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  1. Regarding season tickets, it's probably been covered elsewhere and probably connected to office staff being furloughed, but when are season tickets due to be posted out? I realise there's no great rush considering it'll be October at the very earliest before their needed for streaming or possibly even attending.
  2. Must have missed this signing, I thought Denny Johnstone had hung up his boots because of his injuries. Joining the police the last I heard.
  3. Billy Reid maybe putting in a good word for us there.
  4. The Championship Predictor thread probably gives a fair assessment of how our season will pan out. Johnston has (another) major rebuild to do, hopefully along with the "jobbers" he can bring in two or three above average players, probably loans, and we can actually hold onto them for the season instead of losing them midway through.
  5. With the Hearts/Partick Thistle/SPFL fiasco all the tits have been on the back pages.
  6. Hopefully a lot of the entrants for the shirt draw had already submitted their entries before the pandemic brought businesses and the Club to a virtual standstill. It'll be doubtful if many businesses or individuals have added their names to the list in the past 4 months I would have thought. Well done to everyone who has entered anyway.
  7. I'll give it about 10 minutes into our first game, or the first misplaced pass, before you revert to "normal" and start predicting doom and gloom.
  8. Yes, as I remember it, not so much a bounce in as a trundle. I'm sure all the supporters behind the goal sucking in air helped pull it over the line.
  9. Haven't seen it for a while, who's top jockey with Elsie Tanner now.
  10. Chinese takeaways and dustbins, the lack of credible football gossip is really beginning to tell.
  11. Is a part time bin cheaper to buy than a full time bin, and what do you use it for when it's not being a bin?
  12. The only problem is you've got to quarantine for 14 days afterwards.
  13. What are you trying to say like? That's obviously way above my head
  14. I've not looked into it but I'd have thought you're more likely to watch it through a laptop/smart device? That sounds feasible, I should've thought of that, thanks.
  15. Purchased my season ticket yesterday so I can watch streamed matches, and give the club some cash, but another point has just come to mind, can you receive streamed matches if you've only got access to the "cooncil telly" stations? I can't be arsed subscribing to Sky or whatever just to watch a handful of games before (hopefully) fans will be allowed to attend matches.
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