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  1. Queens v Dunfermline

    There doesn't appear to be any regular young reserve team players (U21's, etc) ready to step up to the 1st team apart from Murray and a couple to fill the bench, I doubt if any of the U18 players would get anywhere near the 1st team.
  2. Alloa v Queens

    Probably from an Alloa fan behind the goals. Even if Brownlie does get a shout from the keeper or another defender he should take responsibility, deal with it and then argue about it later. We lack players with the confidence to make decisions to deal with things.
  3. The Falkirk FC Thread

    You've already signed Lyndon Dykes in January for next season. Yep, you'll definitely need to sign a striker who can actually score.
  4. Alloa v Queens

    Maybe seen more games than you to make a better judgement.
  5. Alloa v Queens

    I think we've already been through the phase of playing poorly but managing to pick up results, now the reality is setting in.
  6. The Queen of the South Thread

    Yes I suppose its better if we all adopt the Northfield attitude towards Queens. I mean why should some fans have had the audacity to be optimistic back then when we were sitting in a healthy position in the table and had signed what many thought would be useful players in Low and Aird after getting rid of waste of space Harkins. Baffling really.
  7. Alloa v Queens

    Try reading/listening to what the Alloa Manager says too, he concedes that they were fortunate to get full points yesterday and said the same following the last game they won at Palmerston. We came back from 3 goals down to earn a draw in the first game V Alloa at Palmerston with a DOBBIE hat-trick and should have won that game in the end , according to the Alloa Manager then also. The only game we deservedly lost was our previous visit to The Recs when we went down by 2-0. The Alloa keeper got MoM award yesterday which suggests in itself that we were a bit unfortunate not to get something from the game. Hard luck stories and what ifs wont help us stay in this division though, turning near misses and half chances into goals and not conceding soft goals is the only thing to give us a chance to survive. A change of Manager might have helped but it's too late to go down that route now.
  8. Alloa v Queens

    He's not changed, still gives stupid fouls away.
  9. Relegation Royal Rumble

    Just love it when people are obsessed by Dobbie.
  10. Alloa v Queens

    As I said, I hope he's fit for whatever of the possible scenarios comes first.
  11. Alloa v Queens

    Of course he'll try to get back asap but it would be foolish of him and the club to risk aggravating or worsening the injury if it's not fully mended. We've got another couple of players already playing with slight injuries as it is. I'd like to see Dobbie setting the scoring record but I'd rather have him nearer 100% fit for the play-offs, or the start of next season's Championship/League 1, whichever of these we are involved in first.
  12. Alloa v Queens

    More news expected of his injury today when more scans are done according to Naysmith. Even if it's the least serious type of hamstring tear it'll probably be 2 weeks minimum but I'd be surprised if he's risked again this season. Shame when he's only 2 goals short of the goals per season record.
  13. Alloa v Queens

    If you can get a bet on the player most likely to win a tackle then pass it straight back to the opposition then Jacobs is your man. His distribution is, mostly, terrible. He was putting in his usual frustrating display against Morton then scored a cracker of a goal, as I say, frustrating. He works hard though and has been playing with a slight injury, which is probably the line that his admirers will use to excuse his shortcomings.
  14. The Queen of the South Thread

    Not ideal but probably gives more Queens fans a chance to see them considering only the diehards will be travelling anyway. We've got a good record against Ross County this season but given our current state and league position we could just as easily be embarrassed on national TV. Hopefully by the time it comes round our fate will have been decided one way or the other.
  15. The Queen of the South Thread

    Thought he was our best player at home to Caley. I don't think he's been given enough game time tbh, maybe too attack minded for GN's liking. We could really do with him back on Saturday. At least his deliveries would be some form of threat. At this stage a threat is something we are dreadfully lacking. With the height of Dykes and maybe McGrath up front we should be looking to get better deliveries into the box. (I know McGrath missed a sitter last night). I'm not really too sure how wide men will fare on the Alloa pitch.