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  1. Partick v Queens

    Struggling to deal with Thistles inter-passing play, Giving them too much room in the middle of the park and sitting off players. Trying to defend too deep andThistle are coming through in numbers. Their 3rd goal scorer had time to light a cigar before rifling it home. Still in it though but we'll need to cut it mistakes and take the game to them a bit more.
  2. Morton home win vs Dunfermline

    Jose looking a bit pleased at squeezing out a right smelly one.
  3. The Falkirk FC Thread

    The suited guys are probably Ray's legal representatives or private security for his visit to Cappielow. Is the black guy * Lenny Henry?* Falkirk have developed a rep for signing comedians. ** Although Lenny Henry could arguably be done under the Trades Description Act claiming to be a comedian. Mind you so could some Falkirk players for claiming to be footballers.
  4. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Is Wily Fud signed with anyone yet? Ray might give him a gig too if he's interested in bringing in Scott McDonald.
  5. The Queen of the South Thread

    Typical "wee team mentality" not getting the clock fixed. Some volunteer should get their knuckles rapped for this gross negligence. How do you expect us to storm into the Premiership with a broken clock. SACK THE BOARD.
  6. The Falkirk FC Thread

    And don't forget the £750 per goal either.
  7. Queens v Ross County

    Ah! That explains that. Cheers.
  8. Partick v Queens

    We know our manners and don't like to gloat. Surprised if any Partick fans remember it anyway as it was apparently such a meaningless game.
  9. The Queen of the South Thread

    Unfortunately I don't think we have a chance of shaking off the "wee team mentality" unless there is serious financial input and we can give a Manager a decent length of time (3 or 4 years at least) to gradually assemble a squad capable of mounting a serious challenge. In the meantime I would say aiming for 4th spot and hopefully a bit of luck in the play-offs is where we are at, coupled with a good run in the various cups to keep the fans interested. If fans can see a gradual increase in the quality of players coming in and a decent squad being built it should sustain their interest, but this season, or up til now anyway, we are relying on our first 11 staying clear of injury/suspensions because there is a lack of experiernce, ability and numbers as back-up.
  10. Queens v Ross County

    There was a bus parked in the corner of the Arena Car Park during the game, not the team bus I don't think as I saw that going through the town earlier on in the day and it displayed the Ross County Team Coach sign. I thought that the one in the Arena park was carrying travelling supporters but it may not have been unless there was one run by those from closer to Dumfries.
  11. Queens v Ross County

    To start with I am not worried in the least about football clubs possibly announcing false attendance figures, I might want to discuss it and question why they do it but it's hardly keeping me awake at night. You asked the question what distrust to some fans have with those in charge at Palmerston and I simply gave a few examples to highlight that some fans see ulterior motives in actions of those running the club, they are not necessarily views I agree with. The apparent practice of Clubs, not just QoS, of announcing Official attendances which may not be actual attendances just seems a bit pointless and begs the question why any club deems it necessary to announce "official attendances". Whether those fans who continually question the running of the club under the present regime see this as an underhanded practice I cannot say.
  12. Queens v Ross County

    I personally have no gripe with the Chairman or BoD or the general way the club is being run, but without trawling through a catalogue of back posts there are several instances of people posting about the Chairman's company making money from the Club through work being done, or the perceived lack of openness from the top that some fans express, or possibly the biggest gripe of all by some posters, the failed attempt to get a fans rep on the board as if we are being excluded from what is happening behind the scenes. You get the drift now? It may be common practice for clubs not to announce the actual attendance as the Official attendance, I just don't understand why they do. It's pointless giving out false attendance figures to supporters.
  13. Queens v Ross County

    What then is the point of clubs announcing crowd numbers? The point I was making that, with the ticketing system we have, if the ticket stubs are counted correctly, the actual number present should be known and that surely is the official attendance as given out be the announcer, if it's not then why announce it. It may add to the discussion on here but it may also add to the distrust that some fans have with those in charge. As for the actual game, I thought over the piece the draw was fair. We caused them more problems in the first half than they caused us. Indeed but for a 10 minute spell late in the second half when we sat a bit deeper, or were forced a bit deeper, we didn't look greatly troubled. As for the few remarking about County's physical or "cynical" style, I've often thought we were too nicey-nicey in our approach and if you have big physical players why not use that to your advantage. Dykes has improved this season because he has started to add a bit more dig to his game as well as upping his workrate and awareness. He is also showing he has ability. Being a bit more "street-wise" throughout the team and not being bullied by bigger, stronger opponents should complement the skill we undoubtedly have in the team.
  14. Queens v Ross County

    Not to get too hung up in attendance figures on a match thread but I thought this ticketing system was introduced to indicate the actual number in attendance and cut out guesswork/theft. Everyone in attendance has to hand over a ticket at the turnstiles whether it be bought at the ticket booths or the season book stub or a complimentary. Surely only human error in the counting process can give a false attendance total otherwise there is no way that wrong figures can legitimately be reached. As a spectator it is difficult to look round the ground and guess at the possible attendance, against Ayr I was surprised how high the official number was and yesterday there looked to be a similar number of home fans but obviously a lot less visitors, but that shouldn't have resulted in such a big drop in the total. Unless a human error is made in the counting process we have to take the official number as fact.
  15. Ayr vs Falkirk

    Are they being advertised somewhere? Must have missed it.