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  1. Queens v Alloa

    If only we had an Ex-International defender on the coaching staff who could try and sort this out.
  2. Queens v Alloa

    With tactical genius Naysmith in charge I think we might be jammy enough to scramble a point. Nine outfield men sitting deep and Dobbie left to do it all himself up front, another ( less than) entertaining game awaits us at Palmerston.
  3. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Glad I'm not the only one who thought it was over-long, mostly tedious, self-promoting piss. A good concept ruined.
  4. Falkirk v Dundee United

    There's talk of upgrading the facilities and pitch at King George V facility in Dumfries where Queens' Academy (?) is based so that Reserve games, Southern Counties games, Amateurs League, etc, can be played there. That would leave Palmerston purely for 1st team games. It would be nice if that happened that Palmerston would revert back to grass but I doubt if it will. Recent disclosures of financial losses may put paid to the upgrade happening anyway.
  5. Falkirk v Dundee United

    I believe the original artificial pitch at Palmerston had issues in manufacture or laying, the manufacturers/layers had to replace it at their expense. The one that is down now is supposedly similar quality to Falkirk's so presumably it plays the same. Appearance-wise Falkirk's looks more "natural" than Queens' and many others, and is the best looking of the artificial types I have seen, but again I think Queens have maybe had issues in the proper maintenance of the surface which affects cosmetic appearance rather than the way it plays. Alloa's is a also a big improvement on what they had and should last a while as they only use half of it. I think the dislike of artificial pitches is mostly in the mind or an easy excuse if you have a bad game.
  6. The Queen of the South Thread

    Dykes should be probably be chipping in with a few goals but can he really be classed as a striker when he's dropping deeper a lot of the time? We really only play with one out and out striker.
  7. Still not surpassed Caldwell in the post-match headsgone of the season award though.
  8. Queens v Alloa

    Thistle (Partick variety) beat Alloa yesterday. Alloa's last visit to Palmerston needed the Dobbie show to earn us a point. We need to be more switched-on from the start against teams. not allowing them to dictate early play. Unfortunately Maguire misses out, I was very impressed with his partnership with Wilson yesterday, short-lived though it was, until the unfortunate misunderstanding that led to the penalty and red card. The table is tightening up a bit now with fourth to ninth (sorry Alloa) all with the varying degrees of possibly being involved in play-offs at either end. Hoping for a minimum of 4 points from our next two games to get us back on track looking up rather than down. It would be great if Todd is back fit for this but if we show the same fight and tenacity as we did 2nd half V United then it gives us every chance of picking up full points.
  9. Aberdeen v Queen of the South

    Show me where you can find, on any thread, anyone claiming The Dobmeister would be the greatest striker in the history of the top flight.
  10. Queens v Dundee Utd

    Jacobs had been a bit ineffectual in many games but when partnered by Low he seems to be back to near his best. I would start them in the middle. I can't say that Wilson looked that great V Falkirk either imo.
  11. The Falkirk FC Thread

    I see fae the briggs has even managed to make irrational hate of ex players seem boring. I am boring (and crabbit), too old to change now. Edit to add: I'm glad you agree the hate about ex players is irrational though.
  12. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Surely the "scout" who recommended them knew the standard of football he was putting them forward for. Not totally the players' fault that they proved not to be good enough. The player, like almost all of Hartley's summer recruits, wasn't up to the task, it's not entirely his fault he was brought in but subsequently failed miserably. He'll probably never darken Falkirk's door again so why would you be so happy for his future career away from the Club to completely fail? Seems a bit narrow-minded approach to take, hoping that someone's future career, and possibly working life, fails simply because they were rubbish a your club.
  13. Aberdeen v Queen of the South

    Great day out apart from the result of course but it was a deserved, if a bit flattering, win for Aberdeen anyway. Dobbie scores a cracker of a goal, our frailties at defending crosses is highlighted again, all in all just what Queens fans have come to expect in games this season. As others have said the introduction of McGinn was the turning point and it was like a red tide going towards Queens' goal for long spells in the second half. Dykes worked hard again but should have done better with his second half chance. It's now clear that the penalty never was a penalty but thems the breaks in football and it was merely a bit of icing on the cake as far as the outcome was concerned. Good luck to Aberdeen, obviously I hope you go on and win it. Queens can now concentrate on league business, and with the "big two" teams near the bottom strengthening during the January window we can't afford too many slip-ups or there's a slight chance we may be dragged down into a relegation battle.
  14. Aberdeen v Queen of the South

    Dougie Anderson, Queens Assistant Manager
  15. Aberdeen v Queen of the South

    In the very very few times that Doyle has played at RB I think it's looked his worst position. CD or RM he's. Looked better.