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  1. Yes, that was my take on it too, watching the stream anyway.
  2. Yes, our record at "Fortress Palmerston" must really worry opposition teams.
  3. What had me fuming in the dying minutes of yesterday's game was our entire team being hemmed in, and we had a couple of decent chances to play it out, but instead of the player in possession running out with the ball he panicked and just hit it to the halfway line and it came right back at us. Even if the players didn't have an out ball they should at least have tried to hit it into touch as far up the park as possible just to take the sting out of the game. Less panic and better decision making by the players under pressure would possibly have seen us hold out for the win.
  4. Can't see any way that can be interpreted as violent conduct tbh but depends how the ref saw it. I've not seen a replay tbf but was surprised at a straight red so far up the pitch. Maybe there was more to it that just taking the man out.
  5. That was back when we actually went out trying to win games. We now go out trying not to lose games. Johnston now uses the tombola team and tactics method, his son's name somehow always comes out though, players are not always played in their best positions and confidence is low. We're occupying a deserved position in the table and are relying on Morton, Ayr and Dunfermline not improving significantly to leave us completely stranded. There's very little enthusiasm amongst the fans for any football just now, and very little hope it's going to improve as long as the present manager is in charge.
  6. This had all the makings of being a football classic that will be talked about for years to come. Two teams packed with technically gifted talent from back to front, managed by two of the most astute and tactically aware coaches in the country and played on one the best artificial surfaces available. Actually we all know its going to be the exact opposite of that, two clueless managers trying to get the best out of two struggling squads of players on a crap pitch. Will this get lower viewing figures than the sheepdog trials on Alba?
  7. I can understand where your coming from. I must be around your age and I never thought I'd be so disenchanted watching Queens. Even when Gus was in charge I tried to get to every game home and away but now it's home games only with the odd close away games. Maybe the interruption of Covid stopping fans from attending took a bit of the appetite away, watching streams just became too easy. We're now living from season to season, having to build new squads every time, players don't have any affinity to the fans or club and the fans haven't time to build an affinity with the players, fighting relegation is now the norm. I understand the Board of Directors have a duty to run the club responsibly, keep spending in check, etc, but there must also be a sign of ambition, a feeling that they are at least trying to build up to something better than just barely surviving as a full time Championship team. Sadly we are just treading water, there's an apparent lethargy right throughout the Club and its now spread to the supporters and who can honestly blame more and more for losing interest.
  8. The assistant referee obviously must have had a conclusive view, that's good enough for me.
  9. On the plus side, both our goals were controversial which will probably upset Paul Hartley, which is always nice.
  10. Why didnt we try and keep possession instead of hoofing it anywhere, brainless the lot of them.
  11. We had a good chance to attack there and Ally Roy was the only Queens player in the opposition half. No wonder we've hardly bothered their keeper.
  12. Somebody unlock the camera please Thank-you.
  13. Only a matter of time. Are we going to see a replay of our goal by any chance?
  14. Yep we're absolute dung in defence and midfield. Two Queens players contrive to give the ball away and we give away a cheap foul.
  15. Do the players know each others names? No talking when they go for the same ball. Dire stuff really.
  16. So have I. Hope there's no baldy heided linesman or the camera will be tracking him.
  17. This stream's not pixelot is it? The camera seems to be trying to follow all the footballs in teams' warm-ups, constantly panning from one end of the pitch to the other.
  18. Very little chance I was going to the game, and the weather forecast has finally made my mind up for me. pity really as I would like to have ticked another ground off my list. I've purchased the stream, again a toss of the coin decision, but at least I can have my anticipated meltdown in the comfort of my armchair. Hopefully the Management and players put everything into this Cup tie, defeat isn't so bad if they at least look like they give a toss instead of simply going through the motions.
  19. Queens aren't playing anything like they were in the League Cup. Back then we had such a small squad that the team pretty much picked itself, and the players looked eager and looked like they knew their job. Now we have a bigger squad, Johnston tinkers with line-ups, plays players out of their best positions and shoehorns his son into every team. Our top scorer was out with an injury, and now he's fit doesn't seem to be favoured for a starting spot, instead we play Innes Cameron from Killie up front and launch the ball up to him. If Cove Rangers have an off day we might scrape through but it could even need a replay.
  20. Johnston's thinking on starting line-up: Brynn Johnston Cameron (if Killie allow) Plus any other 8 (except Todd and Roy of course) Subs: Todd, Roy and whoever's left that travelled up. His thinking on fomation: Maybe 4-4-2 or 5-3-2 or 4-1-4-1 or 3-4-3 or 3-5-1-1 or 3-5-2. Fuckit, let the players work it out for themselves.
  21. Thanks for that, someone obviously not itk told me no replays from this round onwards.
  22. About the only thing that's not strange about it is who is sitting at the foot. Here for a long time, not for a good time.
  23. OK, call me hypocritical after my previous post but you could offer me a private helicopter to take me up to this game, with a slap-up meal and centrally heated viewing gallery to watch the game in thrown in, but I doubt I'll be making the effort to go to this one. If I was going it would probably be to tick off one of the few grounds I've not been to before. Queens will be the underdogs so there's a very slight chance they'll pull off a shock. I would have been happy if they'd manage to get a replay out of it, but amarite that the ties are now decided on the day with extra time and penalties if needed? I always enjoy good cup run but it's very doubtful if Queens will manage one this year.
  24. The board have got to weigh up the cost of potential relegation and the season upon season fight against relegation against the cost of paying off the management team, even if it does cost a bit of money to get rid of them. I would very much doubt Clark being kept on if Johnston goes, he's followed Johnston out of the Club before. Its a complete change at that level that's needed, indeed a complete overhaul or re-think of almost everything behind the scenes where the 1st team squad is concerned if we hope to continue as a recognised Championship club, or become a club yo-yo-ing between the Championship and the seaside leagues. I've long given up hope that we will actually show enough ambition to move up the way out of the Championship anyway. Also, apologies for quoting Greenacres to those who have him on ignore.
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