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  1. Not restricting it to just last season but its always been my impression over the years that we tend to raise our game against the better teams, or bigger clubs, and then often follow that up with poor displays and results against teams we should really be able to compete better with. It's part of the frustrating fascination of following Queens.
  2. P. McKay hasn't actually been on throw in duties so far this season, not taken one as far as I recall. Pre-injury last season he was a regular at it, not that we benefitted much from them. Maybe his injury has hampered him. He ws actually quite steady defensively last season, probably missed him quite a bit while he was out. If it's sunny in Saturday I advise people to wear sunglasses cos the glare off our plastic carpet can damage your eyes.
  3. I've put a couple of your posts down to typos but you keep on doing it, it's McGrory, As for the game, we usually manage to lift ourselves for games against better sides in the division, let's hope that this is one of those occasions. The players need to get the negative vibe about the our playing surface out of their heads, it's the same for both teams anyway. A few ex-Queens players in the Airdrie squad which adds a bit of edge. Hopefully Wilson, Reilly and Todd feature for Queens. Hopefully Hutton in the away goals would be a bonus.
  4. I don't think Wullie actually ruled out getting loans in but rather hoped he wouldn't need to.
  5. I would argue that the kids throwing the spare ball on when Curie already had a ball to restart the game was the cause of any (slight) delay. And kicking a spare ball off the park, however far or angrily he blootered it, hardly contistutes dissent.
  6. Ahh! humour, I must be getting old, can't keep up with modern humour but now you've explained it I'm splitting my sides.
  7. So why say you hope we appeal it if it's not possible?
  8. Not sure you can appeal yellow cards except in the case of mistaken identity, and we wouldn't stand a chance with that. It was definitely Oor Wullie that implied the Ref would be better employed as a circus entertainer.
  9. You're having a laugh if you think that's a bookable offence. Why exactly do you think it's a booking?
  10. I won't criticise anybody else's plastic pitch considering the thing we've got.
  11. A great chance missed for Queens 3 against 1 and instead of having shot the balls passed sideways and Mo defenders get back to clear up. East also had a good chance with a free header from a corner but couldn't direct it under the bar.
  12. I was in the Oakbank Terrace and I don't think I actually noticed any police presence at the game, something that might be a regular occurrence if matches in L1 are deemed to be low category events. Are we still using Croma Vigilant Security?
  13. Also couldn't believe some of our goal kicks/clearances in the second half were aimed wide at McKechnie who must be all of 5'-6" tall. He probably couldn't even jump as high as the height of the man marking him, who didn't really need to jump at all to win the ball.
  14. Aye, was a reasonably solid CH last season before picking up an injury which ruled him out for a large chunk of the second half of the season, in fact just back playing again this season. Was actually offered his contract extension for this season while he was out injured so the management must rate him.
  15. Any chance you can change the "Loyal" part?... Aye, it's sounds a bit "Govan-ish".
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