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  1. Heard twaddle , seagull, have applied??? Be a good job for someone who wants to manage in lowland league , anyone recommend any good managers?
  2. Still not won a game this season, sure they had a friendlay against Tynecastle eos tonight,was anyone there and what was the score?
  3. Tynie 7 Craigy 2 no bad for a so called pub team eh???
  4. Some result yesterday tynecastle 7 craigroyston 2 ???? Was tynie good? Or Craigy poor? Anyone see this game?
  5. This guy realy hates tynecastle, must be an ex player who never got a game!! Clown, another made up story!
  6. How is craigroyston getting beat from Ormiston? Think Craigy will struggle this season!
  7. Pub team? U having a laugh? Watched them a few times, against edin United juniors drew 3-3 , also played Peebles last week, and thought they dominated the game! Winning 2-0, very young side, who have lost a few players! The games av watched they have played realy well!
  8. Has civill service signed any new players?
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