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  1. Who? At least he left plenty of space for editing mistakes.
  2. If we'd been in it we'd probably have been on a different number ball so maybe wouldn't have got the same draw. I might be wrong though. No good dwelling on what might have been imo.
  3. Thanks for that insightful post, I'd no idea who we played next week or that we'd just been pumped out of the Cup by Morton at Cappielow.
  4. Just because two players chose us over Morton doesn't mean we have a bigger budget, others in our squad may be on much smaller wages to compensate, or the players took other things into consideration when deciding on a move. I still say you have absolutely no idea of what each clubs budget is.
  5. How the f**k do you know what budget Morton work with. Give it a rest or come up with some figures.
  6. The same Hendre who got needlessly sent off at Alloa. I didn't really see what happened with Quitongo last week, but I think he's looked OK since he got back in the side. My main worry is McKenna coming back in but don't want to upset Wullie by abusing players so I'll say no more. The Connolly situation is strange bit I hope it's more a tactical decision than anything else.
  7. Don't let Wullie post the message, he'll f**k it up. Congratulations to the couple anyway.
  8. Aye it was a long shot hoping it was. Looks like it's live updates for me.
  9. Well it certainly didn't sound like he was aiming criticism at just a select few. No apology for any misunderstanding either.
  10. Aye, same here, his comments are probably making me angrier than it should do but he should remember the rubbish performances that supporters have had to sit through. His team is the lowest placed full time team in the SPFL, concentrate on sorting that out before having a pop at supporters.
  11. Obviously I've not seen Morton as much this season but they seem to at least play with a bit of positive consistency. Queens on the other hand can fluctuate wildly between very good to absolute dross. If we can get a performance out of them like last week V Montrose or recent games V FC Embra then it could be a decent contest which could go either way, but play like we have against the likes of Falkirk, or the capitulation against Alloa, then it could be a case of how many Morton want to score. Hoping for an away win here but I'm ready with the "Ah well we can concentrate fully on League business now" cliché Not sure yet if I'll make the game, any chance it's being streamed?
  12. I didn't listen to Gibson's interview but just read his comments in today's Standard. Is the job getting too much for him if he's coming out with shite like that. HIS team, and it is his team. is getting the support it deserves. As I said in an earlier post, where I was standing on Saturday the support HIS team got on Saturday was very good. If he's only aiming criticism at certain people then he shouldn't alienate the entire (dwindling) support. It would be good if he came out and apologised, I won't hold my breath waiting for that though. Edit to add: Just noticed my "Thank you for attending" email from the Club. Ironic that it ends "As always your support is greatly appreciated". Obviously not written by Gibson.
  13. Seemed to be quite a good vocal support from fans in the Oakbank Terrace section anyway, including the drummer. As an old fart I reserve the right to hate drums at games, but if it gets others around him involved then good. Agree that Wullie should be thankful for any support the team gets considering the keech we're having to watch at times. Also noticed a couple getting huckled away by Stewards, what was that about?
  14. As much as I'd like to see Wullie play more I think its about time to park the idea of him playing regularly, if at all. He's made it pretty clear in a few interviews that he'd rather concentrate on the Management side now (whether by personal choice or otherwise). If he's going to flit in and out of the team every couple of months or so then it's really a waste of time, and he hardly covered himself in glory in his last appearance, okay maybe not playing in his best position. It would maybe be a start to update his profile on the OS to just Manager instead of Player/Manager if he really is only wanting to concentrate on that side of things.
  15. It's probably the Chairman to blame, everything else seems to be his fault.
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