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  1. https://m.youtube.com/user/Ceolbeg
  2. Both amongst my most joyous memories following the Sons. The conga at Airdrie.......
  3. I see the fundraiser is at £8999.00. Does anyone know who the organiser, Angela Pounder is?
  4. Yes it is also football based, however as I have said, the value of the football club is negligible. The Norwegian bid is to buy Brabco not Dumbarton FC. Brabco's value is even less than that of the club, except for one asset which is listed in their accounts at just under £2 million. However, this is a paper value only, unless the asset is realised at some stage. Go figure.
  5. If the Norwegians are prepared to pay £1.2 million, Coronavirus notwithstanding, they are surely doing it for property speculation. The club as a going concern, isn’t worth anything approaching a tenth of that figure.
  6. Just looking at the Sun this morning ( I sell it, I don’t buy it) and it has a quote from Rico Quitongo saying he didn’t think it was a penalty.
  7. On the planning permission thing, there has been outline planning permission for housing, for some years on the car park. Last year Brabco didn’t (forgot to) re-apply to renew permission which they are required to do. That then meant they had to make a new application. The granting of this is important because Neil Rankine holds security in law on that land as guarantee against what Brabco owes him. Had the application not been granted, the land, and Rankine’s security, would have become worthless and Rankine would almost certainly have taken action to retrieve his money.
  8. Yes, around the time they won I think, three league cups.
  9. Attendances in Scotland late 1940s/1950s. Source: The Roar of the Crowd 2005 by David Ross. The non-appearance of Sons stats for 1954/55 was possibly relegation to C Division but I'm not sure.
  10. It's not him Lionel, the spelling and grammar are too good. I suspect I know who it is though. Edit: I just read it again and there are enough errors for it to be his nibs.
  11. We beat Stranraer 3-1 and drew 1-1 with Falkirk in the last two games of ours that he reffed.
  12. Duffy recommended him for the youth coach job at Morton, having interviewed him. Presumably Douglas Rae thought Mair was a bawbag too because he didn’t get the job.....
  13. Duffy was gracious in his text. I don't think he bears any grudge after so long. As OK3 notes Mair had a dispute with us too. I have to say he was one of the better guests I've heard on the show.
  14. Listen from 43:30 - the music gives context to the story to come. Duffy texts in later in the programme (you'll need to find that bit yourself).
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