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  1. Be interesting to read all these posts from QoS fans wanting Durnan back. As far as I can see 1 fan has noted that Durnan had been released and would take him back here. It's hardly a mass call of people wanting him back. He was fairly well liked here before he moved on to "better things" but he's been widely criticised by fans of the teams he's went to. He could rock up here again though, and he'll be an upgrade on Buchanan without having to be great. Never say never.
  2. Yes, it's probably going to be another season scrambling about the bottom end if the Championship relying on good quality loans to keep us above the drop zone. I can accept that if the alternative is pumping in money that we can't really afford. The BOD will be trying all they can simply to keep us full time, but even if we have to go part-time, or a hybrid, it'll be better than the alternative of no club or rattling collection buckets trying to find cash to throw into a bottomless pit.
  3. Just what I was thinking. We know that every player. is out of contract, we know that Dobbie and Obileye definitely won't be re-signing, the Manager was in conversation with the rest of his squad over the past few days, (according to his comments in the press) presumably to offer deals to those he wanted to stay or to tell others they won't be offered deals. Until all that is sorted out there not much the Club can officially report on. Obviously if players or others ITK take to social media to talk about their intentions there's not a lot the Club can do about it.
  4. Please let him come back to Queens. If he has another season to play it has to be with us. I think he's made it quite clear that he feels he'll have limited game time at Queens so he's looking elsewhere. Under the Manager's preferred set-up he's probably correct. As for the Wullie Gibson debate, could it be he was looking to step up into a more involved role off-field with the 1st Team and the Manager getting a 2 year deal has maybe scuppered that, if all the existing coaches are also being kept on. Pure speculation on my part.
  5. No. Correct, although sadly he's the level of player we can now look to attract.
  6. Absolutely gutted that Buchanan won't be a Queens player next season. No season ticket for me.
  7. A total of zero signed from this season's 1st team squad to date.
  8. Can't say I recall Obileye doing many crunching, ball winning tackles, I think he tries to read the game and intercept passes before it gets to the crunching tackle stage, either that or opponents shit it when they see him coming, he's a big unit, not as mobile as Bartley I think.
  9. That hasn't stopped Hearts, Partick Thistle and Stranraer playing the victim card. If anyone thinks any of those Clubs wouldn't have voted for self-preservation above "sporting integrity" if they hadn't been in the relegation positions then they must be very naive. MC Call also saying he won't be including last season's relegation and this season's promotion on his CV as they weren't done during "normal" seasons. Strange then that the players were wildly celebrating behind a big banner winning a title when it seemingly wasn't won over a normal season. If Low, Britton and McCall are petty enough to ban SPFL and SFA members attending the presentation, the SPFL is probably within its rights to be just as petty and not send a trophy to be presented.
  10. So, basically keep the same lot and rely on good loans coming in to carry us again. I wonder how that will go if the loans don't work out.
  11. Not counting loan players at present, and assuming Obileye and Shields are definitely off elsewhere, the only ones I'd keep would be Gibson, def POTY candidate, and Fergusson, nothing special but an adequate keeper at our level, the rest I hope never to see in a Queens strip ever again. Unfortunately the market we are trading in means that some will probably be offered new deals and the fact that few other clubs are stupid enough to take them on probably means one or two will rock back up here next season. As for the players we had on loan, if they were offered to us again, Maxwell, Breen, Jones, definitely a yes to them, Mbude, yes but not too fussed if it didn't happen, Dickson, no, and Fitzpatrick, please Nooooo, on loan from the Canaries with the heart of a canary.
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