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  1. That's the problem though, there's actually very little (or no) QoS football related things to discuss at the present time. Of course we could all start listing players that we hope to sign, what formation Bartley prefers, etc, but that's pointless as its all speculation, and until news comes out of the Club of anything remotely football related we are all just filling time with trivial matters. Edit to add: if you want to discuss football related matters it's maybe better if you realise that resigning and re-signing are different things, and it's confusing if you use the wrong one. Almost as bad as putting an extra m in Doonhamers.
  2. No honestly I can't do links. Someone usually kindly obliges. See post above
  3. Are you joking, takes me all my time to work my phone. Also in Courier: Bartley says he's been in contact with Rico Quitongo. He has been offered club facilities for his injury re-hab. His contract has expired and no talks on renewing but he has the support of the Club until he's fit. And no I can't do a link.
  4. Bartley in today's Standard rubbishing claims that we have made offers to sign Daniel Church and Josh McPake. Lazy journalism to fill columns he says. I personally wouldn't rule anything out.
  5. Agree about idiots feeding gulls/poorly disposing of food waste being the main problem attracting the gulls, but is the ideal nesting conditions on the old Stand roof not a factor in them returning each year. Surely removing the layers of moss, etc would make it less appealing to them, something that should have been done on a regular basis years ago. The Council claim they have reduced the gull population in the town centre but that only drives the birds out into other surrounding areas like a Palmerston. Surely any netting should have been fitted before now before gulls had started nesting. I get that it's easier to do in the close season but its too late by then.
  6. You will never be back in the SPL that's for sure no matter how many games you win or promotions you get.
  7. Yes but there is a form in your briefcase all ready to be signed, right.
  8. If "Doonhammers" is a typo then I hope the "Bartley's last summer signing" at the end is a typo too. I hope he has a good bit of business to do yet. Good news about Cochrane too, I wasn't a fan early on but he's proving to be a valuable player. Only hope he can steer clear of injury.
  9. Enjoy your promotion, no need to worry about other teams finances (just yet).
  10. Who do you think is this mysterious major investor that you speak of? I doubt if its any Board member. Are you Annan's version of Queens poster Greenacres who knows every other Clubs' financial details.
  11. In today's Standard: Queens have received Government funding of £190,000 towards the £270,00 cost of replacing the Palmerston pitch. Gretna has received £44,000 towards replacing floodlights. Fundings were granted through the Clubs' Community Trust Schemes.
  12. Does loaning players or entering a reserve team into what is glorified amateur level of the South of Scotland League really benefit players development? Better for Clubs to have a proper Youth Development system playing against age level Youth Development teams from other League Clubs and then a proper Reserve League just under 1st team level for promising youth players and fringe 1st team players to compete in so it's a continuous progression for the better players to climb up to 1st team contention through a club system.
  13. I was thinking through the list to see who had what surface. Haven't been to Kelty so wasn't sure about that one, been a few years since I was at Forthbank, didn't know if they'd gone artificial or not. Was always a good playing surface at Stirling iirc.
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