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  1. My daughter is 20 and finds it equally as annoying as me. Thanks for the suggestions but really I just wanted to sit in an ordinary seat and watch the game.
  2. If I lived in another country but otherwise able to attend matches without affecting my health I would continue sponsorship. As for something the club can't do anything about, I was assured by their head of security that drums were banned before buying my season ticket last year. They changed their mind. So have I.
  3. Not really Lionel. It lasts for a fraction of a second. It's more like premature ejaculation.
  4. I haven't lashed out at my club at all. If I am not going to attend matches then my sponsorship and hospitality attendance goes with that. I'm either involved or I'm not. Surely that's obvious?
  5. I have no problem in the band. The drumming is in time and accompanies music. I'm fortunate in fact that very few noises bring on my misaphonia . Unfortunately a randomly played, out of time drum is top of the list. Just answering by way of explanation to a question.
  6. Misophonia. Commonly suffered by those with Fibromyaligia and Chronic Fatigue.
  7. The drum is clearly audible in Crosslet Road on match days. The violence though wasn't tolerated or encouraged by the club. The comparison is spurious. My estrangement and that of my daughter from the club is complete and permanent. That decision has been made much easier by the comments on here. One from a guy to whom I have been quite helpful to on a couple of occasions who thinks I'm being a "dick" . The ad hominem nature of the insults is disappointing but in the end, not surprising. I shouldn't have brought the issue up again. Apologies.
  8. Thanks for the mature answer BSF. To be fair, with some people there isn't any medical reason, they just find it annoying. That's the beginning and end of it. They're not motivated by some "spite" as one poster put it. In all honesty it doesn't bother me any more. I haven't been to a game since January 5th and the process of estrangement is now complete. What should worry the club and by association, the support, is that a 49-year-old habit can be got out of so easily. I hope Dumbarton FC survives and prospers. To do that it needs all the support it can get.
  9. I'm 100% confident that the Sons supporter I met in the Co-op in Helensburgh the other day, a man with family connections to the club, was being truthful when he said that the group of four guys he is part of will not be renewing their season tickets nor attending games next season because of the "incessant f*****g racket" at matches. Two of them are suffering from medical conditions which reduces their tolerance levels for such things. I'm 100% confident that my daughter and I will not be renewing our STs either. Our support is not awash with anyone. It is a dwindling resource and I have simply pointed out why around 5% of our season tickets will not be renewed due to an entirely preventable reason. Your last sentence is very disappointing and completely untrue.
  10. I hear six ST* holders are not renewing, including me with two, because of the thing that mustn’t be mentioned. In my case that means an annual hospitality group of 16-20 and £500 of sponsorship too. *only the ones I know about. There may be more.
  11. Not an entirely new concept for Motherwell. This was worn by the "Ancell Babes"
  12. Sad news. Another footballing great of my childhood gone. It would seem in Billy's case that this is a blessed release from dementia. Sincere condolences to his family and friends.
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