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  1. Absolute shite corners we're e taking, but why doesn't someone hang back wider for a deep ball.
  2. You can't honestly say you had to work hard for the goals.
  3. Players on the bench surely can't be any worse than what's out there.
  4. No, but he's skating on thin ice, I'd get him hooked.
  5. Buffered a couple of times (always at crucial points) but probably at my end. The co-commentor/summariser isn't exactly unbiased though whoever he is.
  6. I get the impression that players, especially the midfield, don't know what their job is, they're running about aimlessly chasing shadows.
  7. Hoped to it was a red, he's as good as a man short anyway.
  8. We're too powder puff in midfield, easily brushed off the ball and shiting our of tackles.
  9. Hate watching Dobbie alone up front and the opposition having acres of space to build from the back. We started well enough but I get the fear every time Pars attack. Another corner another goal conceded
  10. As Sean would say, " She'sh a shite for shore eyesh"
  11. Yes, I was wondering that also. Surely with all modern technology deals can be done without actual paperwork having to be signed/posted out right up to the end of the deadline. Is it that the SPFL won't have staff working today to administer the deals? Even closing the window at 12 noon today would surely be a help to Clubs.
  12. I doubt it's going to be sorted in a week considering our defence has been a problem for a large part of 3 seasons. No one expects them to do anything extraordinary, simply concentrate on the jobs they are supposed to do. As has been said before though, the defence will always be under extra pressure if the midfield don't cover back or win the ball further up the park. If that happened we maybe wouldn't be giving away as many corners or chances for opposition to get crosses in.
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