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  1. Correct, Davie Rae was Chairman at the time of the Cup Final, 2008, maybe a millionaire at the time after selling off farm(s) but nowhere near multi-millonaire status I would imagine. He also presided at the time of overspending following the Cup final season when daft money was thrown at players and management which resulted in serious financial problems for the club. He's still the majority shareholder I believe although he was ousted from the Board a couple of seasons after the Cup final iirc. Rumoured that he and another ex-chairman fund Dobbie's wages.
  2. That was pure Queens, enough chances to win two games, open goals missed, and then the almost expected collapse sees us getting f-all. We've probably kick started Thistles season (again)
  3. I sincerely hope the laughing geese don't feature after today's game, but it's very Queens-like to give fans of struggling teams something to cackle about.
  4. If we don't win/play well it'll be the pitches fault.
  5. I never said anywhere that I think the pitch is good, it doesn't necessarily mean that the pitch is to blame for our players fondness hoofing the ball forward which your post inferred (as I read it.) Our back line and some midfielders are not comfortable on the ball under pressure so elect to get rid of it the easiest way they can which is to lump it away. Some players also seem to have trouble controlling the ball in less than three touches, not only on our pitch, compared to players of other teams who take good early control, even on our pitch, that is what I would call lack of some technical ability. In all the poor games and bad results we've suffered at home the pitch has probably had very little influence or it's maybe that some opposition teams adapt to it better. Also using the pitch as an excuse for lumping the ball forward would have more credibility if we didn't also do it on better quality plastic and grass pitches.
  6. Please read my post again, especially where it says "a lot of our players". The pitch is bad but other teams seem to play flowing football on it as do we on occasions.
  7. A steady performance rather than outstanding but he's probably not match fit, gives a bit more dig and physicalllity than Kidd. Definitely worth persevering but will probably turn out to be as inconsistent as others are.
  8. Funny how a lot of other teams, Queens Park included, manage to play passing football and have better control of the ball than us on our own pitch yet it's the pitch to blame because we can't. The technical ability, or lack of it, of a lot of our players is probably the reason we prefer to hoof it so often.
  9. I'm sure Allan Johnston will have his preferred and adequate coaching staff on match days and at training. To be fair once Johnston took over and brought in his own coaches, goalie coach aside, Eddie Warwick's involvement in pre- match routine seemed to disappear and he was left hanging about like a spare one. I suppose Willie could always gather up the training tops, cones and practice balls before kick-off. It always looks a bit amateurish to me for the subs to be doing this, especially when "senior" subs just walk off and leave it to a couple of the younger ones. What does the groundsman/kitman/van driver do once he has laid the kits out in the dressing room? Surely he and his assistant could be out on the park gathering things up.
  10. Is Marshall injured or out of favour? Where are QoS fans housed today, behind the goal or in corner of Main?
  11. Playing and ability wise, Mark Kerr would never be near a worst 11 when with us but his attitude at the end and manner of his leaving probably goes against him. I give him a bit of benefit of the doubt that a "club legend" was poking his neb where he shouldn't have been (allegedly). Although Gus McPherson probably JUST deserves the worst Manager title the interim spell under JT was pretty bad too. At least McPherson had the excuse of having to build almost a complete squad at short notice, Thomson had a decent squad that was doing reasonably well but he put us in free fall. Gus probably just edges it though for Tom Brighton alone.
  12. Any serious list wouldn't have David Hutton in front of Calum Antell as worst keeper. Hutton was an average keeper who unfortunately made a high profile mistake that people remember, Antell's time here on the other hand was peppered with errors as his confidence was shattered and affected the performance of the defence in front of him. Kyle Hutton is another whose inclusion is harsh imo, on his game he was very effective and I wouldnt have been too disappointed if he'd been signed the next season. A case could also be made for Beerman and Aird, both didn't feature as much as expected but both allegedly picked up injuries when they were here and the Manager(s) seemed reluctant to play them at other times. Actually Naysmith signing Aird and not playing him when fit was a mystery, rumours of attitude problems being the reason. I've not looked through all the QoS lists but I assume John Baird's name will feature,. Agreed he was held back by a pre - season injury but his attitude on return when he was bench-warming and on his limited appearances was abysmal. Definitely not a team player.
  13. Yes, I can just imagine Tucker will try and pin a phone with that post on it to the dressing room wall.
  14. I don't know why you think Leighfield should be thinking about his future at Palmerston, he's just getting over an injury and a Scotland U21 keeper is the only one ahead of him so he can't think he's being unfairly kept out of the team. Gourlay must be asking questions though, unfit Semple preferred to him up at Dundee United and not considered for a start when Kilday and Semple are not available. As for Irving I've not seen or heard enough about him to judge if he should get a chance. Reports and results from reserve games don't seem to flatter any of the fringe players.
  15. I park on Garscube Road as near the ground as possible whenever I go to Firhill, never had any problem with street urchins demanding cash with menaces (Does that not just happen around the bigot brothers'grounds?) It can sometimes be a bit slow on the get-away heading back down to the motorway though.
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