific with any of the teams he's been at since then. My main problem with people saying we should have signed him was that they make it sound like a formality that he would have come here if we wanted him. 

  4. Do we even know if the board tried to get Reilly, did he want to come here, did Livingston want him to come here?  Maybe not Queens' fault he went to Morton. He's now scored 3 goals in 2 games, how many blanks did he fire up til then.  Morton fans were calling for him to be dropped before that. 

  5. 4 minutes ago, qos1990 said:

    We’ve been okay, give ball away to easily at times and as always we’re far to soft. But we’ve hung in when ICT were on top. Gordon has done okay on ten, looks decent in possession

    Aye we've done quite  well when playing it on the deck but still prone to stray passes, hitting hopeful high balls and even losing possession at throw-ins. Been a bit lucky that ICT are wasteful in front of goal. Still better than I expected. 

  6. 2 hours ago, cilitbang said:


    He hides as the slightest hint of a match getting difficult but a minority of your support will gush for him because "he brings something different to the team" or scores a handful of worthless goals

    In our position no goals are worthless, a handful would be very welcome. We start of with very low expectations of players that Johnston signs anyway so it won't be a great surprise if Gordon isn't terribly good. Hopefully he'll surprise us all. 

  7. 33 minutes ago, qos1990 said:

    I gather you didn’t catch the Hamilton game? Roy is a firm no from me, as is Ruben, both nowhere near championship standard

    Yes I did catch the Hamilton game. You pick one game to criticise a player who has hardly had any game time since getting over an injury. Roy wasn't the only poor player on that match either. 

  8. 1 hour ago, qos1990 said:

    I’d like to see a realistic option to replace Cameron emoji2375.png

    Maybe give Ally Roy a chance or Paton up front. I don't see why we always need to have a big man up front (ie Cameron, Junior) just so we've got someone to launch balls up to. Cameron was ok once he got the ball under control but it was usually two or three touches before he managed that and he was often robbed. 

  9. I must admit I don't pay much attention to opposition players but I'll give him a chance to prove himself before judging. Sounds like it'll be about 10 minutes going by comments on here. As has already been mentioned though, we're not going to get players who get  regular game time for their own team so fringe players or those from Premiership or EFL teams (like Middlesborough) with big squads are about all we can expect. 


  10. 1 hour ago, Zen Archer (Raconteur) said:

    Whether negative or not, all you have to do is say it was negative and you'll get the text, it's up for abuse.

    Yes, as I said on another thread it's entirely up to the supporter what they report as a LFT result. The text/email you get back from the NHS only confirms what you tell them. If you want to abuse the system you probably don't need to take a test at all, but you do need to submit a QR code or test kit code with your result. 

  11. On 10/01/2022 at 16:04, SandyCromarty said:

    Goods news though is that the pub singer Andrea Bocelli's £150 ringside tickets are still for sale plus the £425 VIP Boxes.



    2 minutes ago, RiG said:

    I've got a ticket and I am excited!


    Did you get one for the football as well? 

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