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  1. 1 hour ago, the_palmy_pie said:

    The club have never replaced a few well known programme & 50/50 draw ticket sellers. Maybe they should ask for help or use some of the youth players ? 
    Every turnstiles should have someone standing outside offering them. Pretty basic stuff really. 

    Quite agree. Visit almost any other ground and there are usually Half-Time Draw sellers dotted about near turnstiles. Ok, printed  Match Programmes may not be as readily available now but surely the Club's not that well off, or proud, that it doesn't need to chase every little bit of income it can get. Half-time Draw tickets may not raise a fortune but it adds a little bit of interest for fans. It'll be the old story of not enough volunteers I suppose, the default excuse when things aren't being done. 

  2. 3 hours ago, JK_Queens said:

    They were getting sold in the club shop when I was in about 2:15. 

    I think the Club seem to be encouraging everyone to go to the Arena side of Palmerston before games or to download programmes (I don't bother with programmes tbh) You can never be certain if there will be  programme sellers or 50/50 Half Time Draw sellers at the approaches to the BDS East Stand or Oakbank Terrace turnstiles for people approaching from town, Ice Bowl or Portland Drive, some games there is, some games there isn't, never consistent. If the ticket booths in the East Stand aren't being used surely that would be a good place to sell these things, and shelter for the sellers in bad weather too. Put some notices up to direct people there, doesn't need to be anything fancy. The present situation regarding this issue is just another small but annoying occurrence that is part of the bigger picture of the general malaise that seems to be seeping through the club where fans are concerned. 


  3. I'm wondering if the main sponsors logo on the front of our shirts is deliberately understated following the outcry about who the shirt draw winner was. Personally I've no problem with the Chairman's Company winning the shirt draw sponsorship but I've never seen any instances of the Company advertising itself as "bcd" before with even smaller writing of the Company name underneath. It must be about the smallest shirt logo writing of any shirt sponsor, its as if he's embarrassed about it. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Monkey Tennis said:

    Do we?

    Our record against the sides round us was actually decent enough last season.

    We got very little from the stronger ones though.

    Not restricting it to just last season but its always been my impression over the years that we tend to raise our game against the better teams, or bigger clubs, and then often follow that up with poor displays and results against teams we should really be able to compete better with. It's part of the frustrating fascination of following Queens. 

  5. 11 minutes ago, Glenmavis Diamond said:

    And a couple ex Airdrie players in your team so even more spice to it. Paul McKay at CB used to worry me, so be interesting to see how he does against our front line. How's his long throws? Do you deploy them? Hardly worked for us, which makes it very likely that it'll work against us, sods law style. 

    Should be a good game and Airdrie playing with nothing to fear, which I like. 

    Cracking weather too, mid 20 degrees forecast on Saturday so that'll play a factor too I imagine. 

    P. McKay hasn't actually been on throw in duties so far this season, not taken one as far as I recall. Pre-injury last season he was a regular at it, not that we benefitted much from them. Maybe his injury has hampered him. He ws actually quite steady defensively last season, probably missed him quite a bit while he was out. If it's sunny in Saturday I advise people to wear sunglasses cos the glare off our plastic carpet can damage your eyes. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Greenacres said:

    Just what we need to play the form team at Palmerston .

    Our home record is very poor we play anything like we did against Clyde it will be the same result .

    We will again be missing Connelly and McGory but hopefully everyone else is fit .


    I've put a couple of your posts down to typos but you keep on doing it, it's McGrory, 

    As for the game, we usually manage to lift ourselves for games against better sides in the division, let's hope that this is one of those occasions. The players need to get the negative vibe about the our playing surface out of their heads, it's the same for both teams anyway. A few ex-Queens players in the Airdrie squad which adds a bit of edge. Hopefully Wilson, Reilly and Todd feature for Queens. Hopefully Hutton in the away goals would be a bonus. 

  7. 1 hour ago, MO7S said:

    Either delaying the restart of the game OR dissent.  You choose OR take the easy option as the ref did yesterday.

    I would argue that the kids throwing the spare ball on when Curie already had a ball to restart the game was the cause of any (slight) delay. And kicking a spare ball off the park, however far or angrily he blootered it, hardly contistutes dissent. 

  8. 10 hours ago, Monkey Tennis said:

    That seems terribly harsh.

    Implying it might be out of order, but merely inferring it takes us into the realms of the thought police.

    I hope we appeal it.


    Not sure you can appeal yellow cards except in the case of mistaken identity, and we wouldn't stand a chance with that. It was definitely Oor Wullie that implied the Ref would be better employed as a circus entertainer. 


  9. 1 minute ago, Homer Thompson said:

    Definitely better in possession than last week but then Montrose aren't putting us under the same kind of pressure Clyde did. 

    I thought the pass was the right option, just wasn't hit hard enough. Seemed to hold up in the pitch, which looks awful 

    I won't criticise anybody else's plastic pitch considering the thing we've got. 

  10. I was in the Oakbank Terrace and I don't think I actually noticed any police presence at the game, something that might be a regular occurrence if matches in L1 are deemed to be low category events. Are we still using Croma Vigilant Security?

  11. 3 hours ago, 19QOS19 said:

    On the evidence of yesterday hoofing the ball up the park isn't working. We rarely passed the ball on the deck but instead went long almost every time and the Clyde defenders naturally cleaned it up.

    Long ball with Paton up front didn't and will never work.

    Also couldn't believe some of our goal kicks/clearances in the second half were aimed wide at McKechnie who must be all of 5'-6" tall. He probably couldn't even jump as high as the height of the man marking him, who didn't really need to jump at all to win the ball. 


  12. 22 minutes ago, CM. said:

    Paul McKay was a player who impressed me at Airdrie in midfield but he looked lost at centre back yesterday. Has he always played there for QOS?

    Aye, was a reasonably solid CH last season before picking up an injury which ruled him out for a large chunk of the second half of the season, in fact just back playing again this season. Was actually offered his contract extension for this season while he was out injured so the management must rate him. 

  13. 3 minutes ago, Kunter said:

    Could Gibson not see the right back was getting destroyed all game. 

    As was the left back and two centre backs and the midfield, and the forwards were left feeding in more scraps than the seagulls. 

  14. Clyde well worth their lead. Their no. 7 running the show. As soon as they sussed we couldn't win anything in the air up front they forced us to go high and long, lapping it up. We're defensively suspect too, obviously, nothing changed there and running through our midfield. All in all poor after the first 20 seconds. 

  15. Not sure if this is a whoosh but at the risk of falling for it, has JT got something to do with Clyde nowadays if he's going to be there, or is it just another hark back to players who played the last time Clyde played here? 

  16. 15 minutes ago, Slipmat said:

    With Todd being out, and East possibly not being fully match-fit I wonder who our captain will be on Saturday.  Connelly maybe?

             P. Mackay, McGrory or Wullie himself, if he plays, would be well up the list of candidates before Connelly imo. 

  17. 10 hours ago, shawfield shed boy said:

    Last seasons squad from Feb obwards would have been comfortably beaten by Queens on Sat...

    If we play with two up front and Dobbie is nowhere near palmerston we have a chance at least..

    Looking forward to sat , always been o good away day

    You'd better hope Dobbie's not up spectating then. 

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